Pair of Standard Holly Trees with Pots

Pair of Standard Holly Trees with Pots

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80-100cm Tall Plants in Decorative Pots with Berries - Item: 510186
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What could be more perfect this winter than a twist on a Christmas classic? Create stunning festive displays, framing doorways and entrances or adorning patios and conservatories, with this pair of standard Holly trees.

With a slight blush tinge to the beautiful, deep-evergreen, classic holly leaves and rich red berries, they’ll look stunning for many years to come and what’s best is that these holly trees can be enjoyed year-round, not just at Christmas, thanks to their evergreen nature.

This new variety is a female (berry producing!) form and is a very prolific berry producer, so it will bud up and produce masses of rich, red berries in future years. These bushes are slow growing and easy to manage – just one trim a year will keep that perfect lollipop standard tree form.

Each Pair is supplied with a pair of classic 27cm diameter black planters that have been hand-finished in a beautiful gold paint, each one unique, for you to plant up into for maximum impact. This also makes them the perfect gift to give to friends, family or neighbours this winter…

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++ Service rating : quick delivery
Product : lovely
+ Service rating : Prompt delivery
Product : Perhaps a little small (as ever , flattering photo in advert). Otherwise, excellent product
++ Service rating : Excellent service . Willl be using again.
Product : Holly tree was just as expected and look great in the chosen spot
++ Never received the gift that Peter You Garden was sending, I do not know what it was or why.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
++ Service rating : very fast, secure delivery and a good company to deal with
Product : very nice plants in peak condition.
+ Service rating : A Good service. would use again.
Product : Liked the holly, I think the pots are a little small for the size of the rootball.
++ Service rating : 1st CLASS SERVIC
++ Service rating : Sent two messages to the website contact address for an enquiry but had no answer. After a week I contacted customer services and in an hour I had my answer, they could not trace my previous emails but would look into it. All else was fine.
Product : Well packed, good delivery date, absolutely satisfied. Would not hesitate to buy from them again.
- Service rating : For some reason, my order did not go through, but I was not aware. I was phoned back the following morning, and the order was put through for me. The order arrived quickly.
Product : I ordered 3 pairs, which arrived in 2 boxes, 4 in 1 2 in the other with appropriate no of pots. (Some had very recently been pruned(to get them into box?) Most had no berries - perhaps next year?
YouGarden Comments
We are really sorry that you had problems processing your order and we are really sorry for any disappointment caused by the plants.

Could you get in touch with us via Email so we can address the issue regarding the plants and get any replacements out to you if necessary?
+ Service rating : Very good service from order to delivery
Product : Very good quality & look very festive
+ Service rating : Very good and efficient ordering
Product : Good quality plant
++ Service rating : Excellent service.
Product : Great little trees - thank you very much
+ Service rating : very good
Product : very good
- Service rating : Arrived promptly. Difficult to get out of the box.
Product : When they arrived the foliage balls were not as large as in the illustration.
-- Service rating : Holly bushes delivered quickly
Product : Very disappointed. Have been waiting in hope the masses of red berries as stated and advertised, however still only have just the ONE red berry on each bush - total waste of money.
YouGarden Comments
Very sorry. As detailed in the letter we sent you, pollination has been a real issue this year, so berry crops have been drastically reduced.

- Service rating : Well packaged prompt delivery
Product : They were a gift for my elderly in laws for Xmas and have started to yellow. Certain I had cared for them as per instructions. It appears it is due to lack of iron in the soil. I can't gift them they are in such poor condition.
+ Service rating : The two holly bushes were delivered in good time and although were delivered when I was out they were left over my back gate in good order.
Product : The two bushes are lovely although they needed more soil than was provided with them in order to fill the two pots. They look great outside my living room window.
++ Service rating : First class service
Thank you
Product : First class service
Thank you
NA Service rating : scrawny bushes with about two berries each
Product : Really poor, the bushes are not for this year at all. Quite like the Olympic roses I bought - only one survived despite TLC
+ Service rating : Delivery quicker than expected, good strong package.
Product : good quality. Perhaps it could be mentioned
that a male plant is needed to get berries next
year. Never mind its on our xmas list.
YouGarden Comments
Thanks again for your order. Glad you are happy with it.

