Single & Double Snowdrops In The Green Twinpack

Single & Double Snowdrops 'In The Green' Twinpack

The best way to ensure success
Scented / Fragrant
Perfect In Pots
Winter Hardy
Easy To Grow
75 bulbs 'In the green' - Item: 630014
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Snowdrops In The Green - the guaranteed way to succeed with these early spring flowering beauties!

The earliest and bravest of all flowering Spring bulbs, the delicate snowdrop with its tiny white petals and green-tinged centres bursts in bloom when the weather is at its very harshest. While all around it lies decidedly dormant, this cheery, fresh-faced little fellow brightens the gloomiest of looking gardens.

Difficult to grow from just the dry bulbs found in garden centres, the best way to ensure success is to plant Snowdrops while they are still in leaf otherwise known as in the green. The soil surrounding the bulbs contains a special fungus encouraging a strong and vigorous new root system. By planting in this way you can look forward to a stunning display in your garden from the very first season!

+ + = Excellent + = Good - = Poor - - = Bad
Score Customer Comments
+ Service rating : very pleased with my delivery.
Product : I have now planted these and await the outcome in the future. thank you.
++ Service rating : Easy orddering
Product : Flowering already.
++ Service rating : Extremely efficient and easy to use systems in place with good communication throughout the process.
Product : The quality of the snowdrops received really was first class and they have settled into their new home successfully and easily.
+ Service rating : very pleased with the bulbs
Product : service very good they came on time
++ Service rating : Delighted with order. Simple and as promised . Packed well and as hoped for snowdrops. Would recommend this company highly.
Product : Could not imagine all those 150 bulbs within safekeeping in box. Easy to seperate and have planted out and all standing tall and look fab. Cannot imagine them in years to come. The bulbs were larger than Iexpected and great root systems. Thanks. Will keep viewing your range for other items.
+ Service rating : the plants arrived in very good condition and the double snowdrops were in bud.
Product : the snowdrops have taking in the garden and are in flower.
++ Service rating : Excellent service
Product : Plants arrived in very good conditions
++ Service rating : After reading in your brochure that my snowdrops would not bloom this year due to transplanting, I am ever so happy that I have lots of snowdrop blooming after just three days, so thank you for your beautiful plants.
Product : They all look fantastic
++ Service rating : kept us informed, good srvice
Product : seem excellent
++ Service rating : Quick, prompt delivery, with plants in good condition.
Product : All planted in pots and all Flourishing. Thanks a lot.
+ Service rating : Good response to our request for help.
Product : Unable to verify quantities of so many plants as some bulbs were so small. Called customer services who very promptly sent a quantity of extra plants to enable us to complete project . The village green will now benefit for many years to come with your Snowdrops Thank you .
+ Service rating : Speedy delivery
Product : Plants look good - we'll see how they flourish
++ Service rating : Prompt and courteous
Product : in very good condition
++ Service rating : Good service
Product : Good service
++ Service rating : Very good service.
Product : The bulbs are in and some of them are flowering can't wait for next year has the ones we have purchased before are a Loverly show.
++ Service rating : Very quick delivery - product exactly as described on advert
Product : Product in excellent condition
++ Service rating : Arrived exactly as the order stated.
Product : I have bought in previous years. Excellent.
++ Service rating : Snowdrops in the green arrived exactly when promised
Product : All arrived in good order and some extra for good measure
+ Service rating : The snowdrop bulbs arrived in excellent condition, and much faster than anticipated.
Product : Very good bulbs, well packaged, in excellent condition
++ Service rating : Very quick delivery
Product : Flowering nicely
++ very pleased with he prompt delivery the excellent packing thus the plants were i n very good condition and easily planted
+ Service rating : persons spoken with highly efficient and courteous and pleasant
Product : well packed and now planted with a minimum of apparent 'growback'
++ Service rating : Good quality and prompt delivery
Product : Safe secure packaging .very good value
++ Courteous, helpful, professional.
+ Service rating : Any concerns I have had with plants have been dealt with quickly and efficiently, and would recommend to others
Product : The plants are in the garden and so far seem to be ok, as I have had them before and they are all coming out this year.
++ Service rating : Plants arrived exactly as promised. In good condition.
Product : Good quality plants. Very good value.
+ Service rating : Very acceptable
Product : Only time will tell - product appears very satisfactory
++ Service rating : Very good as described
Product : Very good as described
++ Service rating : outstanding delivery and good quality bulbs
Product : very pleased with bulbs hope they develop into better bulbs next year
++ Service rating : The response to the order was very good
Product : time will tell as to how good the product will be!
+ Service rating : Bulbs arrived in good time for planing and in good condition
Product : Bulbs were in good condition and ready for planting
++ Service rating : Extremeley fast delivery. Customer service at its best
Product : Well packed, and generous with the counting of the bulbs. Would recommend
++ Service rating : Delivered quickly, well packaged, clear instructions but the on line videos are brilliant if you aren't sure about planting.
Product : Good healthy looking plants. Good value.
++ Service rating : Very speedy delivery, thank you.
Product : Lovely healthy Snow drops arrived two days after I placed my order, very satisfied many thanks.
++ Service rating : Bulbs were delivered on the date advertised when I ordered.
Product : All plants arrived in excellent condition, many in bud
++ Service rating : Quick.
Product : Well packed and super quality.
++ Service rating : Efficient
Product : Timely delivery, goods well packed
++ Service rating : v.g
Product : v.g
+ Great, fast service as always and as usual excellent price
++ Service rating : Was just as described
Product : Arrived quickly, some were in bud so had time to enjoy them this year
++ Service rating : Prompt and plants left where requested
Product : Plants arrived in good condition
++ Service rating : Easy to use website. Excellent service! Would definitely use again.
Product : Snowdrops arrived in excellent condition. They were planted within 24 hrs of arriving. We're very pleased to say we have many of them now flowering &giving much pleasure to us all. Have never been successful with snowdrops until now. 'In the green' definitely works. Wonderful! Thank you so much. We'll pass on the idea & recommend your website.
++ Service rating : Good service
Product : Arrived in excellent condition
++ Service rating : The snowdrops arrived safely and very well packed
Product : The anowdrops were in very good condition when they arrived.
++ Service rating : very pleasant people
Product : very speedy delivery
++ Service rating : excellent service
Product : excellent service and healthy plants
- Service rating : Previous purchases namely rose collections are performing well but this last order did not arrive on time and was stuck in the carriers warehouse over the Easter period not particularly happy with some of the cotents
Product : Yes plantable
YouGarden Comments
So sorry to hear that. If any don't pick up we'll replace them free of charge.

