Victoria Plum Tree

'Victoria' Plum Tree

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What Is Supplied

Named in honour of the much-loved Queen, 'Victoria' Plum is the UK's favourite plum variety by a mile and deservedly so! The delicious fruits are ready to pick year late in the summer and taste simply mouth-watering when eaten straight from the tree. With the remaining fruit you can make jams and preserves and of course, eat them stewed with custard!

Having been discovered in Alderton, Sussex in 1844 and grown and enjoyed by gardeners every year since, 'Victoria' really has stood the test of time - undoubtedly because of its sublime flavour and productivity - a fully established tree of this 'self-fertile' variety will produce up to 100lbs of fruit in a bumper season!

Supplied on a 'dwarfing' rootstock. Fruits are ready to pick each July and taste simply mouth-watering straight from the tree. A fully established tree of this self-fertile variety will produce up to 100lbs of fruit in a bumper season!


I just had to tell you that I bought a Victoria plum tree and a sweet cherry tree earlier in the year. Both arrived in wonderful condition, spent some time in a bucket having a good drink as recommended, then planted.  I was fascinated to see blossom appear on both trees. Considering they were young dwarf stock I hardly expected to see that. I expected they would spend their first few years putting down roots.
I have just eaten the first plum of 6 my little tree produced.  Oh my, what flavour, what sweetness! It truly stopped me in my tracks.
Anyway I thought I just had to tell you what joy my little tree has brought.
Thank you. A very satisfied customer!

Julie, Warwickshire, September 2016

See photo opposite - thanks Julie!

+ + = Excellent + = Good - = Poor - - = Bad
Score Customer Comments
+ Service rating : Delivery was far faster than expected
Product : The stock looks good but until it has grown leaves we will have a better picture to answer this rating
++ Service rating : Responded very quickly to my order .
Product : Looks very healthy , one small branch broken but on the hole very good.
NA products reached me in excellent condition
+ Service rating : very good
Product : 2 trees 1 very good the other lot smaller but ok
+ Service rating : quick delivery
Product : fab
++ Service rating : Once again perfect, you can be proud of your selves for sending out such Quality plants ,etc .
Product : P E R F E C T O N C E A G A I N .
++ Arrived in time for Christmas as I ordered a plumb tree for my son he was very pleased with it.
++ Plum tree is still alive but still in a bucket of water in the garage because the ground is too hard too dig because of the frost
+ Service rating : Well packaged
Product : Hope it grows - no signs yet of course
+ Service rating : You kept me informed so I knew what was happening to my order which is always reassuring.
Product : I have not planted the tree yet because of the hard frosts.
++ Service rating : Very efficient service, delivered when stated and well packed.
Product : The Victoria Plum Tree looks healthy and as stated in advertisement very happy with product, look forward to the fruit!
+ Service rating : Speedy response. Well packaged. Dormant but appear in good order
Product : Unable to assess until 'springs to life from dormancy'
++ Service rating : Easy to deal with and good delivery time,
Product : Value-for-money products of great quality. In my case, Spring, will prove to be the time to tell with the trees I bought.
++ Service rating : plants well package and arrived as stated
Product : plum trees look really healthy and are already planted hope to have better success with them than last supplier
++ Service rating : Good website, very quick service
Product : Trees look well balanced and with a good root system
+ Service rating : Arrived well packed,as usual, unfortunately on a very frosty day when we we arrived back very late!
Product : one of the trees had a 'branches' with scuffed bark, so not sure how they will turn out.
++ Service rating : Excellent prices and service
Product : Good quality healthy products
++ Service rating : Great service will recommend to family and friends
Product : Planted them this week looking forwards to see what happens in the spring
++ Everything was fine with the order so far; I shall be able to make a fuller judgement when the trees are growing.
++ I was very pleased my order was not correct to start nutcase quick phone call sorted this out very pleased with the way the parcel was left as we were not at home will certainly use you again
NA Service rating : I would describe this company as cheap and cheerful! The trees were a good price but there were no planting instructions or any other information sent with them and nothing to be found on the website about planting or aftercare.
Product : Good root system so I hope it will thrive.
YouGarden Comments
Good Afternoon,

We are really sorry to hear that your Tree did not come with any planting info. Unfortunately this may have been an error at the nursery when packing. We would be more than happy to send some out to you via the post, alternatively I can send a PDF over to your email.