Generally, with common plants such as these and unless you're in a very remote area, there's enough pollen present in the air anyway - the main barrier to successful berry crops is (lack of) insect activity. The presence of a male plant in your garden will certainly help though!

+ Service rating : The delivery was very quick. The telephone ordering service person was pleasant and helpful.
Product : The packaging was weak, but luckily the holly trees have survived the journey and are looking good.
++ I am very happy with my Holly Plants, quick delivery!
++ Service rating : fast response to my order
Product : plants good quality
++ Service rating : friendly and knowledgeable staff
Product : lovely, very cute
+ Service rating : Very good i did'nt expect them so quick
Product : I did think they would be alittle bigger i dont think they will be going by my front door this year. But next year hopefully, thanks
++ Service rating : received quickly & product came with helpful tips for care of plants - delivery to NI is very expensive
Product : As advertised, in good condition
+ Excellent service. Well packaged and delivered.
++ Service rating : Very good service
Product : Early days but they seem healthy
-- Service rating : We ordered standard holly trees and when they arrived the leaves were frost damaged, to be fair they arranged a replacement but when they arrived they were similar bushes that were now much smaller as the damaged leaves had been cut off and some of the leaves were still in the pot, not what we expected when they promised replacements...
Product : Frost damaged leaves, replacements had damaged leaves trimmed off... Not happy..!
++ Service rating : Very fast efficient service
Product : The holly standards are lovely. Arrived in excellent condition.
++ Service rating : Good service
Product : Good product
++ Service rating : Iproduct arrived well packaged and when expected
Product : Very high quality
+ Service rating : Na
Product : Na
++ Service rating : Web site easy to use, delivery very quick.
Product : Products well packaged and very healthy, with berries as promised. They look great either side of the front door. Would definitely buy from here again.
+ Service rating : Easy to order. Customer service first class. Had a small issue, solved without a blink of an eye. How on line purchasing should be.
Product : Good plants, well packaged and delivered fast, slight issue but solved without any hassle or effort. Top notch.
-- Service rating : Delivery was good.
Product : These do not reflect the image of the bay trees on the advert. Really disappointed as they are much smaller and do not look as impressive as I hoped.
YouGarden Comments
Really sorry to hear that you are not completely happy with your trees. Did you see the 'Supplied as' photo in our advert/on the webpage? Can you send us a photo?

++ Service rating : Have used your service lots not 1 problem
Product : Fantastic
++ Service rating : Easy to order and arrived when they said they would and in great condition.
Product : Good quality holly shrubs. They look great outside the front door. I loved the design of the pots.
+ Service rating : Arrived in good time and condition
Product : My main complaint about this product is the bushes are very flimsy and weedy - not lush as I imagined from the photo. I do hope they thicken up before too long.
+ Service rating : Very good and were delivered quickly
Product : The hollies look good and are now potted up
++ Service rating : The delivery was exceedingly fast, arriving the day after the e-mail wassent
Product : Very well packed. Theplants arrived in good condition.
++ Service rating : Item arrived on time with excellent packaging.
Product : Just as expected and very pleased.
++ Service rating : prompt response
Product : trees are exactly as advertised and expected
++ Service rating : excellent
Product : excellent
+ Service rating : Quick delivery
Product : I thought the bushes would be larger but no complaints
- Service rating : The plants arrived quickly and were well packaged
Product : They were not at all like the photos with only 4 berries on one and 5 on the other my husband loves holly with berries on and as this as a present for him I am disappointed. However we have kept them and hopefully come next year they will be better.
YouGarden Comments
Very sorry to hear that you are a bit disappointed. Pollination this year has been quite poor due to a lack of insect activity. They should produce plenty of berries in future years.

++ Service rating : excellent
Product : excellent
+ Service rating : lovely item - just right for Christmas
Product : They look great
- Service rating : Good delivery
Product : Disappointed with quality of plants. Looked nothing like the advert in the Daily Mail.
YouGarden Comments
Sorry to hear you are disappointed with them. There was a photo of 'what you get' in the Daily Mail advert and also on our website. Can you send me a photo of what you received please?

