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Citrus Trees

The citrus family tree is an old and distinguished line and just like tea and spice helped build entire empires – not many other fruits can offer you that much history!

Before they started their journey to places like Florida, Spain and Brazil, just five species of citrus dominated: Kumquat, Papeda, Citron, Pomelo and Mandarin, and it from this basic genetic pool that we get all the varieties that we see today.

Citrus have been around since the Miocene epoch – that’s 7 million years – so they’re a highly successful species and their constant evolution means that there’s always something new appearing. For example, varieties that we take for granted such as the grapefruit are a recent arrival at just 300 years old.

With so much opportunity to create more varieties, the future is definitely looking golden for the citrus and for us too, with many more, juicier, sweeter, and bigger fruits reaching our tables and gardens.

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Oranges and lemons are wonderful fruits which instantly conjure images of the Mediterranean. However, there are a range of orange and lemon trees that can be grown in Britain given the right protection, and you could easily find yourself stepping onto your patio and plucking some fresh fruit this summer.

If you're looking for lemon or orange trees for sale, then we have the perfect solution. We buy our trees from Valencia, a Spanish region renowned for its fantastic citrus fruits. Plus, frosts are commonplace in the winter, so the trees that we sell are hardier than you may have first imagined.

Between the months of April and October, your orange trees and lemon trees will be fine outside. As winter approaches, you can use a fleece cover for extra protection, and move plant pots into a sheltered garage, shed or greenhouse as necessary.

During the growing season, lemon and orange trees can grow extremely quickly, and you'll find that the flowers send gorgeous scents through your garden. Many sets of fruitlets will then appear as the flowers fade, most of which will drop off until the few chosen citrus fruits remain.

If you're looking for orange and lemon trees for sale, then there's no need to look further because we have the perfect plants on offer. Coming in three-litre pots, they are the ideal size to get started, offering you the opportunity to indulge in home-grown fruit like never before.

Whether you want to make your own juices, enjoy incredibly tasty oranges plucked fresh from the tree, or use juicy lemons in your cooking, place your order online today. We deliver everything to your door and provide a generous Lifetime Guarantee!

Interested in growing other types of fruit in your garden or on the patio? We have everything from strawberry plants and blueberry bushes to grape vines and plum trees available!

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