Eremurus Ruiter Hybrids Foxtail Lily

Eremurus 'Ruiter Hybrids' Foxtail Lily

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It's not hard to see wy these are called 'Foxtail Lilies' - their huge long flower spikes are a dusky orange to red colour, and like a fluffy Fox's brush!

'Ruiter Hybriods' were one of the first series to be bred, and contain a mix of shades, being raised from seed. They cover yellow, coppers and reds, to pink and creamy white, and all shades in between. They are grown for their amazing statuesque tall flower spikes borne in high Summer they add a classic Cottage garden feel and height to any mixed border garden. They do make stunning cut flowers too in a vase, and will establish into slow-spreading clumps every year.

Often perceived as tricky to grow, the secret is in planting well. Although they are roots, they need to be buried like bulbs, with the roots well spread out. Ensure they have plenty of Winter drainage, but good sun and warmth in Summer.



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Product : These items appear to be well established but as always the proof is in the growing.
+ Service rating : All items packed in large box. Trees in bottom. Other items packed around to steady
box with air balloons to top meant no leakage of soil.
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Thanks again for your order. As you only received this a couple of weeks ago, you do need to give them a lot more time.

The first thing to grow in their new location is the roots. Then after 2-3 weeks you'll see some lush new growth, then followed a couple of weeks later by flower buds.

Please be patient with your plants and grow them as per the instructions - they should thrive.

Head of Customer Service
What Is Supplied Supplied as a pack of 3 root tubers, to be planted deep in fertile and well-drained soils.
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Native to western and central Asia, these 'Foxtail Lily' should be planted in a warm, sunny and sheltered spot - but don't forget, they're hardy too and they need the cold winter to flower...
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