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Gardening Jobs For December

Your guide for what jobs and tasks you can be doing in your UK garden during December, including pond care, cropping and beds or borders

Plant of the Month

Plant of the Month – December

What plant could be better to highlight for the Christmas month of December than the outstanding festive classic – the Red Amaryllis?

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Your Step-by-Step Guide to Planting Hedges

Your Bumper Guide to Bare Root Roses

Edible Pineapple

Evergreen Shrub Collection

Gardening Inspiration

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Hedges: Havens for Wildlife in Our Gardens

In a world increasingly dominated by concrete and picture-perfect lawns, hedges stand as a sanctuary for wildlife in our gardens. These walls of greenery provide a haven for a diverse …

Our Ultimate Guide to Hedging Plants

Pet-Friendly Plants for You to Grow in The Garden

Plants that Absolutely Love the Shade!

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Pot Size Guide

Potted plants can be planted all-year-around and if you can’t plant straight away they can be left in their pots for as long as you need. You’re fine to keep …

Plug Plants Size Guide


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Newly Launched Beautiful Rose Backed By Television Celebrity

A newly launched rose variety from the Harkness Rose Company in collaboration with Gregg Wallace to raise funds for autism charity, Ambitious about Autism

The Journey of a You Garden plant

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