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : Great plants and bulbs
Product : good condition
++ Service rating : good service
Product : excellent condition
++ Service rating : I needed my delivery before I went away. I exchanged a few emails with Amelia. She was very efficient, and sure enough, the delivery arrived..and are now planted in the garden and my Mum is thrilled. I will certainly use your company again.well done..give her a pay rise!!
Product : Very well wrapped but not wasted packaging..can't wait until they flower in our garden in Exeter!!��
++ Service rating : Very prompt action to my order and packaged well
Product : Very good quality - just as advertised
++ Service rating : I was a bit disappointed that the snowdrops did not arrive at the time mentioned and had to ring to discover that they were delayed because of the cold weather! In January! But when I gave the dates we would be away the Service was excellent in sending them the day after we returned.
Product : The snowdrops themselves look in excellent condition
+ Service rating : Speedy delivery
Product : Snowdrops all planted. Will see results next winter.
++ Service rating : Helpful and polite service to deal with my ordering error
Product : Arrived well within the promised delivery time and easy to seperate and plant
- Service rating : The response was good.
Product : Items arrived but looked in a bit of a sorry state. Hopefully will revive now planted.
YouGarden Comments
Thanks again for your order. It's normal for snowdrops to be dying back at this time of year. They'll die back underground and come back strong next year. Please plant them with confidence!

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : Very prompt
Product : Carefully packaged and bulbs very healthy
+ Service rating : Fine just what it said on the box
Product : As I bought snowdrops in the green ask me again next year.
++ Service rating : goog service
Product : fast delivery
+ Ordered Snowdrops first delivery short of product, 2nd delivery despatched again short of product, am awaiting 3rd delivery ? to complete order.
Apart from the inconvenience to me, it must be costing You garden a fortune in time and postage. Will have to seriously consider wether I place future orders.Not impressed! Customer service team were excellent!!
++ Service rating : Very prompt
Product : Good condition
++ Service rating : the snow drops were very good value i have already put them in a sunny lpace

towait for flowering next year
Product : they look lovely already and am very ple ased

