Liriodendron tulipfera - Tulip Tree

Liriodendron tulipfera - Tulip Tree

Winter Hardy
Wildlife Friendly
Potted 1L 1M tall - Item: 500099
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The stunning Tulip Tree deserves to be much more widely grown - this lovely relative of Magnolia produces wonderful exotic looking yellow and orange tulip-like flowers in Spring, which are really tough - they look so delicate, almost out of place on a hardy deciduous tree!

In autumn, the distinctively shaped leaves turn butter yellow as they fall, giving a second season of interest. It is quite a vigorous growing tree, but perfect where space permits as a lawn planted specimen or as a border tree for interest.

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+ Service rating : This was a replacement - arrived very quickly
Product : Very tall and spindly with a few leaves which was an improvement on the previous one. I am hopeful it will be OK.
+ Service rating : Plants arrive on time and in good condition.
Product : It looks good: a nice size and lots of new leaves.
++ Overall good service
++ Service rating : Excellent company
Product : Excellent plant
What Is Supplied Supplied as a 1M tall pot-grown whip tree, for planting straight out, May need support in windy spots.
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