Callistemon Kings Park Standard

Callistemon 'King's Park' Standard

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Introducing - Callistemon Kings Park – Lemon-Scented ‘Bottle Brush’ Tree in Breath-taking ‘Lollipop’ Form

Callistemon is a simply beautiful evergreen tree that will explode with incredible firework-like bottle brush blooms in early summer each year - the flowers that are larger than many other varieties. Available here in eye-catching ‘standard’ form so the flowering head is held on a strong stem, well above your other plants thereby making an incredible visual statement and making your garden really stand out from the crowd!

They are perfect for growing in pots on your patio and to make them even more attractive, the foliage has a refreshing lemon citrus scent that will fill the air when you brush past or crush the leaves. Friendly insects and essential pollinators will flock to the nectar laden blooms, ensuring that your fruits and vegetables get the essential ‘pollination service’ they require! So even if you are a Grow Your Own gardener with little regard for flowering plants – there is no excuse here!

Originally raised in Kings Park in Perth Australia and very commonly grown across the Mediterranean, these complete beauties have incredibly pretty pink foliage when it is young and are surprisingly winter hardy here in the UK down to -4C! In very exposed sites, a fleece cover will see them safely over-winter. They love a sun drenched position and will reward you with more spectacular blooms when you site them well.

+ + = Excellent + = Good - = Poor - - = Bad
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+ Service rating : Quick delivery,no problems.
Product : Plant in a very good condition,exactly as described haven't planted it yet,but seems to do OK at the moment. Only concern: I thought it supposed to have red flowers but there is a picture of white flowers on the tag. So I'm not sure what colour the plant is going to have.
++ Service rating : Item arrived promptly and well packed and in good condition.
Product : A good looking healthy plant, can't wait to see it in full bloom.
++ Service rating : arrived on time and in excellent condition. Planted immediately in big pot and looks lovely. Thank you.
Product : as above
++ Service rating : speedy delivery well packaged
Product : beautiful, healthy plant now flowering
++ Service rating : Prompt and efficient.
Product : Everything arrived in good condition.
- Service rating : Good helpful on the phone
Product : Poor as all red bits fell off after two days
YouGarden Comments
Thanks again for your order. You bought these right at the end of the flowering season. Don't worry, they'll flower again next year.

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : The service was excellent will definitely be ordering from you in the future.
Product : I am really pleased with the two Callistemon's I received they arrived in perfect condition, can't wait for them to flower!
++ Service rating : Thank you for replacing the bottlebrush plant after having it for a year. You certainly keep to your promises. An excellent company who I have no hesitation in recommending.
Product : See above
- Service rating : Although I had to make a few telephone calls, they eventually arrived, and were well packaged.
Product : After under a week of receiving these all the flowers faded and wilted although on the website it states that these flower from May through to September. I did receive replacements under the lifetime guarantee but the replacements did exactly the same thing. Unfortunately I have had the same problem with my Oleanders'. I am wondering if the flowering periods are over exaggerated.
YouGarden Comments
Both of these plants are used to hot, sunny weather and flower throughout summer if we get good weather. It has been very cold and wet thus far this year, which will certainly have had an effect. Fingers crossed for some sunshine soon!

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : Excellent service great quality plants
Product : Great quality great price
++ Service rating : quality service
Product : good quality
++ Service rating : Quick and efficient service. .. received a call from company as writing on little form could not be read. Very polite and curteous.
Product : Delivery driver very polite and jolly.. plants arrived in very good condition.
++ Service rating : Was kept in touch throughout.
Product : Arrived in excellent condition..Plant was still very moist obviously well watered.
+ Service rating : I ordered by telephone, staff pleasant and helpful.
Product : Plants arrived almost a week ago, they appeared to be tired and perhaps a bit shocked by long journey and are hopefully going to make a good recovery in this beautiful weather.
+ Service rating : Had a small problem with one plant but one phone call & it was resolved, excellent service.
Product : The only improvement that could be made is that the brochure should give more details about the plants including the maximum height a plant would grow & the timeframe.
-- Service rating : Based on previous service
Product : Arrived in poor condition. Emailed you garden and have not heard back despite automated email response saying I would hear within 5 days. Over 2 weeks ago!!
YouGarden Comments
I hope that, after our email conversation, your concerns have been put at ease.

This die-back of blooms is perfectly normal for Callistemons. We'd be happy to answer any further questions you my have about this.

+ Service rating : Prompt and plants strong
Product : Cramped into box which was too short making the upper branches very bent and distorted
+ Service rating : very impressed with service
Product : planted
++ Service rating : Very good service
Product : Great
++ Service rating : i rang to ask if the shrub would be ok as the top was bent over in box, they assured me that ir would straighten up, which it has.
Product : it is still in the pot as i am unable to plant it just yet. it is looking gud
- Service rating : Confusing information sent and withdrawn about deliveery
Product : Suspect item had been in post longer than necessary and not well protected. When opened on receipt (7days after being told it had been despatched) majority of the flower had shed and was lying loose in the bottom of the box. Plant should be OK for next year.
- Service rating : E- mailed company no reply , have tried to telephone, number unattainable not very happy.
Product : Arrived with 3 broken stems and some brown leaves was disappointed
YouGarden Comments
Thank you again for your order.

