Pot Size Guide

Potted plants can be planted all-year-around and if you can’t plant straight away they can be left in their pots for as long as you need. You’re fine to keep them outside as long as they are well-watered and kept frost-free. Potted plants offer more established root systems with older, more mature plants that are favoured for their instant impact.

Remember: the majority of trees and shrubs that we supply are deciduous. The leaves fade and drop off in autumn, and re-grow again in spring. Between October and March, they are most likely to be dormant, looking a little like “dead twigs”. But don’t worry, this is completely normal.

The size ‘9cm’ refers to the diameter of the top of the pot. These plants are well-established and are ready to be planted straight out into final positions. 9cm pots are most common with seasonal bedding, herbaceous perennials or quite often herbs. They represent fantastic value for money and are better for mass planting than larger pots.

These are larger, mature plants. These well-established plants are ready to be planted out into their final positions unless your garden soil is frozen or waterlogged. These larger plants are supplied at the optimal size for instant effect. You will find a lot of shrubs and perennials in our 2L & 3L pots such as Garden Glamour Roses and Mini Bay Trees. These plants have a well-established root system which means they’ll grow a lot quicker than smaller plants once they are in the ground.

We graft fruit varieties to produce large crops of great-tasting fruit onto a ‘rootstock’ of another variety. This means that they will grow well but remain compact in size. ‘Dwarfing’ rootstocks means that anyone can grow their own fruit trees even if the smallest of gardens or patios! They’ll be delivered either potted or bare-root, depending on the time of year.

Similar to the smaller 2L & 3L potted plants, these are larger more mature plants, usually trees or shrubs. Fruit trees and roses need root depth and therefore need a bigger pot. They are ready to plant straight out all year round and are perfect for creating an instant impact. They are also most likely to flower or fruit within the first year of planting. If you are wanting quicker results, then the larger pot size is better for you.

Repotting your plants once you’ve received them is easy, just make sure you avoid frozen or waterlogged soil. When ready to plant, dig a hole twice the size of the pot, then fork over the bottom of the hole and add plenty of compost or well-rotted organic matter. Remove the plant from its pot and place it gently in the hole ensuring that the top of the root ball is just below the level of the soil. If you are planting a tree or shrub that needs supports, you should stake it now. Fill the hole with soil and compost, firm well to avoid air spaces around the roots, mulch with a good layer of organic matter and water well.


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