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Red Leaf Peach Rubira
Red Leaf Peach Rubira
Red Leaf Peach Rubira
Red Leaf Peach Rubira
Red Leaf Peach Rubira
Red Leaf Peach Rubira
Red Leaf Peach Rubira
Red Leaf Peach Rubira
Red Leaf Peach Rubira
Red Leaf Peach Rubira

Red Leaf Peach 'Rubira'

  • Spectacular new garden peach tree that provides interest for more than 6 months and gives delicious fruit.
  • In early spring, bears a profusion of saucer-shaped deep-pink blossom – as good as any flowering cherry!
  • The foliage forms a mass of slender, bronzy leaves, which shine through summer, offering a lovely contrast to garden greens
  • Deep-red peaches with juicy yellow flesh ripen in late summer and can be eaten from the tree in August and September
  • Supplied as an established young tree in 5L pot, 90-110cm tall. Best grown in a large pot in a sunny spot

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5L potted
Item: 300155
5L potted - Item: 300155
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This new garden peach tree really has it all – giving interest from early spring through to autumn and the promise of a crop of juicy peaches!

In early spring, the blossom appears, and the bright-pink, saucer-shaped blooms are produced in abundance. Their display is every bit as good as the best ornamental cherries and are a magnet for bees and other friendly insects. Then, as the blossom fades, the foliage appears – each elongated, slender leaf taking on a bronzy hue as it unfolds, offering a lovely contrast to the more familiar greens in the garden.

Over the summer, the fruits enlarge and ripen until they're ready to pick in late August. Peaches are deep red when ripe, with sweet yellow flesh.

For best results grow in a large pot in a sunny spot in the garden – an ideal spot perhaps being against a south-facing wall. While ‘Rubira’ is fully hardy in the UK climate, it is best protected from rain during the winter months as this helps avoid leaf diseases. If possible, move under cover, such as to a porch or greenhouse. Alternatively, cover with a tent fashioned from garden polythene. This spectacular tree with delicious fruit is worth the effort!

What Is Supplied

Item 300155 supplied as:

Supplied as a 90-110cm tall tree, pruned back in summer, well-branched and grown in a 5L pot. Ready to plant out all year.

Dormant in winter so has no leaves.

Plant Care Information

Perfect In Pots
Perfect In Pots
Plant In Sunshine
Plant In Sunshine
Winter Hardy
Winter Hardy
Protect From Frost
Protect From Frost
Wildlife Friendly
Wildlife Friendly

Top Tips

  • For bigger crops, use an artist's soft paintbrush, moving from flower to flower to increase pollination.
  • Try to keep the canopy dry each spring as the leaves emerge, to avoid leaf curl.


Care Information

  • Patio peaches can be grown in large containers filled with soil-based John Innes No. 3 compost.
  • In February each year, feed with a balanced fertiliser, and repot every couple of years.
  • Naturally dwarf, these patio peaches need little or no pruning to keep their compact shape.
  • Protect the blossom from frost and, although self-fertile, using a small, dry artist's paintbrush to brush pollen from flower to flower will increase fruit set.
  • When fruit appears, it will need thinning. Remove poorly placed, small or misshapen fruits when they are about the width of your little fingernail. With peaches, aim to have a fruit every 15cm (6in).
  • Water container-grown trees almost every day during the growing season and give them a high potash liquid feed every couple of weeks. Avoid excessive or irregular watering when fruit is ripening to prevent the skin splitting.
  • As the fruit develops, it may need protection from birds and squirrels.


Planting/Flowering Calendar

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Flowering Time
Fruiting Time
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Fully Grown Plant Dimensions (approx)

Plant Dimensions
200 cm
50 cm
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