Patio Standard Oleander 65cm Tall in a 5L Pot

Patio Standard Oleander 65cm Tall in a 5L Pot

Scented / Fragrant
Perfect In Pots
Plant In Sunshine
Winter Hardy
Easy To Grow
Wildlife Friendly
Pink Oleander Patio Standard 65cm - Item: 680123
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Give your front door, conservatory, patio or balcony a sunny uplifting Mediterranean feel with these breathtaking 2ft tall winter hardy Oleander. Easy to grow, Oleanders thrive on neglect, surviving hot, dry weather or temperatures as low as -5º wonder it’s one of the UK’s favourite hardy exotics!

Gorgeous, sweet scent from their exotic, vibrant pink blooms will gently waft through the warm air in your garden simply delightful in early evenings in the summer. Flowering all summer long, they are wonderfully exotic, yet incredibly they are UK winter hardy to -5C too. These Mediterranean beauties will add height, vivid colour and sweet fragrance to your garden for years to come!

Note - we use several varieites of pink, ranging from dark hot pink to pale pink - so the exact colour you receive may vary.

+ + = Excellent + = Good - = Poor - - = Bad
Score Customer Comments
++ Service rating : I was unable to check on Yodel delivery but the plants arrived without a problem.
Product : This plant was in good condition.
+ Service rating : On the second telephone call the order was replaced free of charge
Product : Ordered 4 Oleander out if which one was very poor but the replacement is of a good standard ,but still disappointed as no flowers on any . The original advert says flowers all summer green foliage yes flowers no⁉️
++ Service rating : very good service & quick responce.
Product : very good service& quick responce.
++ Service rating : Quick service. Very satisfied. This is the first time I have ordered and I was very pleased.
Product : I have always wanted an Oleander because my husband and I are regular visitors to Italy (Lake Garda) and the Oleanders there are wonderful. I doubt if ours will attain the heights of the Italian ones because their climate is far better than ours! However will give it a try. We are in the South so it has a good chance. It was well packed and arrived in very good condition. Many thanks.
YouGarden Comments
Great review thanks. Good luck and happy gardening!

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : very fast delivery many thanks
Product : as described in the paper
++ Service rating : Fast response to my e-mailed order & fantastically well packed.
Product : Better than I had hoped. A sturdy specimen in bud & with lush foliage.
++ Service rating : Very pleased with plants and customer service
Product : I sent this to my aunt for her birthday and she was delighted with it. My daughter and myself have also bought one from you and are also very pleased with them, we just hope they last the winter.
+ Service rating : Original order did not arrive (Yodel delivery?) Phoned company, they sorted it immediately and sent out a replacement.
Product : Can't wait for it to start flowering! Just green leaves and a nice stem so far.
++ Service rating : good service and most helpful
Product : good sturdy plants which have flowered lovely
++ Service rating : Extremely prompt delivery, well packed and very healthy plants
Product : Healthy plants but slow to get fully flowering
+ Service rating : Very good information and delivery
Product : Seems to be growing ok.
++ Really impressed with the service and quality of the plants
++ Service rating : The plants arrived packed very well and in excellent condition, the service was very quick.
Product : The plants looked very healthy, no flowers yet, can't wait for it to bloom.
++ Service rating : delivered as promised, fast and acurate
Product : we loved them. great condition and every bit as good as we had hoped.
++ Service rating : Easy to request plants.
Product : Plants arrived superbly packaged.
Both in excellent condition.
++ Service rating : Good service the posting was delayed (by my request)**** TOP MARKS*****
Product : All well packaged and arrived in good condition and healthy looking.
++ Service rating : Excellent service.
Product : Beautiful plants in prime condition.
++ Service rating : Arrive in quick time.
Product : In very good condition.
+ Service rating : Very quick delivery
Product : Plants look very healthy and as expected
++ Service rating : Very well packed. Good quality plants
Product : as above
+ Really good service. Polite staff. One of our trees died and was replaced with no hassle by post.
++ Service rating : You feel that you dealing with a company that values their customers
Product : The Oleanders when received were in excellent condition I was delighted with
my purchase.
+ Service rating : Fast delivery and well packed
Product : Good healthy plant
++ Service rating : Absolutely delighted with the plants and the delivery time. The plants were exceptional and exceeded my expectation.
Product : Larger plants than expected and of a much higher quality than previous purchases of plants bought via offers in newspapers/magazines or catalogue/online garden plant providers. The quality of packaging was exceptional with the plants arriving in A1 condition. Would recommend this Company without hesitation.
++ Service rating : This was a telephone order and I found the lady I dealt with very helpful and efficient.
Product : Very pleased with the product quality and it was delivered earlier than the date given.
+ Service rating : We were very pleased with the speed in which we received our Oleanders. They were packed very securely, but still easy to open and remove. Thank you.
Product : We cannot wait to see these two Oleanders in bloom! We have as yet to transfer them to larger pots, and I think once that has been done they will be better.
++ Good speedy service
+ Service rating : very good and speedy service
Product : was in good shape when plants arrived
++ Service rating : Very good service..
Product : Can not believe how fast delivery was,and how nice they look in the chosen place..
++ Service rating : Helpful and fiendly
Product : Good quality plants hope I can keep them alive!!
++ Service rating : plants were beautiful very healthy delivery spot on excellcent value many thanks for the free gift of bulbs
I live in a sheltered living complex and I have given the bulbs to be planted in the communal garden thank you once again I am sure the other residents will appreciate them when they flower, would please send me a catalogue.
Product : plants were beautiful very healthy delivery spot on excellcent value many thanks for the free gift of bulbs
I live in a sheltered living complex and I have given the bulbs to be planted in the communal garden thank you once again I am sure the other residents will appreciate them when they flower, would please send me a catalogue.
+ Service rating : First time
Product : Look healthy but hasn't flowered yet
+ Service rating : We were away for the weekeend. Didn't expect delivery till Mon or Tues ( 7-10 days after ordering ) Neighbour said they arrived on Sat. so they were still boxed 2 days later . Box note. Open immediately. Understood no weekend deliveries. Otherwise all ok thanks.
Product : Only had plants one week ,so far so good . A bit early to tell yet. Thankyou.
- Service rating : not very good soil all over the box hardly any in tubs , will not but from this company again
Product : not very good , hardly any flower on after 3 months looks nothing like the add they showed.
YouGarden Comments
Sorry about this - it sounds like the order was shaken a little in transit. The plants should be fine though as they are very tough.

