Orange & Lemon Collection with Feed

Orange & Lemon Collection with Feed

Includes FREE Citrus Feed!
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Grow your own delicious citrus fruit right here in the UK with this easy-grow Orange & Lemon Tree Collection. Deliciously juicy full-size fruits in the first season, and winter hardy to -5C. Thats right! This pair of Orange and Lemon trees will grow and fruit perfectly in the UK. Packed full of vitamin C, theyre deliciously juicy and good for you too! And they smell simply divine the sweetly perfumed white flowers contrast beautifully against the deep green citrus-fragranced foliage.

Both of your trees arrive as well-established 4ft. tall mature specimens in 6.5 litre pots. And, for the pair, they represent superb value for money much cheaper than most garden centre varieties AND you get a FREE 150g tub of Soluble Citrus Fertiliser (a years supply) to ensure your trees grow into big, healthy specimens and, most importantly, bear lots of juicy fruit!

  • Lemon 'Eureka' - Hardy down to -5C! - Sweetly scented blossom in late Spring. - Full-size fruit from August onwards. - Perfect for drinks and cooking.
  • Orange 'Navelina' - Hardy down to -5C! - Seedless and very juicy. - Enjoy your own freshly squeezed orange juice. - Packed full of Vitamin C.


I just thought you might like to see some photos of the orange tree I bought from you and oranges it produced this year. I got it around the beginning of last year and the fruit was over a year in the making, but it finally started to ripen in September...
I have eaten two of the fruits, picking them when they fell off easily with handling. The other three ripe ones (I have a couple of small green ones on from this year too) aren't quite ready yet, so I will leave them for now.
The fruits so far have had a slightly thicker skin than the ones you buy in the shops, but were so much sweeter and tastier. :-)
Anyway, please find the photos attached and thanks for your help throughout the year.

Teresa, Goole, November 2014

+ + = Excellent + = Good - = Poor - - = Bad
Score Customer Comments
++ Service rating : Arrived as told
Product : arrived in a good condition and looking healthy
++ Service rating : Mostly good, but follow up from customer services is very bad - I am still waiting for a reply on 2 emails sent recently
Product : Looking forward to picking my own
++ Service rating : Customer phone service really good
Product : Have purchased several sets as gifts
++ Service rating : The service received was very good.
Product : Arrived quickly and in good condition.
++ Service rating : My order was placed a week before Xmas so this may account for the problem but..
When I placed my order I didn't receive a confirmation email (my experience is that every on-line seller sends one) so I was left unsure if the order had been received. I didn't receive anything to say the order had been dispatched either (again, most on-line sellers send one) but happily the plants were received 2 days before Xmas.
Product : Very happy with the condition, quality and value for money of the plants
YouGarden Comments
on looking at the account I can see you did not provide us with an e-mail address hence why you did not receive the confirmation.

Please know that unless we have our customers full contact details we find it difficult to communicate.

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
++ Service rating : your staff went out of their way to help me with my order ,so kind.many many thanks
Product : delivered the exact day and time ,in very good condition,loning to get some flowers/fruit thank you
+ Service rating : Good efficient service as usual
Product : Just what was ordered, it remains to be seen how well they do
+ Service rating : good service. fair prices
Product : arrived in good order. Can I maintain?
+ Service rating : Easy to order online & telephone customer services good
Product : Great tree's - shame how the delivery company throws them around so arrived with a ripped open box and a few broken branches - but the trees themselves are great.
+ Service rating : Lost one order there end no trace of it even though charged. Then ordered something else was showing in stock at time, didn't arrived - it had then gone on back order so had a long wait.
Product : Good quality trees
YouGarden Comments
Good Afternoon,

I am really sorry to hear of your disappointment with your recent order.
On looking at the account I cannot see any correspondence from yourself. Have you not contacted us regarding the matter?