Please contact us at and let me know!

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
+ Really helpful response to my questions over the phone and good delivery arrangements to the north of Scotland. Thank you for the excellent service
++ Service rating : well packed
Product : good size and well grown and healthy
++ Service rating : Very pleased with the service and products. Prompt and excellent service.
Product : Arrived in good condition and has been planted.
+ Service rating : Item arrived as expected after being informed about delivery.
Product : Original dwarf stock plum tree died so hopefully this one will be OK. Won't know for sure until next spring.
++ Service rating : Evrything was done exactly as they had promised. Trees arrived on the date given, well wrapped, and in good condition.
Product : As far as I know. Planted, lets see if they grow!
++ Service rating : The trees arrived in good order and so far so good. They have been planted but obviously won't be able to give them a superb rating till next Spring.
Product : Again tree arrived in good order and so far so good. Will know in the Spring whether or not it was a good tree.
++ Service rating : Delivery exerlent
Product : Good large root and good condition
NA Service rating : A few roots were cut short. I don't know if that is important.
Product : Too early to rate. Ask September 2017
++ Service rating : The plant looks good x hoping for good results
Product : Same as above
++ Service rating : They arrived promptly, well packaged and the delivery driver was very helpful. Just waiting for the Spring now.
Product : They arrived promptly, well packaged and the delivery driver was very helpful. Just waiting for the Spring now. This is one of two plants which arrived together. Properly labelled and in excellent condition.
+ Service rating : Service was speedy & precise
Product : As described in advert. Planted following day as instructed in guide
NA Service rating : No comment
Product : The proof of success will not come until next Spring
+ Service rating : Quick delivery.
Product : Good little tree.
+ Service rating : An easy service to approach and a hassle-free ordering process.
Product : Comment the same as for the Cherry.
++ Fantasic company. Terrific service and excellent products. I moved into my house in January this year and had a bare garden, and thanks to You Garden it now looks absolutely fabulous and I still haven't finished. Thank you.
YouGarden Comments
Good Afternoon,

Thank you for the great feedback - it's always lovely to hear such positive reviews.

We would love to see some images of your garden. If it is possible could you please send some over to us?

Kind Regards

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
++ All 3 trees arrived well packed and healthy. Looking forward to plums and apples in 2017
+ Service rating : No comment
Product : No comment
++ Service rating : The plant was well packaged
Product : Tree arrived in good condition can't wait for spring
+ Service rating : arrived well packed but several side shoots were broken
Product : I can only rate as seen. It is in a dormant state at moment. I expect it to be fine next spring
- Service rating : The cardboard box was left outside our front door . We were in all day and all evening, so there is no excuse for this . We didn't find it until the next morning
Product : The tree must have had some rough handling . The cardboard box was undamaged , but the tree had four broken branches . We have cut the broken branches cleanly before the break , hope it survives
YouGarden Comments
Good Afternoon,

I am really sorry to hear that your order did not arrive in the condition that we would have expected.

Are you able to send some images / more details over to us please? We would like to investigate the matter and rectify it for you as soon as possible.

Please email us at

Kind Regards

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
++ Service rating : They delivered what I ordered in good condition. They answered my query promptly. They email me to tell me the delivery date.
Product : Well packaged, not dried out.
++ Arrived well packed and in good condition. The person who delivered the order was the nicest delivery man we have ever had. Congratulations to the courier company.
++ I ordered my trees over the phone and was very satisfied with the service I received.
+ Very pleased with all aspects.
+ Service rating : Replacement tree received quickly.good service.
Product : Tree appears healthy with leaves and buds and is growing.
++ Service rating : a first class service. I am a satisfied customer.
Product : 5 star
++ very good service
++ Service rating : Excellent service and pakaging of a very high standard.
Product : tree supplied appears to be in excellent condition
++ Service rating : Arrived when promised and well packaged
Product : Early days after planting but looks good
++ Service rating : Excellent service. Good strong plants.
Product : Excellent service. The plum tree was a little broken in the box so I phone to tell them and immediately they sent another one which was healthy and strong.
YouGarden Comments
Thank you for your feedback. I am glad to hear that we resolved your issue so quickly for you.