thank you and will buy more
++ Service rating : next day delivery excellent company to deal with
Product : arrived still with flowers - a little droopy - planted them the same day. Every one picked up and now I have a wonderful show. looking forward to next year.
++ Service rating : Never knew that it is better with the green on. They are all well set now and looking good. Arrived quickly with no delay.
Product : Bulbs are all doing great.
++ Service rating : Very helpful staff and plants delivered on time.
Product : Plants arrived in very good condition and I am looking forward to seeing them again in the Spring!
+ Service rating : fast delivery
Product : packaging was sufficient to protect plants
+ Very pleased. Arrived on time,plants in good condition.
++ Service rating : Just GREAT!!
++ Service rating : Arrived in the time frame as stated so ordered more from this company but they have yet to arrive. Ordered on 13th March and still waiting after 10 days!
Product : The proof will be next year when they should show, but arrived as stated.
++ Service rating : fast efficient service
Product : Plants arrived in excellent condition & are still in flower in the garden !
+ Service rating : Arrived in good time
Product : Snowdrops were in excellent condition when received
++ Service rating : Delivery was prompt,communication was good
Product : Healthy snowdrops after having been in a week are still green and standing
++ Service rating : Very good service
Product : Nice healthy plants
++ Service rating : This is the first time I have used this firm - very pleased.
Product : Received in very good condition, planted them within hours and they look very settled.
++ Service rating : Easy ordering
Product : Arrived healthy planted looking strong.
++ Service rating : Quick service, very good packaging.
Product : Very pleased with plants, they went in the same day and revived enough to stand up again.
++ Service rating : Very prompt
Product : So far so good proof will be in next Yeats bloom
++ Service rating : Delivery received very quickly and plants were in excellent condition.
Product : Planted straight away and are flowering well.
NA Service rating : Always get what is advertised.
Product : I've just planted the so don't think I can comment at this stage.
++ Service rating : Arrived on time
Product : Very good condition
++ Service rating : This is the first time I have used YouGarden and so far so good
Product : My bulbs arrived in good time,looking extremely fresh so I have high hopes for them next Spring
++ Service rating : Very efficient
Product : Nicely packed and a good leaflet
+ Service rating : delighted the snowdrops look so healthy and the delivery was quite quick.
Product : the post office messed the delivery up./ I had requested they were left in a white plastic container at the back of the house and this was printed on the box. THEY PUT A P/O CARD THROUGH MY DOOR WHICH STATED LEFT WITH A NEAGHBOUR AND LEFT AT THE SHOPS AT GREEN LANE. I COULDN'T FIND THEM WITH A NEIGHBOUR BUT DID FIND THEM AT THE SHOPS 2 DAYS LATER THAN THE DATE ON THE CARD
+ Service rating : Good service. Good value.
Product : No problems. Look forward to next spring.
++ Service rating : efficient and accuratte
Product : allin good condition
++ Service rating : Very pleased with snowdrops and speedy delivery.
Product : As above, very pleased.
+ Service rating : Very pleased
Product : Looking Good - can't plant yet - waiting for new turf.
- Service rating : Quick delivery
Product : Single flowered ones fine, but double flowered ones were poor. Very weak plants and fewer than 25 in pack. So disappointed.
YouGarden Comments
Sorry to hear about the doubles. If they don't thrive, we'll replace of course.

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : prompt delivery
Product : I'll let you know next Feb / March
++ Excellent
+ Service rating : packaged well
Product : look ok so far
++ Service rating : Excellent customer service
Product : Bulbs arrived in perfect condition. I planted them straightaway - can't wait for them to flower next year
++ Service rating : Arrived on the day promised and in good condition
Product : Planted straight away and already upright in the ground with the odd flowers
++ Service rating : Customer relations when speaking on the phone very curtiouse
Product : Snowdrops very good, I am waiting on another delivery for myself and a friend. Will comment when they arrive.
- when my snowdrops first arrived I was very disappointed as they looked dead - but I planted them anyhow and they do appear to be making a comeback
YouGarden Comments
Thanks for your order and feedback. This is as expected with 'in the green' bulbs - they'll die back to ground level now and establish underground for bigger and better displays next year. Can you send us a photo or update your feedback please?