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
++ Service rating : Good looking plants, well grown. Prompt delivery. Well packed and in good condition on arrival.
Product : Healthy-looking trees. Well grown, good foliage. Graft sites look well-established; as with all grafted plants will need to be watched but they seem fine.
++ Service rating : fast delivery , great packaging
Product : excellent trees
+ Service rating : You service has been excellent and I have been satisfied with the products.
Product : Plants were in good condition on arrival and have settled in well despite the cold weather
++ Service rating : Brilliant
Product : Can't wait to pick lemons
++ the plants arrived in good condition. the only criticism I would make is that
the parcel was extremely heavy to lift. l
++ Service rating : Pomegranate still to follow.
Product : Very healthy trees, size as advertised.
- Service rating : Nice trees that survived a rather rough journey
Product : The trees had been bashed about a bit in transit - one of them had lost 3 branches. However they've survived and are growing well but would suggest different packaging/carrier
YouGarden Comments
I am sorry to hear about your trees, I shall pass your feedback onto our packers and courier service. Please let us know if the trees struggle as we would be happy to action accordingly for you. I have noted this feedback onto your account.

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
+ Service rating : What I expected
Product : What I expected
++ Service rating : Good, quick service. One citrus died from the scion and was quickly replaced. I ordered one each of lemon and orange. Both delivered were lemon, but I didn't mind.
Product : Good healthy trees (after replacement of one that failed). Flowered within weeks of arrival.
++ Service rating : I was expecting the trees to be delivered in around a week but they actually arrived well before then
Product : Arrived to good time & they look really healthy. It's not the first time that I've ordered from you & all the items have been great & I look forward to see if I get any fruit on the trees
+ good range and delivery
++ Service rating : Well packaged and delivered on time.
Product : They look healthy. Just hope they produce fruit.
+ Service rating : Easy to use, cheaper than other sites.
Product : Trees seem to be good quality, no fruit which was slightly disappointing
++ Service rating : The service was excellent easy to order and plants came very quickly.
Product : Good size plants just as they are discribed . Iam very pleased with them.
++ Service rating : Quick and easy to order
Product : Strong healthy trees
++ Service rating : 5 star
Product : Top quality fast delivery*****
++ Service rating : Great service, the trees were packaged beautifully. Very pleased, thank you.
Product : I LOVE my beautiful trees, they look so healthy and gorgeous. Thank you very much.
++ Service rating : very prompt, very well packed, in excelent condition
Product : healthy, happy trees. the orange has already put on some growth. have given your catalogue to my gardener
+ Service rating : Excellent service and plants when things arrive on time. Ths set of order came within a few days, but I am still awaiting on another which hadn't arrived! Deivery is hit and miss!
Product : Very healthy but not sure they will have fruit with thebUK climate.
+ Service rating : The products were easy to see with good synopsis of care.
Product : I'm looking forward to seeing the trees develop
+ Service rating : Easy to order and great prices
Product : Arrived in great condition. Cannot wait to see the fruit yield.
+ Brilliant delivery time after ordering.Well done.
++ Service rating : Plants arrived quickly and well packaged
Product : Healthy trees as described
++ Could not ask for anything better
++ Service rating : Everything about the ordering and service from You Garden is excellent. I've marked it down due to the delivery service by Yodell. The plants are clearly marked fragile and this way up and a delivery request was to leave them by the back gate. Goodell completely ignored this and dropped the box on its side over a 6ft gate. One of the pots was split in two and a branch broken off the tree. Fortunately the rest of the trees were ok. This is the second delivery from You by Yodell and they have damaged plants, left them upside down or dropped them over gates.
Product : Only problem was one broken branch as explained above.
++ Service rating : no problems. quick delivery
Product : young trees in good condition
++ Came very quickly and beautifully packed
++ Service rating : Very good service
Product : Good size plants
+ Service rating : None
Product : None
++ Service rating : Service was quicker than I expected and the goods were excellently packaged arriving in great condition.
Product : The products were healthy, well looked after and ready to be used,
- Service rating : You Garden always deliver the goods when stated and except for one incident always arrive in good condition.
Product : Fruit trees arrived badly damaged with the Valencia planters jammed in the side of the packaging next to the trees. However on contacting You Garden the trees were quickly replaced without any fuss. The replacements arrived in good condition.
YouGarden Comments
Thank you for the feedback, I have contacted our courier regarding this matter.

