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Red Amaryllis Bulb
Red Amaryllis Bulb
Red Amaryllis Bulb
Red Amaryllis Bulb
Red Amaryllis Bulb
Red Amaryllis Bulb

Red Amaryllis Bulb

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  • The perfect Christmas present - a stunning red Amaryllis 'Red Lion' flower bulb, fascinating to behold as the flower stem slowly emerges
  • This large bulb will give a strong stem bearing 3 or 4 blazing red trumpet blooms
  • Perfect in pots, flowers can also be cut for inclusion in fashionably modern floral arrangements
  • Simple to grow, once potted all they need is an occasional watering
  • Supplied as a single bulb, ready to plant up

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1 x Bulb
Item: 630121
1 x Bulb - Item: 630121
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Full Product Details

Product Information

Whether youíre looking for a splash of colour or a gorgeous houseplant, then Amaryllis (or Hippeastrum) is just the plant that you are looking for.

Even though they usually flower in early spring, Amaryllis are best known as a house plant for Christmas time, making superb gifts that really brighten festive displays when grown. This bulb is supplied ready to sprout leaves and burst into flower - all you need is water and a little care to raise a fascinating flowering plant.

This large bulb will produce a strong stem bearing three or four dazzling red trumpet blooms. Planted in December and kept in a warm room they will bloom in around 6-8 weeks and provide interest throughout as the stems steadily emerge and blooms unfurl. Plant them in October for Christmas blooms.

Perfect as room decoration this Amaryllis can also be cut as a trendy addition to a modern floral vase. They're really easy to grow too - just plant your Amaryllis into bulb compost so that the top third of the bulb is above the compost, keep it well-watered (but not damp) and watch it grow!

Over the summer, when the flowers have been removed, place your amaryllis outside in a sunny sheltered position as a foliage plant to enjoy it for longer.

Supplied as a large bulb ready to plant up. Ultimate height 45-50cm (18-20in).


What Is Supplied

Item 630121 supplied as:

Supplied as a single bulb size 24/26 cm. Plant indoors, with 1/3 bulb above the surface, into 8in pot. Water sparingly on a light windowsill, frost free, until leaves appear. Then step up watering as leaves extend and flower buds emerge. Once flowered, allow stems to die back down into the bulb, and keep the potted bulb soemwhere cool and dry in summer then next autumn, start watering again and off you go again.

Harmful if eaten

Plant Care Information

Perfect In Pots
Perfect In Pots
Plant In Sunshine
Plant In Sunshine
Protect From Frost
Protect From Frost
Cut Flower
Cut Flower
Easy To Grow
Easy To Grow

Top Tips

Amaryllis don't like root disturbance, so only repot once every three or four seasons. They grow best in small pots, so donít be tempted to get one more than 8in or so across.

Care Information

Planting your Amaryllis Hippeastrum:

  • A tender bulb, Amaryllis need to be planted and grown indoors. Just plant the bulb in good compost (our premium professional compost is ideal), water regularly and place somewhere warm and sunny, out of direct light.
  • Plant each amaryllis bulb, pointed end up, in an 8in clay pot. (plastic pots can tip over as the blooms get heavier). Pack the compost gently around the bulb leaving around one-third of the top of the bulb exposed.
  • Use a support stake if the blooms look top heavy.
  • Feed every 10-14 days with a standard tomato fertiliser and rotate the pot a quarter turn every day to encourage the stem to grow straight.
  • Most varieties will begin blooming six to eight weeks after planting although some can take as long as ten weeks.
  • To get the blooms to last longer, move the plant to a cool room once the buds open.
  • Remove the flower stalk once blooming has finished and place your amaryllis outside to make the most of the summer sun. The leaves will start to die back in autumn, and you can allow the bulb to dry slightly before bringing it back indoors in October to rest for a few weeks before starting the cycle again.


Aftercare Advice for Amaryllis:

  • Place the pot in a bright position, out of direct sunlight. Water sparingly until you see about 5cm (2in) of new growth, then water regularly.
  • As your amaryllis grows, turn the pot a quarter turn each day to encourage the flower stalks to grow straight.
  • Flower buds will appear at the top of the stalk, followed by the huge blooms.
  • Flowers can be cut for the vase and will last up to 2 weeks.


Pruning Advice for Amaryllis:

  • As individual flowers start to fade, carefully snip them off. Once all flowers on a flower stalk has faded, cut the stem back to within a few inches of the bulb and move the plant outside once all risk of frost has passed.

Planting/Flowering Calendar

Planting Time
Flowering Time

Fully Grown Plant Dimensions (approx)

Plant Dimensions
50 cm
20 cm
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