Regarding flowering, I am afraid that the weather has been detrimental. In hot, dry summers like we've had in recent years, Oleanders flower profusely. However this year (so far) has been largely wet and cooler, which means that they do not flower as well.

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : Overall very good
Product : Arrived a little tired, and when I asked about re-potting, was told to do so now.
+ Service rating : Good delivery,as promised.
Product : Good condition,well packaged.
++ Service rating : Speedy
Product : healthy
++ Service rating : Very happy with service and after sales advice.
Product : Good plant but no flower buds.
++ Service rating : I had a very good service
Product : This plant arrived healthy and is growing quite fast
+ Service rating : The order was correct but had to be repacked and was left on its side in front not where I requested around the side of the bungalow ��
Product : Plants were good
NA Service rating : Good prompt service and good customer service on contact.
Product : Plants look good but early days as to how they will mature/thrive
- Service rating : I wouldn't order from this company again
Product : The plants arrived late from the depot and looked half dead there weren't any flowers
I was very disappointed
YouGarden Comments
I am sorry to hear about the delay in transit. Please send us some photos of the plants - they are very drought tolerant and should be fine long-term. If they're dying we can replace them.

Head of Customer Service
+ A1
++ Service rating : First class service
Product : Excellent quality trees and planters
+ Service rating : My first plants didnt arrive so they resent them then the first set arrived, but they did look extremely tired like they had been stuck in a van. I offered to return a set of plants but the lady said keep them.
Product : The first plant was small and looked the worse for wear, it said it had been delivered on Friday however it turned up the following Tuesday.
++ The ordering was very easy and delivery information excellent. The plants arrived in excellent condition with the necessary instructions for planting.
++ Service rating : First Class
Product : One is a mass of flowers, the other a little disappointing at resent
++ Service rating : Brilliant service will use again
Product : Very good Oleander exactly as advertised .Unbeleivable value saved a lot of money on trees.If I had to buy from nursery would have been paying £30 a tree.
++ Service rating : Scrubs arrived very well packed and in good condition
Product : Very lovely plants, exactly as described
++ Service rating : ~Delivery was quick and efficient
Product : Plant quality was excellent, far better than I expected or hoped for
++ Service rating : Good price and service.
Product : Very nice plant..
+ Service rating : Easy website to use
Product : Appear to be good quality plants and delivered quite speedily.
++ Service rating : Fast delivery, plants very well packaged & received in perfect condition.
Product : Beautiful plants
+ Service rating : Looks like a good company. Will look at website occasionally.
Product : Well packed. Most of the flowers have gone. Hope more come.
- Service rating : Delivered on time and well packaged
Product : I ordered two of these, wanting a "Pair". However one was pink & the other more red and they were different species having different leaves as well as flowers !
YouGarden Comments
Really sorry to hear that they were not better matched. Can you send us some photos please?