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : The snowdrops arrived in excellent condition on the date stated not many companies achieve this!! Will use this company again.
Product : Planting snowdrops in the 'green' are the best way to plant them.The snowdrops are flowering well and brightening the garden with their display.
+ Service rating : quick and efficient service, postage and packing a little expensive why? the box wasn't that big.
Product : The Snowdrops appeared to be good bulbs, in the border and look forward to next years display
++ Service rating : I am thrilled with. My snowdrops Thank you.Lovely fresh sturdy bulbs.My most favourite flowers.
Product : Received in top condition in great packaging Thank You again.
++ Service rating : product as described
Product : well packed we planted on arrival they looked really good few years time they will look stunning
+ Service rating : Good
Product : The snowdrops seem fine but we will see next year when they flower
+ Service rating : Plants delivered very quickly and in good conditiion
Product : Bulbs planted but wont know till next year if they grow as promised
+ Unable to order online through radio times link. Had to phone & accept a different offer,which had 25 less plants for the same price.
YouGarden Comments
I'm sorry that you had trouble, however all of the web links have been working fine, so I am not sure what the issue was. If you'd quoted the offer code in the advert when you called, we'd have matched the offer. We'd be happy to send you some more Snowdrops with your next order.

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : You garden take care to arrange delivery to fit planting requirements.
Product : Bulbs arrived in good condition, but I was delayed in planting by the very poor weather; so I wait hoping the tardiness has not spoiled them.
++ Service rating : Service good and efficient.
Product : Snowdrops delivered quickly and in good condition, planted the same day and by next morning they were all stood up looking as though they had been there a long time.
++ Service rating : Arrived promptly.
Product : Snowdrops were in good condition and I planted them quickly.
++ Service rating : delivered promptly safely packaged
Product : All planted and appear to have established themselves well,and flowering.
++ Service rating : well packed ,well pleased
Product : well packed ,well pleased
++ Service rating : Goods delivered next day, very pleased with this company.
Product : Very healthy plants, excellent!
++ Service rating : Very quick delivery plants were in good condition.
Product : Plants look in good condition
++ Service rating : The quality was good and I may well use them again
Product : Arrived in good condition. Transplanted very well and are now thriving
+ Service rating : Dealt with a problem on order very quickly and politely.
Product : Arrived looking healthy.
+ Service rating : Delivery delayed but a courteous reply explaining the position
Product : They looked healthy on arrival but it is too early yet to tell whether they will flourish.
+ Service rating : Delivered on date stated
Product : The snowdrops appear in good condition
++ Service rating : Excellent service
Product : Just what I was looking for
++ Service rating : Efficient service
Product : Arrived in good condition, planted and are doing well
++ Service rating : Great, good service and knowledge base
Product : Arrived well packed in good condition and growing well now planted
++ good communication and delivery details
+ Service rating : Delivery on time . Appear to be good quality 'in the green' snowdrops.
Product : Some bulbs rather small, but apparently healthy.
++ Service rating : Excellent as always. Safely packed and delivered when expected. Thank you.
Product : Very pleased to find that some were still in the process of flowering.
++ Service rating : Well packed and tho a it dry soon perked up with a soakin warm water. Now happily planted
Product : All fine and look forward to a good show next year ThNkyou.
++ Service rating : Prompt delivery
Product : Hoping they will survive and provide a display next winter.
- Service rating : Good advertising and the 10 per cent discount offer etc not really a lot of good if the products are not up to scratch
Product : Almost dead when they arrived soaked them in water and then planted straight away
Still looking sad not the best packaging would not buy them or recommend them again
YouGarden Comments
Don't worry - this is exactly as expected. They will die back underground and re-emerge next spring. Please read the care guide enclosed with your order for full info, or email me if you have any further questions.

