The Environment Matters

YouGarden & Sustainability

We’re proud of promoting sustainability within our gardening practises. However,
we realise that sustainability goes beyond our products – it’s also
a key focus of our nursey too.

We’re fortunate enough to own our own 11-acre nursery in Lincolnshire
where we can grow our own plants and be as close to them as possible.

Every action we take at the nursey has environmental consequences.
That’s why we’re dedicated to improving our nursey to create positive
change for our planet.

It’s a constant work in progress but we’re excited to share with you the changes we’ve made so far.

Every Drop Counts

In 2018 we built a reservoir which collects and holds 480,000 litres of rainwater.

We re-use the collected rainwater to water our plants. Each year we save 10,312,000 litres of water.

Doing Our Bit For The Environment

All our lifting vehicles are now fully electric.

We’re proud to say that 100% of our packaging is recyclable.

We’ve Never Used Neonicotinoids

We use a combination of herbicides and natural predators.

Ladybird larvae minimise the impact of aphids.

Talk To Us

We’d love to hear your ideas on how we can do more. Get in touch!