SuperFast WeedKiller
SuperFast WeedKiller

SuperFast WeedKiller

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1L pack - Item: 150037
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Sometimes, you want quick results - and our SuperFast WeedKiller gives you just that - visible results in just two hours, in cool or warm weather.

Simply point the ready to use spray-gun at the weeds, and gently squeeze the trigger. Fast and effective control of the scourge of gardens that are dandelions, as well as creeping weeds such as buttercup, speedwell and clovers, and annoying annual meadow grass too. It is also highly effective on moss and algae too.

The magic ingredient is Pelargonic Acid, a naturally occurring compound, which makes SuperFast also super safe. It biodegrades over a few weeks, and can be used in warm or cool, as log as it is not raining.

Put some weedkilling power in your garden shed this season - SuperFast Weedkiller for visible results in hours!

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Supplied as a 1L made up Ready to Use fomulation, containing 32g/L of Pelargonic Acid, for the control of a range of weeds on gardens.
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