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : The prompt delivery was very good.
Product : Excellent plants, hope they last.
++ Service rating : the first plant i received had one stem that was dying off, it was replaced very quickly, I'm very pleased. thank you
Product : very pleased with new plant.
+ Service rating : The service was quick. The product was well packed to ensure it didn't get damaged
Product : Was as good as described
++ Service rating : Good
Product : Excellent
+ Service rating : Excellent delivery time and packaging. plants arrived in good condition.
Product : One of the Oleanders is excellent and many flowers on it but the other one is smaller and only seems to have one lot of buds which aren't flowering yet. A shame as I have them together and it would be great if they were both growing & flowering at the same pace.
- Service rating : Easy to use
Product : Big difference in the size of the items
- Service rating : First one replaced with no hassle which was really good service.
Product : First one not good. Second one buds dropped off, but appreciated replacement. Kept in conservatory. Service excellent.
+ Service rating : The first tall pink that were sent were no good but sent photos and you replaced them with good ones
Product : Can't tell yet as not many flowers yet
YouGarden Comments
Glad to hear that we sorted that for you. Apologies for the damage to your original order.

Head of Customer Service
+ Very happy with the service from your end. Unfortunatly the same can not be said for the firm you use to deliver the plants. After the first replacement delivery i am waiting for the second. Box arriving damaged and covered in Yodel tape. Plants with broken stems and dead flowers. Arriving 2 days after printed delivery date.
+ Service rating : The product took longer to arrive than said in the email
Product : The product was in good condition when they arrived
+ Service rating : Cannot fault them. Delivery was very quick.
Product : Very pleased with product. Arrived very healthy.
+ Service very good and quick,plants well packed
- Service rating : This could not have been worse i was not in but I left a note stuck on the glass inside my front door asking them to deliver to next door giving the no. and saying THANK YOU but no they dropped the box over the wall into the back garden, not good at all the company was Yodel.
Product : These two plants I have received from you I am not very happy with, they were quite wilted and some of the branches were broken but still hanging on.
Although I have now replanted them they still do not look health, but I am hoping with the change in the weather and carefull watering that they will improve.
YouGarden Comments
Very sorry about the problem delivering your order. If the plants don't pick up, please get in touch.

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : Excellent
Product : Beautiful
++ Really lovelytrees realy added butie to our garden.service was good didentbwait long for them,
++ Delevered very quickly
++ Service rating : well packaged
Product : Arrived in good condition with clear instructions on care
- Service rating : Customer service has been very helpful
Product : I ordered pink - they sent red - so they sent me one marked pink which was exactly the same colour as the red one!!!
YouGarden Comments
Sorry that you're disappointed, however the ones in your photos definitely look pink to us! We do state on the website that there's a range of shades of pink.

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : Very good and fast delivery. As posting this The Oleander is bursting into colour
Product : Very Happy with The Oleander
++ Service rating : would have appreciated a confirmation of order. Had to spend time finding out if my order had been received.
Product : Really pleased with Oleander.
Will be back next year for standard fruit trees
YouGarden Comments
Thanks again for your order. We did send you a confirmation email - have you checked your Junk Mail?