I am sorry that you couldn't get through on the phone yesterday morning. Regrettably - due to an issue with the service provider completely out of our control - our phone line was down for around three hours yesterday. Our main office is open Mon-Fri and we answer emails from over the weekend asap the following week.

I understand that your complaint has been resolved now. Apologies again.

Head of Customer Service
-- Service rating : This plant arrived in a very poor state with several broken branches and wet, discoloured almost dead leaves in places. Very disappointing.
Product : Please see above.
YouGarden Comments
So sorry to hear that - although it is very surprising as the stock on the nursery is looking excellent. It probably suffered in transit.

We'd be happy to replace - would you mind sending me some photos?

Head of Customer Service
-- Service rating : Delivery 9 days instead of 3. Charged 5p per minute enquiring where plants where. Expected to pay full price for damaged in transit plants. No advice on plant treatment.
Product : Blooms and leaf clusters damaged in transit and not looking like advert.
++ Service rating : I had good service no complaints maybe your comment box could be as good as when putting in excellent it insists on pressing good at same time even after several attempts!!!!!!!
Product : Bit lopsided but soon sorted when repotted
++ Service rating : Extremly pleased
Product : I love it
++ Service rating : Plants arrived safely. Well packed. Quick service and efficient.
Product : Healthy and strong.
++ Service rating : Exellent service, box was battered, but flowers were in exellent condition
Product : Buetifull flowers, outside front door,so enjoy them every day
+ Service rating : Good price for good products
Product : Good service and pruduct
++ Service rating : The service was spot on. Definitely will use again
Product : It arrived in full bloom. Beautiful. Has now lost the blooms and is starting to spread. Watch this space.
++ Service rating : so glad I found this company as all of the plants and trees I have purchased from them have arrived in tip top condition.also I think the prices are excellent and affordable to everyone
Product : fantastic prices and they arrived in tip top garden is a first class in the service they provide and in the quality of their goods
++ Excellent all round
++ Service rating : always excellent service and plenty of contact regarding delivery
Product : Delieverd in good condition
+ Service rating : Polite staff.
Product : Plants arrived in full bloom. Very nice.
++ Prompt delivery, well packaged, good quality.
++ First time user. Very impressed.
+ Service rating : Service is great and whats more important they keep you informed of your order
Product : Plants are looking very very good have just been re-potted and I am hoping that they will soon rate an excellent. Have had plants from You Garden before and will no doubt be using them again in the future
++ Service rating : Yougarden on average are very good, but on my last order for rose bushes I phoned and was advised they were being despatched. A week later I phoned again as I had not received them. Once again they did not arrive. On my 3rd call a week later, I was advised they were out of stock. Very dissapointed.
Product : Lovely! Very carefully packaged.
NA Not my order. Waste of time sending email as order was still sent. Then I phoned
but order still received. Then I get a phone call asking was I sure it was not my
YouGarden Comments
Seems odd that it was ordered under your name, using your address, phone number and email address if it wasn't you that ordered it? As requested we will check the coupon that was filled out and posted to us.

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : The tree came well packed and in good condirion
Product : sent promptly thank you
++ Service rating : arrived on time.
Product : This was a present and the recipient was very pleased with it.
++ Service rating : Plants were very well packaged and in tip top condition
Product : Lovely to look at
++ Service rating : Have nothing to add..everything from placing order to receiving was spot on
Product : Very pleased.. Live in sheltered accomodation and all 29 tenants love them
++ Service rating : Very happy with service provided.
Product : Excellent product, well wrapped, everything as described.
++ Service rating : it was so simply ordering and I received my order within 3 day as I was told I would buy again and the courier left it in a very safe place as I was not there to receive it very good service.
Product : the callistemon came very well packaged and upright very good I will be buying from you garden again and very soon good service.
++ Service rating : Well packaged and good service
Product : Well matured and lovely shrub.
++ Service rating : Unusual for my dealings with garden companies, this one did deliver on time and in good condition.
Product : So far this plant is still in good condition.
+ Service good, but plants left on doorstep, not by side gate as requested.
++ Service rating : This is my second year to order from Yiu Garden. Who would have thought getting plants in the post would works? Excellent service and products are of a really good quality. Thank you.
Product : Looks lovely and starting to bloom days after it arrived
YouGarden Comments
Thank you for such a great review. We're really glad to hear that you've been so impressed and hope to hear from you again soon!

Head of Customer Service
What Is Supplied Supplied approx. 1m tall including pot.
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