The Journey of a You Garden plant

Deciding on the perfect plant for that one spot in the garden that really needs a little something special is a tough decision to make! With hundreds of plants to choose from it can be somewhat of a minefield! Luckily, you found You Garden with our jargon free gardening language and easy-to-use website. We are here to help you to make the most of your piece of paradise.

Choosing the perfect plant!

Once you have clicked confirm and your order confirmation hits your inbox, the journey of your plant begins!

The You Garden nursery, South Lincolnshire

Unbeknown to us all, your plant is sat tentatively in the Lincolnshire sun waiting to be chosen by one of our wonderful team of pickers here at the nursery.

The picking process at the nursery.

Once the plant has been picked, the plant is prepped so it is looking great for its forever home.

Pruning and prepping, the journey of a You Garden plant.

Our team of pruners know just how to make the plant perfect for travelling to your address and garden ready! Some plants will need to be grown on before they make it into the garden, don’t worry though, all the info you need will be on the product webpage and in the handy care guide that will arrive in your parcel. 

A rose bush packed with care.

Our packing team are just fab at making sure your plant travels in first class style. The team will choose the right size box, with the perfect amount of packaging, all of which can be recycled.

Parcels on their ways to despatch.

We will then hand your parcel over to one of our delivery companies. Our delivery partners deliver millions of parcels successfully each week, we have therefore carefully chosen them as our trusted partners.

Packed and ready to go!

As soon as the delivery business receives your parcel a tracking email will arrive in your inbox.

Tracking your order journey.

This will enable you to monitor your delivery and provide you with up-to-date information on the whereabouts of your plant right up to them placing it on your doorstep ready for you to enjoy.

Delivered to your door ready for you to enjoy.

If you need any further advice or information on your plant, our fantastic customer service team can be contacted, here is where to find them.

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