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : Beautiful strong plants with lots of flowers and buds
Product : The packing of the plants was absolutely splendid too.
++ Service rating : Very good excellent service
Product : Arrived in beautiful condition
++ Beautiful pair of Oleander bushes arrived in perfect condition
++ Prompt delivery - Excellent service - Thank you
++ Service rating : All very efficient, plants were delivered very quickly
Product : Plants in great condition, exactly as described
++ Service rating : Very helpful!
Product : Excellent service. When delivered oleander was disappointing. Phoned and it was replaced no hassle brilliant!
++ Service rating : Excellent service, I was kept informed at all stages
Product : They're lovely. I didn't expect them to be quite so tall - bonus!
They were packaged very well & arrived looking as though they hadn't moved an inch.
++ Service rating : Very impressed with sales person, delivery, packaging and plants
Product : Have already recommended to my sister
- Service rating : I have no opinion as the items arrived when they said they would.
Product : One oleander is fine and flowering well, the other is in bud but the buds keep dying and falling off.
YouGarden Comments
If the weather is cool and wet, flower buds can abort - the plant is used to hot, sunny weather. I have emailed you with some advice...

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : Very good, I will keep on dealing with them.
Product : Arrived safe and sound and are now started to bud out.
- Service rating : I sent an email with delivery instructions, but the delivery came before my email was responded too.
Product : The 3ft Oleanders delivered in May, although have growth very little flowers, which die before opening.
YouGarden Comments
Apologies - as explained at the time, your order was already in transit, so we could not alter it.

Cold weather at night can cause flower buds not to open. If you have buds that subsequently rot off, it is likely to be Botrytis, caused by high humidity. Pick any dead ones off and make sure that you water the pot only.

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : Efficient service - Very well packaged./
Product : Absolutely lovely Plants we sent for two for ourselves and were so pleased with them that we sent for another. anther two for birthday presents for our friends. How good a recommendation is that Thank you
++ Service rating : Reasonable delivery time
Product : good healthy plants
++ very good but delivery bit slow
+ Service rating : Very pleased with this product 's packing and delivery.
Product : Replanted in accordance with instruction and will order from these suppliers again.
++ Service rating : plants in good condition when they came
Product : well established
++ Service rating : good delivery and always well packed
Product : good size looks healthy
++ Service rating : Good company.well pleased.
Product : Very pleased with plants good service thanks.
++ Very well packed so plants arrived in excellent condition.
++ Product arrived in good condition
++ Service rating : Delivery in great timescale. Thank you.
Product : Wonderful plant. Looks great in situ.
++ Service rating : ttop marks
Product : updating my was good. plants were well packed. plants perfect.
+ Service rating : rear garden lawn laid last year was badly laid turf meadow grass all to be ripped up artificial grass to fitted
Product : still looks heathy no flowers yet
YouGarden Comments
Thanks for your feedback. I think you may have us mixed up with another company though... We sell plants via mail order - we don't lay turf! Could you update your feedback please?

Head of Customer Service
+ My only complaint was that the discount code I used was not deducted from my final account, so I payed the full price for what should have been an excellent bargain.
++ Good quality plants delivered promptly
++ Service rating : Good
Product : Nice looking
+ Service rating : The service was good. Products arrived as and when we expected they would - thank you.
Product : Too soon yet to see how it will flourish. Looking promising so far
++ Very healthy plants
Fast delivery and very well packed
++ Service rating : Easy to order, delivered quickly.
Product : Product arrived in good condition
+ Service rating : answered in the phone quickly and efficently
Product : arrived in a healthy condition
++ Service rating : very efficient and speedy.
Product : I have no complaints about the quality of the plants I received.
++ Service rating : Arrived sooner than I expected, plant was in excellent condition.
Product : Plant looks well in the garden, bit concerned about it being toxic.
++ Service rating : Happy
Product : Happy
++ Service rating : Plants arrived well protected and are as described.
Product : No problems.
++ Service rating : Excellent from point of order to delivery
Product : Very pleased with the plants, and for the service from start to finish, Thank you
++ Service rating : Well packed & quick servie
Product : I have given excellent rating as on the whole they are very good, but at the moment one of the plants doesn't look very healthy.
- Service rating : The flowers seem very poor
Product : Our flowers are not the same as in the newspaper
YouGarden Comments
I am sorry to hear that you are disappointed with the flowers. Could you send some photos please?

If you are referring to the colour, we do state in our advertising that we source these plants from many growers across Spain and that the shade of pink does vary between them.

Head of Customer Service

I am sorry to hear that you are disappointed with the flowers. Could you send some photos please?

If you are referring to the colour, we do state in our advertising that we source these plants from many growers across Spain and that the shade of pink does vary between them.

