Complete Grafted Tomato Collection

Complete Grafted Tomato Collection

the new breakthrough for outdoor tomatoes!
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Grafted tomatoes have really transformed growing big crops of tasty, juicy and fresh tomatoes outdoors in the UK, in the last few years. The new technique mirrors that used in fruit trees for generations - splice or graft a variety onto a strong, disease resistant rootstock, and get the best of both.

Skilfully grafted using the latest techniques, there are so many benefits to grafted plants, one of the key reasons is each plant can produce up to 75% more fruit, with more fruiting trusses per plant! These will fruit earlier and longer, and the yield per plant is much greater than ordinary tomatoes! They just seem to keep on going well into the Autumn, and don't run out of steam like some do.

Excellent resistance to pests and disease, make Grafted Tomatoes so easy to grow even if you have no experience, these will thrive to produce you with an abundance of fresh, tasty tomatoes! Superb for growing outside, no greenhouse heating is required! They can also be grown in pots perfect for small gardens, patios, or balconies!

We have tried and tested over 3 years in our gardens and they really do massively out-perform seed-raised varieties.

This collection features top quality, nursery-fresh tomato plants, at a fantastic price, and you will get 1 each of a cherry, traditional and beefsteak tomato. Join the tomato revolution.

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Score Customer Comments
++ Service rating : very good great
Product : great very good looking forward to picking home grown tomatoes 10 /10,........
- Service rating : They offer good choices of plants at a reasonable price.
Product : Plants arrived damaged
YouGarden Comments
So sorry again to hear about the damage. If they don't pick up, please get in touch again.

Head of Customer Service
+ The arrangements provided for delivery of the goods was accurate. The package was in delivered within the time frame and was in good condition.
- Service rating : Good service - prompt
Product : Some looked yellow and wilted
YouGarden Comments
Sorry to hear that some of these plants had yellow leaves. They should pick up fine once planted - let us know either way.

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : Allways had a good delivery and service from them
Product : good plants
-- Service rating : The following was e mailed to you last week
Product : Dear sir
I received my tomato plants last week and I am very disappointed.
The Beef Tomato has not had one of the side shoots pricked out and is now growing two main stems.
The Standard Tomato has the main stem starting off green and then a few inches of brown as if it is dying then green again.
What do you recommend?
Dave Roberts (membership 5324519)
15 millers Bank
B50 4HZ
YouGarden Comments
I've had a good search of our inbox and can find no sign of your email.

Could you kindly send us some photos of these plants, as we're keen to take a look?

Rest assured that we will replace if necessary.

- Service rating : mostlet very good
Product : my tomatoe plants arrived broken and bent and they have since died.Mostly i've been pleased in the past so don't know what happened
YouGarden Comments
After such a disappointing performance from these plants, I have arranged for a replacement collection to be sent ASAP.

Rest assured that this will be with you shortly!

+ Service rating : Plants arrived in good time and condition.
Product : Plants as described and healthy. One even had some small tomatoes already growing.
-- Service rating : I've always had good results with plants until the order for grafted didn't arrive and was left in the Yodel depot for three days when the arrived they were in a bad state and eventually I had to destroy them I contacted yougarden but got no response.
Product : These didn't arrive with my order they were left in the Yodel depot for three days when they arrived they were in a bad state after four days after planting I had to destroy them I contacted Yougerden by email but I've had no response, the need to contact Yodel and find out why the weren't delivered with the rest of the order.
YouGarden Comments
We're sorry to hear that delivery didn't progress as smoothly as expected.

Whilst I'm unable to find any evidence of your email, I have now arranged for your Tomato collection to be replaced. Your fresh plants shall be on their way very shortly.

Thank you for your continued custom. Again, we apologise for the initial disappointment.

+ Service rating : Plants look good apart from one which appears to have been trapped in the wrapping
Product : Looks good but proof will be in the eating
- Service rating : Usually a good service and initially this transaction was too. However the product was in a poor shape due to inadequate packaging. Having emailed the company I am still awaiting a reply to my email after a week.
Product : Inadequate packaging. Plants squashed and broken because they were packed with a heavyish tub of plant food.
YouGarden Comments
Whilst I'm unable to find an email from you, I've now arranged for a replacement Tomato collection to be sent. Please accept our apologies for the damage and any inconvenience caused.

-- Service rating : Have received two orders , not happy with either of them
Product : All three plants broken and useless on arrival
YouGarden Comments
Could you let us know why you're unhappy with your orders? We're keen to resolve any issues you may have with your plants.

+ Service rating : I think delivery could be better also plants where squashed in packaging
Product : The plants looked a bit worst for wear but I think they will inprove
-- Service rating : Arrived on time
Product : Two of the plants have died so disappointed at this moment, they were potted on the same day they arrived, so have followed the procedure
YouGarden Comments
We're disappointed to hear that 2 Tomato plants have perished. If you contact us via email, we'd be happy to arrange replacements.

++ Service rating : Easy website to negotiate, fast despatch & delivery
Product : Healthy plants with no yellow leaves
- Service rating : Took 5 days from being told they had been despatched arrived in a very poor condition
Product : All 3 plants in a very poor condition. Leaves yellow and half dead. Had to cut some back as they were so bad. Had been potted too deep therefore roots growing from the graft thus defeating the object of grafting. Won't be using this company again. 2nd time being disappointed, won't happen again.
YouGarden Comments
We're so sorry to hear of the delay in transit. I'm concerned by your description of the plants, so have arranged for a replacement Tomato collection to be dispatched ASAP.

We do apologise for the inconvenience.

++ Service rating : speedy and accurate service
Product : three sturdy and healthy plants arrived safely. Well packed for the postal service.
++ Service rating : I think you're Co.youer goods service after sales are second to non
Product : Don't know yet,they are still looking at me,still to early.

Comments. You're delivery Co.needs looking at ?!?!?!?
- Service rating : The service was good but deliver was very poor for living plants
Product : had replacement was no better
will not order again
YouGarden Comments
We're sorry to hear your replacement plants were unsatisfactory. Would you like to receive another Tomato collection, as we would be happy to arrange this for you? Please let us know via a phone call or email.

- Plants were not in good condition
YouGarden Comments
Sorry to hear that. We'd be happy to replace - can you send us some photos?

Head of Customer Service
+ Most plugs purchased didn't bloom, even though instructions were followed.
YouGarden Comments
Thanks again for your order. As you only received this a couple of weeks ago, you do need to give them a lot more time.

The first thing to grow in their new location is the roots. Then after 2-3 weeks you'll see some lush new growth, then followed a couple of weeks later by flower buds.

Please be patient with your plants and grow them as per the instructions - they should thrive.

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : Over all service very good
Product : Nice size to work with
++ Service rating : Well packed and arrived on the stated time
Product : Strong plants and growing nicely now
++ Service rating : This company ceases to amaze me I look for faults can find none.
Product : Plants arrived in superb condition and ar growing on in superb condition
++ Products arrived in great condition in a relatively short time considering where we live
++ Service rating : Delivery as expected. in good time
Product : Well packed and in good condition.
++ Service rating : Excellent plants well packaged
Product : Excellent plants well packaged
+ Service rating : great products but not enough of after care when there is a problem.
Product : looking very healthy and a few tiny toms already appearing!
Many thanks
What Is Supplied 3 grafted varieieis - cherry, olum and beefsteak, grown on in 10cm pot to 20cm or so tall, ready to plant strraight outside
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