Lobelia Fountain Mix

Lobelia 'Fountain' Mix

Vibrant trailing colour througout the summer
Perfect In Pots
Plant In Sunshine
Easy To Grow
40 Plugs - Item: 490087
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*Despatched from 20/03/2017
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This vibrant mixture of lobelia looks sensational when spilling over the sides of hanging baskets, patio pots and window boxes, and will provide an unrivalled show of trailing colour from summer until the first frosts of autumn. Ideal in sun or a slightly shaded position, Fountain Mix boasts 30cm long stems covered by a mass of tiny flowers in a wide range of shades, including white, rose, blue and purple.
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++ Service rating : This an exceptional company for customer service
Product : Gorgeous in all my pots
-- Service rating : Have had issues with all plants orders, in term of quality & the state of the plants.
Product : Bad quality. Very bad quality. It's been over 3 weeks now & despite using very good quality compost with 4 months added fertilisers for baskets & regular watering, none of the plants seems to have grown at all.
YouGarden Comments
We regret that you are once again disappointed with an order from YouGarden, however we are very disappointed with your feedback.

You ordered these plants at a significant discount during our end-of-season sale. Whilst the photos you sent showed some were going over a little (as explained prior to placing your order), with proper care they should have thrived.

Whilst in general the feedback that we receive is overwhelmingly positive and our refund and replacement rates are very low, you seem to take issue with every single order that we send to you.

I suggest that it is probably best for all parties that you do not order from us again. I hope that you find a supplier that meets your needs elsewhere.

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : very good service, need to identify membership more clearly and retain details
Product : good plants
-- Service rating : The plants are generally god
Product : The plugs where half dead when delivered. Possibly due to the 4 days in transport
Will wait to see if I get a response
- Service rating : I have used you garden before and have been very impressed but this time you have left me unhappy. I have sent an email explaining why and has yet I have not received any response.
Product : They cam so tightly stuck in there little tub all the roots were all entwined and was very difficult to get out.
YouGarden Comments
Thanks again for your order. I am sorry to hear that you are unhappy, however we haven't received an email from you? We'll get the missing gates out in the post to you.

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : Good.
Product : Satisfactory.
++ Service rating : Prompt healthy plants delivered
Product : Prompt healthy plants delivered
- Service rating : Plants were not delivered 25May, tracking said unable t locate premises. They arrived 28May, driver had no difficulty finding property. The plants were looking a bit poorly but revived when carefully watered and are now planted out. My complaint is with the courier
Product : Ididn't like the condition they were in when they finally arrived
YouGarden Comments
It's a great shame that your delivery arrived late - though we trust that the plants will recover? If you have any doubts, please let us know.

+ Service rating : Good customer service. When some plants arrived in very poor condition, YouGarden replaced them immediately. My invoice was a little misleading (it didn't record the special offer price I had paid), but this was cleared up quickly.
Product : The first consignment were almost dead, but were replaced immediately with another 40 plugs which - so far - seem to be flourishing.
-- Service rating : Excellent generally, good quality. Just a shame the lobelia had been put in the box upside down resulting in half of them being dead when they arrived.
Product : It had been packed upside down and half were dead. Very disappointed, as I ended up having to pay more to buy them from the local garden centre. Not impressed to be honest.
YouGarden Comments
We're so sorry that your Lobelia were packed in this manner. If it's not too late, we'd be happy to send a replacement tray of plugs? Please let us know via email if this would be of interest.

++ Boxes and contents arrived in good condition. No damage.
+ Service rating : Responded to query satisfactorily
Product : As for #2
++ Service rating : Service was very good, had the new batch of geraniums without any hassle
Product : Ok
+ First large order was severely damaged in transit. You Garden resent the plants in the order. The trees definitely looked healthier than the three-quarters dead first pair but are still disappointingly small.
This feedback site should be altered to accept UK English spellings.
++ Service rating : I've been ordering from yougarden for several years now and all plants arrived in good shape and established well.
Product : Mini plugs arrived in good shape and all of them are establishing well
+ you provide an excelent service i have had only one problem so far and it was delt with quickly and without any hesitation. I rate the co. highly and have recomended it so some of my friends
++ Service rating : great service, or I would not use them year after year
Product : all of my plants came in good condition. No problems with anything
+ Well grown healthy plants delivered on time
++ Service rating : good
Product : good
++ Service rating : Cant be faulted.
Product : Same as above.
+ I am very pleased with all my You Garden orders so far. Their customer service is 1st class. I have full confidence in this company and in their products. I used them before and I will use them again in the future!
- Service rating : All plants good
Product : Too small and all died
++ Speedy despatch, and arrived in good condition
++ Service rating : plants arrived in prime condition
Product : all 40 plugs are thriving
++ Service rating : Plants arrived in very good order
Product : Every plants is growing very well, just waiting to be able to plant them out when
the weather improves!
++ On time and a decent size
++ Service rating : Helpful staff when ordering. Most plants in a good condition when unpacked and arrived when they were supposed to
Product : All looking good
What Is Supplied Supplied as a tray of 40 seedling plugs (1.5 - 2cm diameter). Height/Spread: 30cm (1ft) Flowers: May-October
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