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : Order processed in timescale you said
Product : Plants arrived in perfect condition,and well packaged.
+ Service rating : Service was as advertised
Product : Delivered in a small container and was 'pot bound' just hoping it will recover in it's new large pot.
Product : LOVELY.
+ Service rating : The plants arrived quickly and in good condition.
Product : The plants were in good condition. So far, they are doing well.
+ Arrived well packed
+ Service rating : Good
Product : Good
- Service rating : ordering was easy thats about it the flowers arrived in box that looked like it had been thrown around a few times no care taken box arrived damaged plants still intacked inside but looking all dryed up leaves and plant heads dameged and broken off will not be ordering again will use local shop
Product : arrived in poor condition not worth the money i paid for them very disappointed arrived in box which was battered and ripped plants inside all dry and not looking in good health will not order again a few weeks since planting look a poor example around my other flowers which are blooming
YouGarden Comments
I am sorry to hear that your order arrived damaged. We'd be happy to replace it for you if you would like.

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : Ordering online was easy, the plants were dispatched within 24hrs, however didn't arrive until 4 days after that, which I would imagine was the couriers fault.
Product : One of the Oleanders was a beautiful shape, the other was a rather lop sided shape, hopefully it might grow a bit more on one side to even up a little.
+ Service rating : Really pleased with my purchases will use You Garden again thank you
Product : Arrived well packed really pleased
+ Service rating : Could have been a little more helpful on the delivery time
Product : Having only just planted will let you know after a year.
++ Service rating : Brilliant service perfect delivery and goods were in excellent condition
Product : Lovely product very happy with purchase
++ Service rating : very pleasde with dealing with your company, from my first phone call - most helpful.
Product : Pleased with plants cant wait for the sun to come out and they flower. Packed very well
+ Plants well packed, delivery prompt. Did find that the Oleanders could have had a bit more compost around them, they had shrunk away from the insides of the pots and they were in need of a light watering, but then again they had been in transit.
+ Service rating : Excellent sercice
Product : Well packaged and arrived in good condition
++ Service rating : Service quick and easy, placing order straightforward.
Product : Really healthy plants, look great either side of front door
+ delivered on time
++ Service rating : Beautifully packed!
Product : Very sturdy, healthy plants.
++ Service rating : Plants arrived on time in perfect condition.
Product : Great addition to my garden
NA Service rating : Received in a reasonable time and in reasonable condition.
Product : Probably due to the poor weather the plant has not yet shown any new growth or flowers.
++ Service rating : Service was good
Product : My Oleanders arrived in very good condition... I replanted in bigger pots and they look great.
+ Plants arrived on time specified and in good condition. Thank you
++ Service rating : Web site easy to use, ordering very easy. My plants were securely packed and arrived in very good condition. I shall use you again.
Product : Arrived in very good shape. They had been packed with care and consideration. They seem to have settled in well.
+ Service rating : Quick service and packaged very well
Product : Healthy plants
++ Service rating : Arrived quite promptly
Product : Arrived in good condition, now just to wait and see!!
++ Service rating : Quick deluvery well packaged
Product : Lovely plant delivered quickly
+ Service rating : Easy to use ordering procedure
Product : Impressive plants arrived in tip top condition
+ Service rating : Don't reckon much to Yodel as a carrier
Product : 50% looks healthy 5O% very droopy
++ Service rating : The service has been excellent. Well wrapped with plenty information on how to care for the plants.
Product : The two bushes were in very good condition and ready to flower. They don't have the heavenly smell yet but I expect that will come later.
++ Service rating : Straightforward transaction.
Product : Well packaged. Good condition
+ Service rating : Your assistant was very helpful and polite
Product : disappointed with the different heights of plants as i needed them to be equal in size
++ Service rating : Brill
Product : Brill
++ Service rating : Very good service
Product : Plant arrived in very good condition
+ From date of despatch to delivery seemed longer than I had expected.
+ Service rating : I have only used you Garden twice and have had a couple of issues but they were dealt with speedily and in a friendly way
Product : Only had it a couple of weeks but was very pleased with it when it arrived. Time will tell if it manages to reach "excellent"
+ Service rating : Very good company.
Product : Arrived in a good condition.
+ Service rating : Ordering easy Service is good. Delivered on time. Yodel left by front door without ringing bell or knocking, we were both home at the time. Instructions were to leave by side gate if no answer anyway.Feedback for Yodel!
Product : One plant was inferior to the other in size
++ Service rating : Arrived very quickly and in good condition
Product : very nice looking plants all in bud just waiting for the sun.
thank you
-- Service rating : too many errors
Product : have yet to receive a pink one - first one was red, marked red - replacement was marked pink but was exactly the same colour as the first one - red!!!
++ Service rating : Always great service
Product : Look good so far!
++ Service rating : Absolutely fabulous, fast service
Product : Exactly as seen and described
++ Service rating : Quick & reliable. First class.
Product : Plants in very healthy state, started to flower in two days after re-potting.
++ I decided to use the telephone to place an order. The person was knowledgable and very helpful. I would recommend the company
- Service rating : Unsatisfactory customer service
Product : Arrived dried up...all flowers had to be removed
++ Service rating : First order very impressed
Product : Very good quility happy with them
++ Quick delivery
- Service rating : I often read and look at the adverts, but this was my first purchase. I was looking for two specific plants to give prolific colour and abundance for a good period with little maintenance. These would fit the need.
Product : Both being large plants they were packed tightly in the box packaging and both were damaged when opened. The size of the box I felt was more adequate for one plant only. I have since pruned them back to an acceptable shape, but disappointed to loose such large broken stems. They will hopefully recover and develop as time goes by.
YouGarden Comments
Thanks again for your order. I am sorry to hear about the damage and will pass on your comments. If the plants don't pick up, please get in touch.

