Plum Victoria
Plum Victoria
Plum Victoria
Plum Victoria
Plum Victoria
Plum Victoria
Plum Victoria
Plum Victoria
Plum Victoria
Plum Victoria
Plum Victoria
Plum Victoria
Plum Victoria
Plum Victoria

Plum 'Victoria'

  • The UK's most popular plum variety by far that will easily grow and flourish in your garden!
  • Gorgeous fruit will be ready to pick fresh from your tree by mid-July each season.
  • Because it is self-fertile, it does not need another variety to act as a pollinator.
  • Supplied as a 80-100cm tall, grower quality, multi-branched tree.
  • Grown on a dwarfing rootstock. Will grow to approx. 2m (6-7 ft) in 10 years.

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Potted 5L - Item: 300025
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Named in honour of the much-loved British queen, Victoria Plum is the UK's favourite plum variety by a mile  and deservedly so!

The delicious fruits are ready to pick each July and taste simply mouthwatering when eaten straight from the tree. With the remaining fruit you can make jams and preserves, and, of course, eat them stewed with custard!

Having been discovered in Alderton, Sussex, in 1844, and grown and enjoyed by gardeners every year since, Victoria really has stood the test of time undoubtedly because of its sublime flavour and productivity.

Fruits are ready to pick each July and taste simply mouthwatering straight from the tree. A fully established tree of this self-fertile variety will produce up to 100lb of fruit in a bumper season!

Supplied as an 80-110cm tree on dwarfing rootstock in a 5L pot.

What Is Supplied

Item 300025 supplied as:

Grown on a dwarfing rootstock, approximately 80-100cm tall upon arrival.

Height after 10 years: 6-7 ft / 2-2.3m.

Fully winter hardy.

Plant Care Information

Perfect In Pots
Perfect In Pots
Plant In Sunshine
Plant In Sunshine
Winter Hardy
Winter Hardy

Top Tips

  • Add Rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi to give your plants a head start and establish more quickly.




Care Information

  • Apply a slow-release fertiliser such as blood, fish and bone in early spring, and mulch to retain moisture.
  • For the biggest, juiciest plums, thin the fruits in May by removing some of the smaller, immature fruits. Then in July, while the plums are still hard, remove any that are damaged or diseased or touching others.
  • Water regularly, and don't let the soil dry out if planted in pots.
  • Hang wasp traps in trees and harvest crops as soon as they ripen. Avoid leaving windfalls or over-ripe fruit on the ground.
  • Prune trees in late in July when they're in full growth. For young trees, take back the new upright growth by about a third. For older, mature trees, remove any dead, diseased or dying branches and then prune the older branches hard to promote productivity, aiming for an overall goblet shape.

Planting/Flowering Calendar

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Fully Grown Plant Dimensions (approx)

Plant Dimensions
250 cm
240 cm
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