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Early Flowering Short Tulip Mix
Early Flowering Short Tulip Mix
Early Flowering Short Tulip Mix
Early Flowering Short Tulip Mix
Early Flowering Short Tulip Mix
Early Flowering Short Tulip Mix

Early Flowering Short Tulip Mix

The easiest way to enjoy beautiful early season colour
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10 cm
30 cm
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Plant Care Information:

Perfect In Pots
Perfect In Pots
Cut Flower
Cut Flower
Easy To Grow
Easy To Grow

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50 Bulbs
Item: 630031
Grows to
Grows To
10 cm
30 cm
50 Bulbs - Item: 630031
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  • Add vibrant colour to your patio pots, beds and borders each spring with this show-stopping versatile mix of tulips
  • Beautiful benefits do not stop at the garden, as these are excellent for cutting for stunning indoor displays!
  • See months of flowers from March to May
  • Remarkable blooms and scents get better and stronger each year
  • Supplied as a pack of 50 bulbs, ready to plant out in autumn, and will grow to about 30cm tall
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Product Information

A mix of wonderful colours to brighten up any garden. Tulips are one of the most popular bulbs and are perfect when planted with a mix of colour variations to add vibrant spring shades to any garden, patio or decking.

With a compact nature, this mix stays in a delightfully neat form, meaning the blooms won't topple over or completely dominate beds and borders. They are also fantastic for filling up pots and containers to brighten up a patio space.

This mix is the perfect all-in-one solution for adding a rainbow of colour to your garden ready to burst to life next spring.

Tulips have developed an excellent reputation for being easy to plant, grow and care for - providing maximum impact from minimum effort to any garden, whether a seasoned pro or a complete novice!

Don't forget - they also make stunning cut flowers, allowing you to bring unmistakable spring colours and scents into your home.

Plant in the autumn for stunning spring displays.

Supplied as a pack of 50 bulbs, ready to plant out in autumn, and will grow up to 30cm tall.

What Is Supplied

Item 630031 supplied as:

Supplied as a pack of 50 bulbs, size 9/10 ready to plant out in autumn.

Harmful if eaten/may cause skin allergy

Top Tips

Which way up? Usually pointy end up, but if you are not sure, plant the bulb on its side and it will eventually right itself.

Care Information

Planting Advice for your tulip bulbs:

  • Tulips prefer sun if possible, but some will also grow in shade so consider this before planting.
  • Tulip bulbs begin to put down roots in October and November, so can be left until then if you're short of time, just store your bulbs in a cool, dry place.
  • Plant bulbs at twice the depth of the height of the bulb and four times their width apart. e.g. 5cm tall bulbs need to be planted 10cm below the surface of the ground and 20cm apart.
  • If you garden on heavy soil, cover the base with 5cm of sharp sand or horticultural grit. This allows bulbs to put more energy into flowering and less into forming new bulblets.
  • Please check the bag for any additional planting instructions.
  • They are fine to plant even if a little green growth is showing, they’ll just need a good watering when you plant them, and then only when the soil is dry.
  • While all the energy that a bulb needs in order to grow is stored in the bulb itself, they will do better if you feed them when in active green growth.
  • Plant in herbaceous borders, in pots, or leave in the ground to naturalise.
  • Tulips grow perfectly well in pots filled with soil-based compost with some added grit or multi-purpose compost.
  • Bulbs grown in pots should be planted deeply in the garden after flowering and pots replanted with fresh bulbs the following year.
  • If planted in pots be sure to water frequently and keep moist.

 Aftercare Advice for your Tulips:

  • Get your bulbs in the ground as soon as you can so that they can establish a good root system before the weather becomes too cold.
  • Plant in herbaceous borders, in pots, or leave in the ground to naturalise.
  • Water frequently and if in pots ensure that the compost doesn't dry out.

 Tidying your Tulips:

  • Once flowering is over, it is important to leave the leaves on your tulips until they have died right down, usually by early summer. This allows the bulb to store food and produce flowers the following year.
  • While it is recommended that bulbs are dug up and dried in the summer sun, modern thought is that there is no real benefit from doing this and many gardeners now leave bulbs where they are.

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30 cm
10 cm
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