Premium Double Flowered Oriental Lily Sweet Rosy

Premium Double Flowered Oriental Lily 'Sweet Rosy'

Double Flowered Oriental Lily 'Sweet Rosy'
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Our Oriental Lilies have been a best-selling type every year, for their ease of growing, fragrance and flower power. Now we are really pleased to bring you some new breeding developments with new Double flowered types, and here is the gorgeous double flowered deep rose pink and paler pink shades, similar to the iconic Stargazer Lily, and called Lily ‘Sweet Rosy’.

The great thing about double flowered lilies is they contain an extra row of petals, giving even bigger and longer-lasting displays than even normal Skyscrapers and they are totally pollen free – so will not stain your clothes.

Reaching  90cm in year 1, and up to 1.2M (4ft) in later years, these provide an imposing display in any pot or border, or why not make a flowering barrier or boundary hedge too? Their strong stems are tree-like, so strong to hold the fragrant multi-flowered stems upright.

Grow in pots, about 15cm deep and 10cm apart, or the same min garden soil, in well-drained, full sun spots. New Double Flowered Oriental Lilies really are the jewel in our crown.

What Is Supplied Supplied as a pack of 3 bulbs size 14/16, to plant into pots or garden soil straight away
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