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Looking for the perfect way to add a splash of color and fragrance to your garden?

Then look no further than our range of bare root roses. Rose bare roots are super easy to plant, easy to take care of and will provide a classic look to any landscape.

The bare root roses for sale on our website are all grown and packaged with an exceptional level of care at every stage. This means that every bare root rose we sell has stronger roots allowing them to thrive in a wide variety of conditions.

Our bare rooted roses are shipped without soil, meaning they are easy to store and transport for future planting. And we ship our bare root roses UK wide so provided you live on the mainland (Northern Ireland excluded), no matter where you are you won't miss out! 

If you think you'd prefer an already potted rose, then visit our expansive potted roses range!

How to Plant a Bare Root Rose

If you are wondering about planting bare root roses, then please follow this short guide:

Firstly, soak your bare root roses in a bucket of water for about 30 mins before planting.

Once done then dig a large hole in the ground and fill it part way with compost. Then stick the bare root stem in the hole. Make sure to always plant bare root roses with the roots facing downwards, into the hole.

Fill the rest of the hole with compost and firm it down so the stem stands straight. Then give it a good watering and you are done!

For more information rose care, and a helpful video on the topic, visit our full guide here.

When to Plant Bare Root Roses

When asked when to a plant a bare root rose, we often say it is best to use your own judgement. The best time to plant is during the winter season, but you should be wary of the amount of frost on the ground. Planting will be a pain if the ground is frozen over and this won't give the plant the best start to its journey. Depending on where you live and the weather, it is perhaps best to wait till the morning frosts start to dissipate around march before you plant, if they are particularly bad where you live. 

But ultimately any time between October and March should be fine. Planting times for every rose we sell can be found on their product pages.

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