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Quercus Suber (Cork Oak) 80-90cm 3L
Quercus Suber (Cork Oak) 80-90cm 3L
Quercus Suber (Cork Oak) 80-90cm 3L
Quercus Suber (Cork Oak) 80-90cm 3L

Quercus Suber (Cork Oak) 80-90cm 3L

Character comes as standard with this novel tree
Grows to
Grows To
800 cm
1200 cm
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Plant Care Information:

Plant In Sunshine
Plant In Sunshine
Easy To Grow
Easy To Grow

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1 x 3L pot
Item: 680281
Grows to
Grows To
800 cm
1200 cm
1 x 3L pot - Item: 680281
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  • An extraordinary tree with textured bark, grown to make wine corks
  • Native to Portugal, this wonderful tree has the ability to live for hundreds of years
  • Responsible for supplying corks for some of the world’s best wines
  • Also used for flooring, fashion and even Nasa spaceships

  • Supplied as a well-established potted tree in a 3 litre pot, approximately 80cm tall
Key Points
Full Product Details

Product Information

Introducing – The ‘Cork’ Oak! A Magical Tree With Knobbly Bark That Is Harvested To Make Wine Corks!


The national tree of Portugal, it is an evergreen beauty that will potentially live for hundreds of years!


Completely winter hardy, (down to -15c!), it is incredibly low maintenance and slow growing in your garden – it’s even perfect for a large pot!


Fossils of this tenacious beauty have been found in prehistoric forests in Portugal which have been carbon dated and thought to be more than 25 million years old!


In its native Portugal, the trees are grown in ‘Cork’ orchards, where the bark has been carefully harvested for over 300 years, in an ancient process – the bark can only be harvested every 8-9 years or so.


The best quality bark is then turned in to corks for the fine wine industry with the remainder being used for a multitude of things.


Once the bark is stripped, the trunks and branches reveal an incredibly attractive ochre colour!


Supplied as a well-established potted tree in a 3 litre pot, approximately 80cm tall.

What Is Supplied

Item 680281 supplied as:
Supplied as an established tree in a 3L pot, ready to plant

Top Tips

Cork Trees can also be grown as indoor Bonsai Trees if you live in a cooler climate or are limited on space. This process is a lot more involved than leaving the Cork Tree to its own devices outdoors, but can be very rewarding when done correctly.

Care Information

  • Grow in any well-drained but moisture-retentive soil in good light.
  • Well suited to larger gardens and parkland.

Planting/Flowering Calendar

Planting Time
Flowering Time
Fruiting Time

Grows to

Plant Dimensions
1200 cm
800 cm
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