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Rose Simple White Keros Shrub
Rose Simple White Keros Shrub
Rose Simple White Keros Shrub
Rose Simple White Keros Shrub
Rose Simple White Keros Shrub
Rose Simple White Keros Shrub
Rose Simple White Keros Shrub
Rose Simple White Keros Shrub
Rose Simple White Keros Shrub
Rose Simple White Keros Shrub

Rose 'Simple White Keros' Shrub

A fabulous ice-white rose.
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Plant Care Information:

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3L Potted
Item: 531011
3L Potted - Item: 531011
ONLY £24.99
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  • Fabulous repeat flowering offering blooms throughout the summer
  • Perfect for beds and borders and large patio pots
  • Beautiful ice white floribunda blooms look just stunning against the dark green foliage
  • A top performer and loved by novice and professional gardeners alike
  • Supplied as an established rose in a 3L pot
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Product Information

A pure white brilliant shrub rose that will lighten and brighten up the darkest areas of your garden.

Producing big clusters of up to 11 flowers expect a canopy of flowers that is long lasting. The plants have a lot of fresh green leaves which look great before the flowers come into bloom. It is a slightly rounded plant growing wide and flowering from low down all the way to the top. A top performer in any garden type.

Growing up to 4ft tall, this beautiful rose will flower repeatedly throughout the season and is perfect for planting in borders, beds and large patio pots. It loves a sunny position and its sweet fragrance will attract bees.

Supplied as 1 x 3L pot. Please note at certain times of the year this variety may be supplied in a 4L pot.

What Is Supplied

Item 531011 supplied as:
Supplied in a 3L pot.
  • The amount of growth on Potted roses will vary at different times of year, depending on when they are potted.
  • Potted roses will be Freshly potted from November to February, so are not fully rooted through.
  • They will have new shoots beginning in March and April.
  • They will be in leaf and then buds May and June.
  • They will be in flower June and July.
  • From August onwards they may be trimmed back, ready to plant and burst back into life the next season.
  • From the end of September your rose has received its trim which will help it to have stronger roots and better form next year.

Care Information

  • Roses can be planted at any time of the year, as long as the soil is not frozen, waterlogged or drought-dry.
  • Plant your rose where it can get plenty of sun for at least half of the day, and where it will be sheltered from the wind.
  • Roses tolerate wide range of soils but thrive in deep, humus-rich, moist but well-drained soil, so add plenty of well-rotted manure into the hole if necessary.
  • Water well every other day - daily if the weather is hot and dry. Established roses can be watered around once a week through spring and summer - more if the weather is hot.
  • For best results, feed roses in in late-March/April and again late July.
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