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Black Persian Lily (Fritillaria persica)
Black Persian Lily (Fritillaria persica)
Black Persian Lily (Fritillaria persica)
Black Persian Lily (Fritillaria persica)

Black Persian Lily (Fritillaria persica)

Not often grown in gardens, this is your opportunity to wow your green-fingered friends.
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10 cm
100 cm
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Plant Care Information:

Plant In Sunshine
Plant In Sunshine
Winter Hardy
Winter Hardy
Easy To Grow
Easy To Grow

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3 Bulbs
Item: 600255
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Grows to
Grows To
10 cm
100 cm
3 Bulbs - Item: 600255
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  • Add a touch of the exotics to your garden this spring with this stunning Black Persian Lily.
  • Gorgeous, deep purple, almost black, bell-shaped blooms in April and May.
  • One of the easiest Fritillsria you can grow, they're perfect in gravel gardens or large pots.
  • They will really stand out when planted alongside silvery foliage plants.
  • Supplied as a pack of 3 bulbs, size 18/20 ready to plant out in autumn.
Key Points
Full Product Details

Product Information

Add a touch the exotics to your garden this year with the Black Persian Lily, a tall fritillary with upright flower spikes decked with pendant, deep purple, almost black, bell-shaped flowers in spring.

One of the easier fritillaries to grow, they're fabulous when planted alongside silvery foliage plants, and their upright habit gives almost instant interest to beds and borders.

Blooming in April - May, this stately fritillary sends up a leafy spike which is topped with its characteristic, dusky bells. Perfect in a gravel garden or a large pot where you can mimic the free-draining gravel slopes of its Middle Eastern origins.

Supplied as 3 hand-packed bulbs ready for planting straight away. Plants will reach approx. H100cm x W10cm.

What Is Supplied

Item 600255 supplied as:
Supplied as a pack on 3 bulbs, size 18/20 ready to plant out in autumn.

Top Tips

  • Plant bulbs on their sides to help to avoid water collecting in their hollow crowns and prevent the bulbs from rotting.
  • Fritillaria plants resent being dig up and moved so for best results plant where they will remain.

Care Information

Planting Advice:

  • Plant 12cm (5in) deep from September to November in fertile, well-drained soil, and keep an eye out for slug and snail damage when the new foliage is emerging in spring.
  • Plants benefit from early morning sun then light shade in the afternoon.
  • Avoid heavy clay or anywhere where water sits.
  • Heavy soil can be improved with the addition of sharp sand or horticultural grit.
  • Add 1cm (½in) of course sand to the planting hole before placing the bulbs pointed end up. 

Aftercare Advice:

  • When growing fritillaries, it is essential to allow their foliage to die back naturally as this will feed the bulb for the following year.
  • During their dormant period the soil should be kept almost dry to prevent the bulbs from rotting. Begin watering sparingly as the bulbs start back into active growth.
  • After flowering has finished, trim off spent blossoms. The stalks will dry and then can be removed.

Planting/Flowering Calendar

Planting Time
Flowering Time

Grows to

Plant Dimensions
100 cm
10 cm
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