Standard Roses

Patio Standard Roses Collection
Patio Standard Roses Collection - Rating  92 Reviews
Only £39.99
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Rose 'Babylon Eyes' Collection
Rose 'Babylon Eyes' Collection - Rating  38 Reviews
Only £39.97
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Patio Standard Rose 'Blue Beauty'
Patio Standard Rose 'Blue Beauty' - Rating  16 Reviews
From £14.99
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Patio Standard Roses - Pair Of Pink
Patio Standard Roses - Pair Of Pink - Rating  21 Reviews
Only £24.99
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Rose Full Standard 'English Princess' potted 1.2M tall
Rose Full Standard 'English Princess' potted 1.2M tall - Rating  3 Reviews
Only £9.99
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Standard Roses are beautifully unique and are a very easy way of creating flowering height in gardens which lasts for years and years.

The skilled grafters at our suppliers nursery graft on a fast growing "interstem", which forms the trunk part of the bush. In the second year, 3 separate grafts are made of the flowering variety to create the head. These are trimmed back at the end of year 3, and lifted when dormant to ship to you - a real hand-crafted slow grown premium line!

These standard bushes are trimmed back to 1.1M, but ready to burst into life. Supplied as "bare root" in dormant Winter Oct to April, and then potted in main season.

Standard Roses work really well as a pair of your favourite colour, in big pots, or in the garden either side of gates, doorways or paths. Simply prune back down to size each Spring before they start growing to keep the head size manageable.

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