We are happy to hear that your replacements are ok!

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
+ Service rating : Came beautifully boxed when they said they would
Product : I am not very happy there is no flowers or fruit on either bushes I have smaller citrus trees and they all have fruit and flowers currently. Plus those in the garden centres also do
++ Service rating : Great service
Product : Very good
++ Service rating : Brilliant service.
Product : Very healthy plants good value for money.
+ Packing received in poor condition. lucky plants still in box !!
+ Service rating : Quick delivery
Product : Nice healthy trees, however the pot on the lemon tree was all broken on delivery. Couriers fault, not YouGarden. Looking forward to next year and the first blossom.
++ Service rating : Excellent delivery fast and speedy
Product : Good plants very pleased
YouGarden Comments
We are very pleased that you are happy with our Service, please feel free to send us a photograph of the Hydrangea if you are not happy with it so that we can take appropriate action.

Terry Falcone
Customer Service Assistant
++ The service was excellent and the plants superb!
- Service rating : Used website to order and had good contact from Amelia when I contacted about the damaged parcel and items.
Product : Packaging was damaged and repacked by Yodel. One tree had some slight damage. compost had still spilled inside the new packaging and one set of plants was missing. YouGarden offered a credit in response to my contacting them.
++ Service rating : Excellent plants, packing and delivery.
Product : Very healthy and good sized plants.. I also ordered a pair for my daughter in law, to be delivered direct to her as a gift, and I am happy to say they arrived on the same day as mine, also of excellent quality.. thank you.
+ Service rating : Well packaged
Product : Large nice trees
+ I had no problems with Your garden but the company you use to deliver your product is a joke after the first trees didn't even reach us the last trees did turn up but to completely different address and company. So I rate Your delivery company a 0
+ Service rating : Good service
Product : Received on time and in good condition
++ Orders etc very good but they were delivered to the wrong address. Cotham road rather than cotham Rd south
YouGarden Comments
Sorry to hear about the error in delivering your order. I will follow up with our courier.

Head of Customer Service
+ Took nearly a week to deliver by yodel so a bit worried about condition of plants. More precise indication of delivery time or phoning if unable to enter development would have helped.
+ Service rating : Trees arrived within time specified. Found the tracking slow. Trees well packed and final delivery efficient.
Product : Trees good height and have plenty of new growth, but no sign of blossom. I assume they will blossom and fruit next year.. Would have appreciated an indication that this was so.
++ Service rating : Great efficient service and trees arrived in a perfect condition after only 4 days
Product : Lovely trees in great condition
++ Service rating : good service
Product : Lovely plants and hope to enjoy fruit next year. Thanks
+ Service rating : Quick service
Product : Although the lemon tree had a broken branch
+ Service rating : Delivery prompt and well packaged
Product : plants of a good standard, the orange of good colour, lemon leaves a bit yellow but should improve with feed
++ Service rating : Good service plants are great
Product : L8vely mature trees packed very well
++ Service rating : customer service was excellent but dispatch and delivery time was longer than anticipated
Product : trees arrived well packed and in excellent condition but more detailed care information would have been appreciated
++ Service rating : I think the service was fantastic and I'm really pleased with my trees . great.
Product : I look forward to flowers and fruit
++ Service rating : You garden are a very friendly, professional company who provide top notch plants.
Product : The lemon and orange trees are beautiful
++ Service rating : Excellent service, speedy delivery, well packaged and good products.
Product : Look like nice healthy plants, came with bio feed too which is gr8. Hoping they will flower and bear fruit.
++ xxx
++ Very good service and quality plants
- Service rating : Goods damaged on receipt. Company showed no interest
Product : Plants fine but one pot broken due to very poor packaging
YouGarden Comments
As the plants and roots are in good condition and our instructions advise that you repot them immediately upon receipt, our experts deemed that the damage to the transit pot would not affect this plant's growth. It is not that we're not interested, it is just that in our expert's opinion, this minor damage to the pot only will not affect your plants at all.