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : efficient service and quick response to email delivery enquiry
Product : good value
++ Excellent Service, prompt delivery
++ Service rating : Prompt / on the day
Product : Just as ordered
++ Service rating : Arrived at expected time.
Product : Well packed and in good condition when arrived.
++ Service rating : Very efficient
Product : Product looked good. Already planted round my fruit trees. Next year will tell.
++ First Class---thank you
++ delivered in good condition
++ Service rating : Arrived well packed and safe
Product : Good plants ready to plant
++ Service rating : I was very pleased with thr bulbs/plants, and thy were in the ground a couple of hours after arrival. Pleased to have your catalogue, thank you. I am an elderly (mid eighties!) and rather infirm these days, My garden is very wind=swept {near the sea}, and suffer drought I the summer sandy soil, poor moisture retention),, I cannot have a hosepipe as am on own well & no pressure, and carrying cans of rainwater is difficult, and IMPOSSIIBLE up steps (where I need 2 sticks), so I now limit my gardening to what I can do, or my help TRIES to do (Hmm !)....But I appreciate yoyr catalogues, get BIG Ideas, and limit my ambitions to within my limited financial means and my capabilities. I have lots of small spring bulbs which are so early this year. THANK YOU. I WILL NEVER BE YOUR best CUSTOMER, BUT MAY COME AGAAIN, (IF I LIVE LONG ENOUGH TO SEE THINGS MATURE ! keep going, and thank you. Helen N.
Product : excellent
++ Service rating : They are absolutely fine and in my garden thank you
Product : Okay
++ Service rating : Slight delay which was due to availability of the product.
Product : The snowdrops were very well packaged and were of excellent quality.
+ Waited 2-3 weeks for delivery.
YouGarden Comments
So sorry about the wait.

Due to the highly perishable nature of the snowdrops, we need to ensure that they are picked, packed and sent to you within a very short period of time, thus we do not hold stock of these and receive regular deliveries from the grower. A delivery from the grower was delayed, so your order was shipped slightly late.

Apologies again.

Head of Customer Service
+ The snowdrops seem healthy.....will know for certain next spring??
+ Service rating : Packaged was very compact and received in good condition on opening.
Product : Separated with ease and planted out within 24 hours.
++ Service rating : Excellent service
Product : Snowdrops ere still fresh on arrival
++ Most efficient from ordering through to delivery - thanks
++ Service rating : Easy to use. No problems. Would order again. Exact description. Delivered when they said they would.
Product : All plants that came were good and usable.
++ Service rating : Very good
Product : Excellent
+ Service rating : Good customer service very friendly and helpful staff.
Product : Received in very good condition and healthy plants.
+ Service rating : Order was a bit late had to phone up and find out what was happening.
Product : products ok .
++ Service rating : Good service apart from the having to call to find where my goods were and to be advised that due to the large demand they would be with me early March - they arrived the very next day !!
Product : Plants were of good quality and arrived safely
++ Service rating : Delivered on time
Product : Plants very robust and in good condition on arrival
++ Service rating : Delivered on time
Product : Continue to flower after planting
-- Service rating : Very good service
Product : They arrived in good condition planted them immediately they perked up in a day
YouGarden Comments
Thank you for your review.

Did you mean to click "Good" and accidentally clicked "Bad"? From your comments I think so...

Would you mind updating your product review please?

