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Bedding plants are a staple for any gardener, offering an array of vibrant colours, delightful fragrances, and an easy way to transform your garden. These versatile plants can be used in borders, plant pots, planters, hanging baskets, or as ground cover.

Benefits of growing bedding plants:

One of the greatest advantages of bedding plants is their ability to provide instant impact. Supplied as smaller plugs for great value, right up to established larger garden ready plugs and plants. The larger varieties as you plant them can add an instant burst of colour and beauty to your garden, creating an inviting and vibrant atmosphere.

Bedding plants come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colours, allowing you to customise your garden to suit your personal style. From vibrant annuals like petunias and marigolds to fragrant perennials like Lavender and Gerbera, there is a bedding plant for every taste and preference. You can mix and match different varieties to create eye-catching combinations and unique colour schemes.

Bedding plants offer the opportunity to change the look and feel of your garden with each season. You can choose plants that thrive in spring, summer, autumn, or even winter, ensuring a continuous display of colour and interest throughout the year. This versatility allows you to refresh your garden's appearance and adapt to changing weather conditions.

Popular Bedding Plant Varieties:


Petunias are classic bedding plants known for their abundant blooms and wide range of colours. They are easy to grow and can tolerate various conditions, making them a popular choice for both beginner and experienced gardeners. Whether you prefer cascading varieties for hanging baskets or compact varieties for borders, petunias will add a vibrant touch to your garden.


Marigolds are cheerful and hardy bedding plants that bloom in warm shades of yellow, orange, and red. They are known for their pest-repelling properties, making them a practical choice for vegetable gardens. Marigolds thrive in full sun and well-draining soil, providing long-lasting colour and attracting beneficial pollinators.


Lobelia is a delicate and versatile bedding plant that produces beautiful cascading flowers in shades of blue, purple, pink, and white. It is commonly used as a trailing plant in hanging baskets, window boxes, and borders. Lobelia prefers partial shade and moist soil, making it an excellent choice for areas with less direct sunlight.

Planting Bedding

Before planting bedding plants, assess the light conditions in your garden. Different plants have specific light requirements, so it's important to choose a location that matches their needs. Some plants thrive in full sun, while others prefer partial shade. By selecting the appropriate location, you can ensure optimal growth and flower power.

Prepare your soil by removing any weeds, rocks, or debris. Loosen the soil and incorporate organic matter, such as our premium compost or well-rotted manure, to improve drainage and provide essential nutrients. Well-prepared soil sets the foundation for healthy and thriving plants.

When planting bedding, dig a hole slightly larger than the plant's root ball. Gently remove the plant from its container, place it in the hole or plant pot, and backfill with soil. Press the soil lightly around the plant to secure it in place. Water thoroughly after planting to help settle the soil and encourage root establishment.

Proper watering is crucial for the success of bedding flowers. Water regularly, especially during hot and dry periods, ensuring the soil remains moist but not waterlogged. Regularly deadhead spent blooms to promote continuous flowering and remove any diseased or damaged foliage to maintain plant health.


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