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Nothing beats the feeling of eating delicious, juicy apples plucked straight from your own apple tree. Home-grown apples are fresher and cheaper than supermarket fruit, and nowadays it can be as easy as it is rewarding.

The secret to growing apples hassle-free is a special dwarfing rootstock: our apple trees don't grow taller than seven or eight feet, meaning that they are easy to manage and pick from.

We have selected a range of the very best self-pollinating apple tree varieties, so you don't need other plants to get a bumper crop. However, you might find that growing your own fruit soon becomes a passion, and there will be fruit trees and fruit bushes in every corner!

The apple trees for sale here are all commercial grade: the same kind used to supply supermarkets. The only difference is that your fruit will be fresher and cost just a few pence per kilogram.

A Braeburn apple tree is our top pick for eating apples. The crisp, pale flesh is perfectly balanced between sweet and tangy, and every bite is saturated with succulent juice. Alternatively, Queen Cox is the self-pollinating version of traditional favourite Cox's Orange Pippin.

If baked apples, pies, and crumbles are more your thing, then of course you will prefer Bramleys - the king of cooking apples. These are not self-pollinating, so you will want to plant one of our other varieties alongside it.

For the very smallest spaces, try a Skyrocket Column apple tree. This variety works well in pots: all you need to do is find a sunny spot on your patio or balcony.

Choose your must-have plants online today, and we'll deliver conveniently to your door. We even supply you with an unbeatable Lifetime Guarantee!

If you want advice on how to grow apple trees then feel free to read our guide here!

If you need advice on how to plant bare root fruit trees, then please visit our other comprehensive guide here.

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