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The Willow Wand
The Willow Wand
The Willow Wand
The Willow Wand
The Willow Wand
The Willow Wand
The Willow Wand
The Willow Wand
The Willow Wand
The Willow Wand
The Willow Wand
The Willow Wand
The Willow Wand
The Willow Wand

The Willow Wand

Living art for your garden...
  • A unique British grown and British woven living willow 'stem' for a range of uses.
  • 9 separate stems woven together when dormant, plant as a single 'trunk' in pots, or for hedges.
  • From spring, each stem produces a mass of top growth that can be clipped to shape such as topiary lollipops.
  • Easy to grow living garden art - no expertise needed, create stylish garden features quickly.
  • Supplied dormant, in varying lengths, to plant out January to May. Keep wet once planted and trim regularly.

Product options:

Small 50cm
Item: 500151
Medium 75cm
Item: 500152
Large 1M
Item: 500153
Small 50cm - Item: 500151
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Product Information

An exciting and innovative British grown and British woven living willow product perfect for gardens of all sizes. The Willow Wand (R) is a 'trunk' made up of 9 living stems of flexible English Willow, plaited together, and fixed with a collar.

Woven when they are dormant, they can be planted and treated as a single 'cutting', making them easy to grow for everyone - creating stylish garden plants quickly and with mnimum fuss or expertise. Once planted, each of the 9 stems will start shooting at the top - you will quickly develop a 'head' of growth on top, which is easily trimmed into topiary shapes.

The most popular is a standard lollipop design, where the unique trunk gives a new twist on this classic garden form. Trimming every few months keeps a nice neat head shape. They even look great in Winter with no leaves - their architectural trunks being a colourful feature. Or why not try a 'pleached' style hedge - plant them out in a row the same spacing as they are tall, and trim the heads into a flat hedge, but with the bototm raised up. A really effective, easy and cheap hedge or barrier for gardens.

Being willow, it is totally hardy and weather proof, and very easy. You will need to remove side shoots from the stems 2 or 3 times, before they stop sprouting. Plant about a quarter of the length deep - if in pots, poor qualtiy compost is great! Boggy, heavy clay spots in gardens are perfect.

Note - the heights quoted are the total height of the wand. A 1m Wand will have about 75cm of stem above ground once planted and produce a had up to a further 30-50cm on top dependant on trimming.Over a few years the stems grow into each other to create a unique single trunk effect.

When the willow is first planted you canít water it enough! Keep well watered until it has formed a good clump of root.

The Willow Wand (R) is a Registered Trade Mark and is Design protected.

What Is Supplied

Item 500151 supplied as:

Supplied as a handwoven wand of living willow stems, bare rooted, to simply plant in garden soil or pots.

Various lengths are available.

Plant Care Information

Perfect In Pots
Perfect In Pots
Winter Hardy
Winter Hardy
Easy To Grow
Easy To Grow

Top Tips

Keep watered once planted, and trim to shape as needed

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Plant Dimensions
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50 cm
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