Cherry Laurel Hedging Plants

Order Cherry Laurel Hedging Plants from YouGarden and enjoy glossy green leaves and dainty white flowers that appear throughout spring and summer. Then later on, look forward to your laurel hedge producing cherry-red berries for a festive display moving into winter, making it a delight for wildlife.

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About Cherry Laurel Hedging Plants

Cherry Laurel (botanical name Prunus Laurocerasus) is an evergreen plant that retains its glossy, dark-green leaves throughout the year. This means you'll enjoy a lush, beautiful hedge even in the depths of winter.

Whether you want to screen your garden from prying eyes or secure your property boundaries, Cherry Laurel hedging provides a dense barrier of foliage that can privacy and security to any outdoor space.

Laurel bush plants are known for their ease of care. They are drought-tolerant, pest-resistant, and require minimal pruning to maintain their neat appearance, making them an ideal choice for those with busy lifestyles.

With its attractive foliage and dense growth, Laurel Hedging can complement various garden styles, from traditional to contemporary, making it a versatile choice for any landscape.

What size Cherry Laurel Hedging Plants do you do?

We sell three different heights of hedging plants (as supplied), 40/60cm, 60/90cm & 90/120cm. We have a wide range including more mature laurels for sale, including up to 4ft laurel plants ready to plant straight out.

How to plant a Cherry Laurel Hedging plants?

Where possible, plant-up hedging plants in well-drained, good-quality soil and/or compost in a sunny or partially shaded space in the garden for best performance.

Trim the roots slightly before planting, as this will encourage healthier growth.

Dig a trenched hole in the ground in the shape of a ‘V’, deep enough for the bare root to sit comfortably so the ‘tide mark’ of the root is level with the ground. This marks the level where the bare root was previously planted before lifting for delivery. We recommend adding Rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi at this stage to help the plant establish well.

Ensure the roots are completely covered in soil, then firm the soil around, as water will gather in any remaining air pockets and potentially damage the roots when it freezes.

How far apart do I plant Cherry Laurel Hedging plants when making a hedge?

For an impressive display when planting multiple hedges, place five per metre. For a thicker hedge, plant seven per metre.

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