Perfect Perennial Collection
Perfect Perennial Collection
Perfect Perennial Collection
Perfect Perennial Collection
Perfect Perennial Collection
Perfect Perennial Collection
Perfect Perennial Collection
Perfect Perennial Collection
Perfect Perennial Collection
Perfect Perennial Collection
Perfect Perennial Collection
Perfect Perennial Collection
Perfect Perennial Collection
Perfect Perennial Collection

Perfect Perennial Collection

Everything you need to grow a perfect perennial border!
  • Everything you need to create a magnificent perennial border that’s bursting with flowers!
  • Spectacular plants to bring vibrant colour to your garden throughout summer and into autumn.
  • Irresistible to bees, butterflies and a host of other beneficial insects, ideal for attracting wildlife.
  • Easy to maintain, growing bigger with even more flowers year after year.
  • Supplied as 12 plug plants, ready to pot on or planting out.

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12 x Plugs
Item: 480722
12 x Plugs - Item: 480722
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Perennials are amongst the most important plants. Part of the structure of the garden, they burst into life in spring and spend the year putting on a fantastic show of flowers and foliage before dying back for the winter, only to repeat their magic the following year.

Chosen to give you stunning colour and texture in a range of sizes from tall to short so that you can plant the perfect perennial border, attracting bees and butterflies and a whole host of other wildlife. They’re ideal if you’re starting out with a new garden or want to give a border a makeover. Simply plant them about 60cm (2ft) apart, with taller plants towards the back and watch them grow!

Supplied as 12 plug plants, ready to be potted on or planted out into your garden. You’ll receive 2 each of the following:

Hollyhock ‘Chaters Double’ – Extravagant spires or incredible colourful double flowers growing up to 180cm (6ft) tall and blooming from July is shades of orange, purple, red and yellow. Definitely one for the back of the border!

Geum ‘Mrs Bradshaw’ – Striking purple stems with bright scarlet flowers emerging from June. Reaching 60cm (2ft) in height, this beauty holds an RHS Award of Garden Merit, so you know it’s a fantastic plant that’s worthy of a space in your garden.

Verbena bonariensis – Another RHS award winner, with both the Award of Garden Merit and Perfect for Pollinators, this is a magnet for insects with its tall, narrow stems topped clusters of purple flowers from June and growing to 2m (6½ft) tall.

Physostegia virginiana ‘Crystal Peak White’ – A compact, spreading perennial with dense upright spikes of pure white flowers all summer and at just 40cm (16in) tall, ideal at the front of a border.

Coreopsis 'Early Sunrise' – Wonderful, daisy-like, semi-double flowerheads of rich golden yellow from June to October – great for brightening up any planting scheme and drought tolerant, and deserving of its RHS Award of Garden Merit, reaching a height and spread of 50cm (20in).

Delphinium ‘Magic Fountain’ – Spectacular spires of flowers in vibrant pink, purple and white in June and August above mounds of attractive, heavily divided foliage. A cottage garden favourite that will magnificent in your garden, and great in pots too, growing to 1m (3ft) tall.

What Is Supplied

Item 480722 supplied as:
Supplied as 12 plug plants, 2 each of 6 varieties, ready to pot on or plant out.

Plant Care Information

Top Tips

  • Cut back the stems after flowering, or leave them unitl spring to give winter interest to you garden, and a home for wildlife!
  • Deadhead to encourage more flowers.

Care Information

  • Give your plugs a little attention on arrival - unpack them immediately, and either mist them or stand them in water for an hour - they may be slightly dry or yellow after being in a dark box in the post, but they’ll quickly recover.
  • We recommend that you leave them to settle for a day somewhere warm, light and airy such as a windowsill or greenhouse.
  • When you're ready to pot on, use a good quality, multi-purpose compost, and fill 3-4in pots (7-10cm).
  • Make a hole in the compost with a dibber or your finger, then holding each plug by its root ball, place it into the hole and gently firm the compost around it.
  • For great results, we recommend using our Windowsill Planters or 9cm pots in Shuttle Trays.
  • Give your plants a good water initially, then only when the top compost starts to dry as they don’t like to be left in standing water.
  • Grow on either on a bright windowsill or a greenhouse for 3-4 weeks before potting up into containers or into flower beds.
  • If planting directly into flower beds when all risk of frost has passed, prepare the ground well, removing weeds and digging in some compost or well-rotted manure if your soil is not already rich.
  • Plant 60cm (2ft apart), and they will fill gaps after their second season.
  • Deadhead when flowers fade to encourage more blooms.
  • Trim back after flowering has finished in autumn or in spring.

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