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : The service was great - we were very pleased. The order arrived before I expected it.
Product : The trees arrived as expected, were as described and are very healthy. Great price too.
++ Service rating : Arrived very quickly, well packaged
Product : Good value plants, very healthy
++ Service rating : Arrived on time and well packaged. Customer service handled my query very well.
Product : Excellent healthy treesq
++ Excellent efficient service with items exactly as described
+ Service rating : service good, but did not reply to an e'mail with complaint. packaging very poor,
Product : Plants were good but spoilt by damage, 2strong shoots from Lemon and 1 from Orange were broken off caused by poor packing.
+ Service rating : great service thanks.
Product : thanks for replacement, everything now fine,thankyou.
++ Service rating : Disappointed the packaging was badly broken and a couple of branches broken off.The carriers must not have been very careful.
Product : Trees were great apart from the bit of damage.They will be OK .
++ Lovely trees. Arrived quickly. Almost half price compared to a gardening centre.
++ Service rating :
Product : 2-3 weeks on and looking happy. Dispatched several days before they arrived which was a little disappointing ( have not marked down for this as delivery was within original estimated timeframe.
++ Service rating : Always a pleasure to deal with You Garden.
Product : Beautiful trees in excellent condition.
+ Service rating : quick delivery
Product : One arrived with a broken branch and split pot
++ Service rating : great company
Product : fantastic plants so healthy
++ Service rating : Speedy delivery,well packed.
Product : Speedy delivery.very healthy plants.
++ Service rating : superb efficient service, so unusual in this day & age. Gold Star You Garden.
Product : So pleased with these excellent citrus trees, have ordered 2 more for my 93 year old brother-in -law who's a retired estate gardener & was captured by the great quality trees I had bought, now that's proving what good plants they are!!!!
++ Trees came on time they said . only negative was the plant pot's were broken so were a bit messy
+ Service rating : Packaging was so poor that it was mostly torn away by the time it arrived. May be the carriers fault but still very poor.
Product : Trees are both alive and well but the promised free citrus feed was not included. However there were some plants I hadn't ordered. Confused! ��
++ Service rating : Easy to use web site.
Product : Plants arrived in good condition.
++ Service rating : i am very satisfied with the 2 trees you supplied. thankyou
Product : they were well seasoned and now they are in situ
YouGarden Comments
Thanks again for your order and the positive review!

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : This is the second time I've purchased from you and will do so in the future.
Product : Products were excellent, the only thing that you need to be aware of is that both pots were badly damaged in transit. Other than that I'm delighted. Thank you,.
+ Service rating : A plant problem was dealt with fairly and speedily.
Product : both arrived promptly and well packed, The lemon appeared to have a health issue, but seems resolved, promptly advised on action to take, with follow up advice offered if required, very satisfied.
++ serve was fast and on the ball
+ Very quick delivery
++ Service rating : Plants arrived in good condition, Packaged good
Product : Trees arrived good and are still in the pots they arrived in, and are in the conservatory until weather is better than they will go in garden.
- Service rating : Delivery very fast
Product : The lemon tree is not healthy, is there any chance of you taking it back and replacing it,
YouGarden Comments
We're sorry to hear that your Lemon tree doesn't look as you anticipated. If possible, could you kindly send some photos of your tree to We'll of course take the necessary action once we've taken a look.

Kind Regards,

Amelia Elliot

++ Service rating : Good customer service and delivered on time.
Product : delivered in good condition.
++ Service rating : after first consignment of citrus trees arrived one was damaged and container split
but a replacement was received next day.
Product : service responce was exellent
++ Service rating : Excellent service from order to delivery
Product : Excellent quality, impressed with the size and condition
What Is Supplied Supplied as 1 - 1.2M (3ft 3' - 4ft) tall, fully mature trees in 6.5L pots, 1 of each variety, with FREE Premium Citrus Feed included.
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  • For best results, bring indoors to cool area for Winter.
  • Feed with specialist feed every Month in Spring and Summer growth - they are hungary fellows.
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