++ Service rating : Plants arrived in perfect condition
Product : Pots and trees with berries look just right each side of my porch ,perfect for the Christmas season thankyou.
++ Service rating : Everything went ok from ordering to delivering
Product : Look good and healthy so far so good !
++ Service rating : items delivered when notified and in perfect condition. the complimentary tubs were of excellent quality and a nice surprise as was the leaflet containing all the information necessary to care for the plants. Thank you.
Product : as stated above very pleased with the products. Just as advertised.
+ Service rating : Excellent service, fast delivery, well packed
Product : Just as advertised
++ Service rating : A Company easy to access, have a simple Ordering System and Staff who are very Knowledgeable and helpful.
Product : The Holly Trees I purchased were of a very high quality and were delivered on time
securely packaged. These Trees would have cost Me considerably more from My Local Garden Centre.
++ Service rating : very helpful with phone orfer
Product : they looked lovely and fresh when arrived very green
++ Service rating : Very good service and exellent plants
Product : Lovely Holly trees and pots.
++ Service rating : First purchase, delivered before stated time
Product : Plants arrived very well packaged and very healthy plants
+ Good service and early delivery of order.
++ Excellent service and prompt delivery
+ Service rating : very quick delivery
Product : Look good so far
++ Service rating : First time buyer, very pleased
Product : Holly trees just as advertised
++ Service rating : Arrived safely in v good shape as always. John
Product : Arrived in great condition looks grate each side of the door john
- Service rating : Always a pleasure to deal with You Garden, Its a pity that the couriers (YODEL) does not show more respect for the plants.
Product : Would have been excellent had plants not been damaged again by courier
YouGarden Comments
Really sorry - we'd be happy to replace. Let us know what is damaged and we'll arrange it.

+ Service rating : arrived on time and in good condition
Product : just as we expected
++ Service rating : Excellent service, faultless in fact
Product : Exactly as described, healthy and well presented
++ Service rating : Extremely satisfied with the service. Very quick delivery.
Product : Plants are beautiful and were packed very well causing minimal damage to the trees.
- Service rating : service was fine
Product : the trees are very small, do not look that healthy and not one berry on them !!!!
YouGarden Comments
Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, this year's pollination was very low, so not as many berries as normal. Can you send us some photos please?

++ Service rating : Came on time no problem.
Product : Just the right size for the patio.
++ Service rating : Service and delivery are two of the most important. Also the confirmation details these was passed with flying colours.
Product : Came undamaged which was was a sign of a good company. Healthy standards.
++ Service rating : service and delivery very good
Product : exellent specimens lots berries already very pleased with them
++ Service rating : Realy good company to deal with
Product : Realy good as discribed
+ Service rating : Helpful, friendly, easy to use.
Product : delivered on time and well packaged to ensure good condition.
++ Service rating : This is he second time I have used this Company and on both occasions the service was friendly and efficient.
Product : Plants in excellent condition and well packaged. I would recommend this company on all levels.
++ Service rating : Excellent,delivered promotly
Product : Trees in very good condition and fresh
- Service rating : phoned about reddish brown marks on leaves,to be told the person who deals with it was not in until 0930,mon.9/11/15,told would ring back, no call rung back tues told he was off would call back,no call,rang again still not sorted
Product : would not use again
YouGarden Comments
So sorry to hear that we didn't get back to you promptly.

The marks are from an early frost on our grower's nursery. This only affects the soft new growth and can happen in years where there are early frosts as new leaves are emerging. It will not affect the health of the plants going forward.

- Service rating : Service always good
Product : Not as good as picture.
YouGarden Comments
Sorry that you're disappointed with them - I assume you saw the photo of 'what you get' on our advert and our website, as a couple of people I have spoken to missed it?

+ Service rating : arrived within time limit
Product : not as many berries as expected but really good shape bushes
+ Service rating : Plants had very few berries.
Product : Plants had very few berries.
What Is Supplied Supplied as a a pair of 80cm-100cm tall pot grown Holly Standards, 4 years old, trimmed to a lollipop form head, with a pair of plastic Gold-painted pots 28cm diameter, ideal for potting up into.
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