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : Lovely plant, very healthy on arrival seemingly, repotted into new compost immediately.
Product : Plant looked very good on arrival, has been repotted into larger container, but does not look very happy, existing flowers are very limp despite being properly watered and stood in sunshine on patio. Think still alive, but not looking so good now.
++ Service rating : What more can I say
Product : As above
++ Service rating : properly packaged and arrived on time
Product : beautiful plant
++ Service rating : Brilliant! Easy to use website and delivered in perfect order on the day expected!
Product : Really beautiful plants! Like little trees, arrived with lots of buds and some flowers already, in pots ready to put in a planter. Look gorgeous in the garden, really easy way to add lovely colour and interest! Definitely recommend!
++ Service rating : Service was very good
Product : Plants arrived in excellent condition
- Service rating : good service except for the reason below
Product : I was disappointed that only by looking up about the plant i ordered I found out is a very poisonous plant, I wish I had known when I ordered it because I would not have.
YouGarden Comments
All of our adverts, catalogues and our website carry a warning about this plant. I am sorry that you didn't see these warnings, however they were available to you prior to ordering.

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : Very quick and efficient service
Product : Excellent plants delivered in good protective packaging.
- Service rating : Delivery and packaging were good. Product very poor
Product : On unwrapping the oleanders, they seemed to be covered in a brown dust. I wondered if it was something to do with packing but they are now dying and I presume it is a mould. Very disappointed
+ Service rating : Very prompt service - however the promised delivery tracking details were never sent through. However the goods arrived very promptly (just didn't know when exactly)
Product : The plants appear to be in good condition with flowers/buds aplenty !
++ Service rating : Very pleased and excellent service
Product : I really like it
++ Service rating : Excellent service again.
Product : Plants delivered exactly as stated and are looking lovely in my garden.
++ Service rating : quick delivery
Product : packed very securely
++ Service rating : Great service, I put the order in wrong on-line and they were so helpful in correcting and crediting before processing the order. Website could be a little clearer on discounts
Product : Beautiful healthy plants, thrilled with them
++ Very good.Quick delivery
++ Fast delivery and well packed plants,excellent service
++ Service rating : very prompt service and were packaged well
Product : i purchased two of the pink coloured plants. They were packaged really well and the actual plants were far bigger and stronger than I expected and were covered in flower buds .Within a week they were out in bloom, the scent is amazing
+ Service rating : Delivery was OK
Product : Plants were in good condition
++ Service rating : very good company and products
Product : come very good and getting better
++ Service v.good.Spoilt a bit by delivery courier (Yodel)
++ Service rating : Packaging of the plants was good and fast delivery.
Product : Lovely quality plants.
++ Service rating : Excellent items and quick delivery cannot fault and would recommend
Product : Lovely fresh plant excellent value
++ Service rating : very good
Product : as described
arrived in perfect condition
++ Service rating : Restored my faith in buying plants online after many years of bad experiences from other companies
Product : Lovely, large, healthy plant. Perfect - thank you
++ Service rating : Good service,the web site was not too good.
Product : Good quality plants,could have enclosed instructions relating to the care and if required,planting from the pots supplied,to larger pots.
+ Service rating : will be back for more plants and bulbs in the next few weeks
Product : look good in my front garden
++ Service rating : Very please
Product : Very pleased
++ Service rating : excellent, rang the bell left in porch, spot on.
Product : excellent, i planted them in a lardger pot i did not expect them to flower this year, about twenty buds on both of the oleanders i would say they will be in full flower by the end of the month, regards george