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : Really helpful and quick to replace dead tree
Product : Looks good, but so far no shoots.
++ Service rating : Despite a few teething problems all issues were resolved immediately so Excellent customer care and fantastic value for money
Product : Beautiful quality and despatched with great care
+ Service rating : Good service
Product : Larger than I expected.
++ superb as always
+ THe service was OK apart from the comment below.
+ Service rating : Arrived in time and in good condition. Bare root trees
Product : Too early to tell how it does but it arrived in good condition with sprouting buds and was planted immediately following the instructions
++ Service rating : Most satisfactory.
Product : The tree was in very good condition and I am lookung forward to its progress and hopefully good fruit production.
++ Service rating : good quality products
Product : only planted two weeks ago and I have shoots coming already
+ Service rating : EXCELLENT SERVICE
++ Always arrive in perfect condition, lovely healthy plants.
+ Service rating : Very pleased so far, ask me again when the tree has fruited.
Product : Very pleased so far, ask me again when the tree has fruited.
++ Service rating : Transaction was smooth and goods arrived as expected - well packed
Product : tree looks in good condition. INSTRUCTIONS for planting etc are clear. However I was expecting 2 not one, but I'm guessing I misread the purchase - been too busy to dig out all of the paperwork at the moment. I was sure it was a two for one offer.
Rgs, Andy
+ Service rating : Always arrive well packaged
Product : Looks a healthy speciman - just need to wait for results now!
++ Service rating : Fast delivery and good price
Product : In good condition planted 1week ago and Is already budding ,
+ Good timing and products.
++ Service rating : I ordered online without any trouble. The website is easy. There followed good email communication informing me of, acceptance of order, dispatch of order and expected delivery date range. All went well. I'm so pleased.
Product : The trees were well packaged and arrived without damage. Professionally trimmed, top and bottom and with clear planting instructions. They are now in the ground.
Thank you, Ross.
NA Service rating : Had a problem with one of three fruit trees purchased. A course of action was agreed, when this did not achieve the desired result the tree was replaced, as agreed would be the case if all else failed, without any hassle.
Product : This is a replacement for one that did not produce any branches in 2 seasons, it has only just been planted so obviously cannot comment further other than to say it is a bit 'one sided' with its branches, but at least it has some!
++ Service rating : Prompt fast delivery of goods.
Product : Pleased withthe product
+ Service rating : a quick and fast delivery
Product : the trees look in good shape
+ Service rating : Prompt delivery. Well packaged.
Product : As a bare rooted tree the actual quality will not be known until spring. However the tree has well spaced branches with only minor damage in transport.
+ Very good service
++ Service rating : It was for a replacement tree.
A few questions and a prompt sevice
Product : Looked in good condition and should look good in the summer
NA Service rating : Good communication prior to delivery and well packaged tree.
Product : Unable to comment seriously, as tree is 'bare-rooted' and dormant.
however, shape of head and initial branch pruning looks great for the future. let's hope he wakens up in March/April and joins the family here!
++ Service rating : Prompt delivery.excellent service will use them again
Product : Looks healthy plant will only be sure when I am eating Victoria plums.
++ Service rating : The wed site was easy to use, the range of products on offer are fantastic and the prices are very reasonable.
Product : This fruit tree was purchased for my parents as a Christmas present, delivered to them a few days after purchase in excellent condition with no damage.
++ Service rating : I had a problem with Yodel, but the company customer service is very good, I get my replies in a timely manner. They also agreed to send me a replacement tree when one of my trees died
Product : The first plum tree I got in spring has grown hugely over the summer
What Is Supplied Supplied as a 1.2m tall, grower quality, multi-branched 'bare root' tree. Grown on a dwarfing root stock. Will grow to approx. 2m (6-7 ft) in 10 years. Fully winter hardy. Self fertile.
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