Vitax 6x Pelleted Poultry Manure
Vitax 6x Pelleted Poultry Manure
Vitax 6x Pelleted Poultry Manure
Vitax 6x Pelleted Poultry Manure

Vitax 6x Pelleted Poultry Manure

The 100% Natural Fertiliser, success all around the garden in one bag!
  • The 100% Natural Fertiliser to enrich the soil with natural ingredients
  • Highly concentrated (6 times more than normal farmyard manure) - use handfuls not barrowloads
  • The ideal organic feed for flowers, lawns, vegetables, pot plants, baskets and roses
  • Easy to use pellets so there's no complicated dosing methods, and low risk of overdosing
  • Supplied as a 1 x 20kg bag

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20kg Bag
Item: 100092
20kg Bag - Item: 100092
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Sourced from Somerset farms this this unique fibrous product is produced from poultry waste. A traditional favourite among gardeners, pelleted chicken manure gives outstanding results.

A 100% natural fertiliser pellet containing everything you need for growing. Ideal for all flowers, shrubs, vegetables, lawns, outdoor pot plants, trees and roses, this is not an artificial chemical fertiliser, it's poultry droppings in a convenient, easy to use form.

Directions for Use

Flowers, vegetables and soft fruit: Two or three handfuls (140-210g) per sq.m (46oz per sq.yd.) when planting and a good handful as a top dressing when required. Avoid direct, undiluted, contact with tender young plants, scattering pellets about 50-80cm (2-3in) away and work into surface of the soil. Repeat at 2-3-week intervals for heavy feeders such as tomatoes and beans.

Roses: Use two or three handfuls to each rosebush when planting, one or two handfuls for established bushes when the buds begin to swell and again before the second flush of blooms.

Lawns: Aerate well, scatter approximately a handful per square metre brush well into the holes to enrich the soil under the turf. Water well. Do not use after applying other high nitrogen feeds leave an interval of about two weeks.
Liquid Feed Dissolve one or two handfuls of pellets in 4.5 litres (1 gallon) of water to make a first-class liquid feed for all plants. Especially good for grow bag plants such as cucumbers and tomatoes.


  • 6X can be stored from one season to the next, but if storing for later use, partially used buckets should be closed tightly and stored in a cool place.
  • As with all garden products, sensible precautions should be taken use gloves, wash hands after use, wash vegetables before eating, etc.
  • Store only in the original container and keep tightly closed and in a safe place. Safely dispose of the bucket when empty. It is made of recyclable polypropylene.
  • If you are allergic to chickens or feathers, avoid directly handling 6X Manure or breathing the dust.
  • Some pets like to eat manure and, whilst eating 6X will not normally cause a problem, it should be discouraged particularly in pets with a delicate digestion.


The application rates quoted are for use as a rough guide. For general digging, feeding and soil conditioning, one bucket will treat about 36 sq.m of ground (44 sq.yds). For lawns allow about 110 sq.m (132 sq.yd) per bucket.


What Is Supplied

Item 100092 supplied as:

Supplied as 20k bag with the following analysis:
Compound Fertiliser UK
Total Nitrogen (N) 5%
Total Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5) 3.0% (1.3% P)
Of which, soluble in water 1.1% (0.5% P)
Total Potassium Oxide (K2O) 2.2% (1.8% K)

Low Nutrient Fertiliser containing organic material IRL
Total Nitrogen (N) 5%
Phosphorus (P) soluble in water 0.5%
Soluble in mineral acids only 1.3%
Total Potassium (K) 1.8%

Typical pH 6.5-7 Contains Magnesium, Calcium and all important trace elements.

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