Bare Root

Many of your trees and shrubs are supplied as bare root, especially during the autumn. Bare root means, dormant and with the roots out of the soil. Don’t worry if the roots have been cut quite harshly – this is done to encourage new root growth. If you’ve ordered a collection, they will likely be root wrapped together. Please open the bag to check your order– it can look like just one plant at first glance.

Bare-root plants might seem a bit daunting on arrival, as they look a little bit like dead sticks but don’t worry. Firstly, they’re not dead, and secondly, they’re even easier than potted plants to plant!

On receipt, soak the roots in water for at least two hours (overnight is better). If you can’t plant straight away, they should be fine for up to a week if left in a cool, dark, frost-free place. Keep the bag around the roots with some water inside.

Planting In The Ground

  • Select an appropriate spot for your plants, making sure that you give them enough space to grow.
  • Dig a hole twice the width of the roots, forking over the bottom to loosen the soil.
  • Then add some good quality fertiliser such as Blood Fish & Bone (wash your hands afterwards).
  • Aim to plant at the same depth as the soil mark on the trunk. Holding the tree or plant upright in position with one hand, slowly backfill the hole with soil.
  • Gently shake the plant, so the soil falls back around the roots. Use your heel to compact the soil around the plant to ensure good contact with the roots.

Planting In Pots

  • If you’re planting into pots, place some old rocks, stones, or gravel in the bottom of the pot for drainage.
  • Always try to use the best compost you can buy – our Premium Professional Compost mix is particularly good.
  • Add some sand or grit to aid drainage.
  • You are again aiming to plant to the depth of the soil mark. Firm down as you fill and press down hard with your heel when the pot is full.