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : Did what they promised. Goods packed well
Product : Good quality plants
++ Service rating : Came as expected
Product : Look healthy, have planted as directed, should look good next spring.
++ Service rating : Exvellent
Product : Excellent
++ Service rating : Well-packed and in good condition
Product : Good quality and have settled well into the garden
+ too pushy-please send no more emails
++ Service rating : it says on the tin...
Product : Planted the snowdrops couple of days after delivery and they all seem to have taken.
++ Service rating : Arrived promptly in good condition.
Product : Good condition
+ Service rating : Arrived in good condition
Product : Cannot give and excellent until next year when we hope the snowdrops will flower profusely.
+ Service rating : service was OK
Product : Plants planted and hope for a good display next year
+ Service rating : There was no indication of how long it would take for my order to arrive which would have been useful
Product : Plants were well packaged and arrived in good condition with clear instructions although the aforementioned soil around the bulbs was not there but was not a real problem!
+ Service rating : good service at reception
Product : good value
++ Arrived quicker than expected was generous in quantity and in great condition and now planted with very hopeful results, would definitely buy from this source again
++ Service rating : Only negative was the delivery time. Time stated was 7-10 days but it took 15. Possible not a fault of the company though - could have been down to weather
Product : Snowdrops were exactly as expected. In the green and very fresh.
NA Service rating : company seems to be very good but I was not told in advance that my order would not be delivered for a month!
Product : not yet arrived.
++ Service rating : Payment only when order despatched.
Product : Planted the next day after delivery, they are now flowering as if they have been in for years!
++ very fast service
+ Service rating : Delivery as promised
Product : Snowdrops growing well
++ Service rating : Thank you for a pleasant chat on the phone.
Product : Swift delivery, well packed.
+ Service rating : Plants arrived on date expected
Product : The bulbs arrived in fair condition, some of the flowers were crushed but they perked up after planting Hopefully I will fully appreciate the snowdrops next winter
++ Service rating : Excellent !
Product : Have already started growing !
++ clear products, great prices and prompt delivery
++ Really not to be faulted
++ Service rating : Quick and efficient, and friendly service
Product : Plants in tip top condition,packaged well and undamaged on delivery.
++ Service rating : The Christmas tree I ordered wasn't good - it was bare at the top - wouldn't order again. See before you buy would be advice to myself.
Product : Now the snowdrops are lovely, we put them in the garden straight away and they look like they're going to give us many years of pleasure but we won't know until next year how good they are.
+ Service rating : Good
Product : Good
++ Service rating : would use this company again
Product : very good service
++ Service rating : Good service
Product : The plants were good.We planted them and they have continued to flower. Well done
++ Service rating : Wide variety of products
Product : well packed and quick despatch
++ Service rating : Good prompt service
Product : All plants healthy thriving and flowering
++ Service rating : Quick service
Product : Good quality plants
+ Service rating : Fast efficient delivery - very pleasing.
Product : Really pleased to find the snowdrops were in flower or bud; they were planted immediately and overnight firmed up to give a good display.
+ Service rating : Received on time
Product : Plants in good condition and subsequently flowered
+ Service rating : Ordering system on-line very simple and delivery on time
Product : products in good condition
++ Service rating : What an excellent site, I shall definitely use it again.
Product : Very swift delivery, beautifully packed, planted immediately - the next morning they are all upright and looking great.
+ Service rating : My order arrived within days
Product : They looked OK and have been planted so we will see?
++ Service rating : exellet
Product : very good
- Service rating : Prompt delivery,, goods well protected for postage.
Product : Half the plants had no flowers on them. Once planted only leaves are showing , perhaps they will flower next year?
YouGarden Comments
Thank you again for your order.

Don't worry, this is completely normal and as we expect. Depending on conditions and how far along the bulbs are when lifted, you could receive them just about to flower, or having already flowered this year - sounds like you got the latter.

You're not getting full displays now - by buying 'In The Green' bulbs, you get much bigger, better displays in the first full season (next January) after planting. This is the best and most reliable way to plant them and much better than planting dry bulbs - which can often take a couple of years to get going.

Head of Customer Service
+ Good service and very prompt delivery.
++ Service rating : Arrived promptly.
Product : Good quality product.
+ Service rating : Very prompt service
Product : Always excellent value
+ Service rating : not bad postage charges are to high
Product : all okay thanks
+ Service rating : Could not Fault
Product : \plants arrived rather dry and withered. This is the first time we have plants in the green so may not be a true reflection of what to expect. They have now picked up but some flowers have died.
++ Service rating : Good quality bulbs
Product : Excellent, fast delivery
++ Service rating : perfect service
Product : arrived well packed and prompt
++ Service rating : Easy to order online. Paid via Paypal, great.
Product : Will be planting out today before the snow arrives, if it does.
++ Service rating : Very good service.
Product : Very pleased with the quality of my plants.
++ Good service as usual
-- Service rating : Waited to long
Product : Snowdrops not in good condition , very squashed, very broken.
YouGarden Comments
So sorry to hear that. Was it all of them? Let us know and we'll replace.

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : Items were delivered quickly - well packaged
Product : Bulbs seem to be good quality
++ Service rating : Great service
Product : Fantastic looking plants
++ Service rating : Promised Delivery Late January and Arrived on time..... Great
Product : Beautiful Snowdrops ! ! I have Planted them in troughs and they are Blooming although I did Think they would die back Sooner. Thank you ! !
YouGarden Comments
That's really great to hear. Thank you very much for your order and the great review...

Hope to hear from you again soon!

++ Service rating : Well packedproduct sent on time.
Product : Snowdrops are growing very well - just a couple of weeks after planting.
++ Service rating : Delivered when promised and very well packaged
Product : Unfortunately they arrived when we had a hard frost so have managed to plant one half - hope to plant the other half this week-end but they were good healthy plants
What Is Supplied Supplied as a pack of 75 plants (50 single-flowered and 25 double-flowered), "in the green", ready to plant. This is the most reliable way to get a colony going. Please note that the leaves may turn yellow towards the end of the season, and will also do so after planting as they die back underground and prepare for next year. Please plant with confidence whether the leaves are green or yellow.
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