English Lavender Grosso

English Lavender 'Grosso'

Traditional English Lavender. Hardy,Fragrant and a Magnet for Bees and Butterflies
Scented / Fragrant
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Seen in some of the swankiest gardens across the country, lavender hedges are easy to create features that will delight all the senses for many years.

The silvery grey foliage and pure purple blooms are packed with a heady scent and will provide you a colourful spectacle from early to mid summer. Grosso is one of the most aromatic varieites, grown widely in the fragrance market, yet is a great garden variety too. The purple flowers are also a magnet to bees, butterflies and other beneficial creatures, which will have your garden buzzing with wildlife - literally! 

Growing up to 80cm tall, a hedge of traditional English lavender can be used in many ways. Try planting it around beds, borders or paths, to divide up parts of your garden or to make an eye-catching parterre or knot garden space plants 30cm apart. Once established, a lavender hedge is extremely drought tolerant. Keep it in great shape by pruning twice a year; trim lightly in mid to late summer, removing spent flower heads. Prune again in early spring, removing about 2.5cm of growth.

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++ Service rating : Great service, great company, very knowledgeable staff and fast delivery
Product : Well packaged, healthy plants, growing very well in my garden
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Great to hear - thank you so much!

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : Good service although email regarding delivery dates/time were unclear.
Product : Small but strong plants which arrived in excellent condition
NA Speedy delivery,plants protected.Plants smaller than expected.
+ very good service & delivery
+ Service rating : I was kept informed and the plants were delivered when expected
Product : The plugs look healthy am now just waiting for them to grow
+ Service rating : an efficient service
Product : healthy looking plants
++ Service rating : Plants arrived safely and in good healthy condition
Product : Very healthy plugs. Now potted prior to planting, and doing very well.
- Most plugs purchased didn't bloom, even though instructions were followed.
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Thanks again for your order. As you only received this a couple of weeks ago, you do need to give them a lot more time.

The first thing to grow in their new location is the roots. Then after 2-3 weeks you'll see some lush new growth, then followed a couple of weeks later by flower buds.

Please be patient with your plants and grow them as per the instructions - they should thrive.

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++ Found the service good and staff helpful.
++ Good communication and plants arrived in great condition
++ Good packaging
- Service rating : Service was satissfactory
Product : Not growing
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Don't worry - it is still very early and most deciduous plants around here are still dormant. You'll see some growth over the next few weeks.

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++ Service rating : Superb
Product : Good
++ Service rating : Fantastic plants
Product : Great condition
+ Service rating : Healthy looking plants, well packaged, delivery good though not signed for - just left outside.
Product : Small plugs but they all look very healthy - yet to plant.
What Is Supplied Supplied as 12 jumbo plugs (2.5 - 3.5cm diameter), ready to plant out.
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