Cyclamen Metis persica mix
Cyclamen Metis persica mix
Cyclamen Metis persica mix
Cyclamen Metis persica mix
Cyclamen Metis persica mix
Cyclamen Metis persica mix
Cyclamen Metis persica mix
Cyclamen Metis persica mix
Cyclamen Metis persica mix

Cyclamen Metis persica mix

Bring your winter garden displays to life with amazing colour.
  • Bright and intense colours.
  • Easy, quick growing and compact.
  • Exceptionally long-lasting outdoors.
  • Good disease resistance.
  • More vigorous in winter.

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20 garden ready
Item: 400751
20 garden ready - Item: 400751
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The arrival of Cyclamen heralds the transition of the garden into cooler days and earlier evenings, so what better time to brighten up entrances and remind us that it's time to start planting up window boxes and pots for autumn and winter colour.

Following extensive trialling in the UK, the Metis series of Cyclamen persicum have been bred to perform well in both the garden and containers. With an extensive colour range, these vigorous gems have good resistance to disease and last well outdoors, seeming to shrug off inclement weather.

These mid-size plants can be grown indoors or outside, in planters and window boxes. They are partially hardy to -3įC so are great outdoors and will flower from now well past Christmas indoors and out.

Rooted plants are far more reliable and quicker to establish than the dried tubers often found in shops so are an ideal way to reliably fill your garden with an explosion of winter colour.

A mixture of colours, Metis produces an abundance of gorgeous miniature flowers in shades of pink, salmon, white and red. These are carried above waxy foliage which is often marbled in silvery tones and brings illumination to shady areas.

Supplied as a tray of 20 mixed Garden Ready plants, for potting straight into their flowering positions. For best results indoors, water from below in a saucer, but outdoors they are fine watered above.

What Is Supplied

Item 400751 supplied as:
Supplied as a pack of 20 Garden Ready plants in a mixture of flower and leaf colour, ready for immediate planting out.

Plant Care Information

Perfect In Pots
Perfect In Pots
Plant In Sunshine
Plant In Sunshine
Protect From Frost
Protect From Frost
Easy To Grow
Easy To Grow

Top Tips

Cyclamen should be kept moist by immersing the container in a tray or bucket and allowing the roots to take up the water rather than watering from above the plant which can lead to rotting.

Care Information


  • Happy at room temperature Find them a light position, without too much direct sunlight.
  • Heat will encourage early dormancy, so avoid placing them near radiators or in direct sunlight.
  • Cyclamen don't like cold temperatures either so on nights move them into the middle of the room.
  • Donít water too often Ė let them dry between waterings (until the leaves droop slightly) and then water from the base, leaving plants in a saucer of water overnight.
  • Dead head regularly and remove any dead or dying leaves with a pair of sharp scissors.
  • Cyclamen donít need a lot of feeding but to keep them flowering for as long as possible, give them an occasional feed with a soluble fertiliser such as Blooming Fast Superior Soluable Fertiliser


  • Use in hanging baskets and container displays or planted directly into flower beds.
  • Plants are hardy down to -3įC or so but donít like heavy rain and strong winds so are best in a sheltered site in light shade with thier compost on the dry side.
  • When potting or planting, use a free draining compost/soil with a little grit added before planting.
  • Also add some slow release fertiliser to the mixture or the planting hole if planting into the ground.
  • Deadhead as soon as the flowers start to fade and remove any yellowing leaves. Take the stem off down to the corm by twisting and pulling rathe than cutting.


  • Cyclamen come into growth in the autumn, growing through the winter and spring and then going dormant while there is no rain and intense sun in the summer. To help recreate their ideal growing conditions, stop watering when they stop flowering and let the leaves go yellow and wither.
  • This is usually in April but could be a few weeks later. Then put them somewhere cool and dry (but not totally dry as the compost is then tricky to rehydrate), for the summer.
  • In September (or when you see regrowth), start watering again. Soak the pot well. If no growth shows when you water it, wait for shoots to appear before watering again.

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Plant Dimensions
20 cm
15 cm
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