++ Service rating : Packaged excellently consequently no damage and full of buds.
Product : They arrived two days early and in first class condition, so pleased....I will be back
++ Brilliant came early
Would order from this company again
++ Service rating : Very pleased. With the fast service, very helpful when ordering
Product : Lovely plant has flowered , pleased that I bought them.
+ Service rating : Answered my query on plant care promptly and helpfully!!
Product : Delivered flowering and in good condition but flowers have stalled -- Edinburgh is guy cauld even at near midsomer !!
++ Service rating : Would recommend this company to family and friends bi
Product : 2 oleander plants that were well packaged Very strong and healthy and are growing on well
++ Service rating : Very quick delivery
Product : plants arrived in excellent condition
++ Very quick service - many thanks!
++ Service rating : Arrived in 1st class condition. Well packaged.
Product : Plant has taken and seems healthy. I would definitely recommend this company.
++ Service rating : Can't fault them.
Product : Second one I've ordered as the first was so good. this one was not as tall.
But its a nice healthy plant and is doing well
+ Service rating : Very pleased with speed of delivery
Product : Starting to flower and looking pretty
+ Service rating : Very pleased with item which was delivered on time and was well packaged. The website was easy to use.
Product : The plant arrived in very good condition and looks nice on the patio but I have yet to see if it flowers as seen In the advert.
++ luckily arrived before bank holiday as we would have had to wait to track parcel.
++ Service rating : very good service
Product : very pleased with product
+ Service rating : Des patching quite good and packaging is very secure
Product : The plants are good but it was suppose to come in a three litre pot but it came in a one litre pot
++ Service rating : Very good quality shrubs, well protected and packaged. Exceded expectation, if they flower as good as pictures I will be delighted.
Product : Very good quality items.
++ Service rating : Good no Problems
Product : So far spot on
+ prompt service
++ Plant arrived promptly and in good condition
++ Service rating : Very straight forward and suffisant
Product : Lovely healthie plant very pleased
+ Service rating : very prompt delivery
Product : good healthy plant and good value
+ The plants arrived promptly, in good condition.
++ Service rating : The plant was packed well and undamaged on arrival.
Product : My gardener was impressed by the quality of the Oleander.
++ Service rating : Good telephone manner.
Product : Delivery on time. Very pleased with the quality and size. Will buy from this site again.
- Service rating : see below
Product : I ordered 2 Oleander the one came as seen in the newspaper with flower buds on the second has no flowers at all.Spoke to customer services who said as long as the plant was not dead it was ok. They completely missed my point as the plant was not as shown in the newspaper
YouGarden Comments
We're ever so sorry for the disappointment, though instant blooms can't always be guaranteed with live plants.

As your plant is healthy, rest assured that it will come into flower this Summer. Please allow several weeks for the plant to establish in its new home.

++ Service rating : excellent service you did as you said you would Thank you
Product : lovely well kept plants and doing well
++ The service was quick and efficient. The plants arrived very well packed and in perfect condition.
++ Service rating : The oleanders we ordered from you were delivered exactly as you promised on, on time and in excellent condition thank you
Product : The oleanders we ordered from you were delivered exactly as you promised on, on time and in excellent condition thank you
++ Service rating : first lass delivery and first class ordering dept many thanks
Product : wonderful cannot wait to see them in flower
++ Service rating : very quick delivery
Product : Plants are excellent quality
What Is Supplied

Supplied as a half standard patio tree approx. 65cm tall in a 5L pot ready to plant out or re-pot. Important: Contact with Oleander foliage and its sap may irritate the skin. All parts of the Oleander Plant are toxic if ingested.

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  • July
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  • September
  • October

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