Glamorous Gladioli

Glamorous Gladioli

Winter Hardy
Cut Flower
Easy To Grow
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Imagine tall spires of Gladioli in a sweet-shop confection of colours, bursting skywards in full Summer. They really are so simple to grow, each bulb primed to burst into life this Spring. Each bulb will give one sensational stem of flower this Summer, which can be cut for the house when in tight bud, or left to brighten your garden.

Pretty hardy, they have survived the last 3 Winters in Martins garden, providing bigger and better displays the following year. Extremely easy and low maintenance, and yet very rewarding and at less than 10p each, incredible value for money too!! Supplied as a mixed pack of 100 bulbs in at least 8 colours, size 8/10 corms. Will reach 90-120cm tall. Flower July & August.

+ + = Excellent + = Good - = Poor - - = Bad
Score Customer Comments
- Service rating : It was a tough choice between good and poor. The Lilly bulbs were OK but the gladioli bulbs were very poor. Not sure if I would buy from them again.
Product : These bulbs looked very dry. I've planted them all but will be very surprised if I get very many flowers.
YouGarden Comments
Sorry to hear that some of your bulbs weren't to your satisfaction. If they don't thrive we will replace them for you.

Head of Customer Service
+ Most plugs purchased didn't bloom, even though instructions were followed.
YouGarden Comments
Thanks again for your order. As you only received this a couple of weeks ago, you do need to give them a lot more time.

The first thing to grow in their new location is the roots. Then after 2-3 weeks you'll see some lush new growth, then followed a couple of weeks later by flower buds.

Please be patient with your plants and grow them as per the instructions - they should thrive.

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : I don't know a thing about gardening and I think that they are good if they are not dead in the first week.
Product : I don't know a thing about gardening and I think that they are good if they are not dead in the first week.
+ Goods arrived promptly and in good condition
++ Good reliable and very high quality
++ Service rating : good speed of delivery and plants well packed. Would have been "EX" rating if not for the loose bag of 100 bulbs which caused a split in the "Y" on trunk of plant. tree branch still alive and have taped tear which should heal. Maybe a small suggestion to secure any loose package in with secured plants.
Product : good quality bulbs. look forward too seeing finished flowers. well priced also
++ Service rating : great and prompt service, will stay as a loyal customer.
Product : these are quality bulbs, I put them in the ground straight away and the shoots are all out . Thank you
++ Service rating : Up till now everything I have purchased from you has arrived in good condition and is growing well hence the excellent rating above
Product : That sure is a lot of flowers for the size of my garden. I have only just planted them but Im sure they will grow as well as my other purchases from you
+ Service rating : Not the quickest delivery timing - arrived eventually.
Product : As expected - cannot really comment until they flower !
+ My order was later than the delivery times suggested on the website. When I contacted the customer service I was sent a very generic and unhelpful email which did not actually answer my original query. At no point was I informed that my delivery would take longer than expected, the communication was poor.
++ Service rating : Great plants but very slow between ordering and receiving items.
Product : A great price for flowers that I know will look amazing in my garden.
++ Service rating : Despite a delay in original delivery, retification was immediate and prompt and dealt with politely and efficiently
Product : All corms in fine condition
+ Service rating : Order arrived very quickly and everything as ordered
Product : Looks ok will wait until I see how they grow
++ Service rating : As above
Product : As above
+ Service rating : Okay c below
Product : Still waiting on another set of bulbs which still haven't arrived
What Is Supplied Supplied as a mixed pack of 100 bulbs in at least 8 colours, size 8/10 corms. Will reach 90-120cm tall. Flower July & August.
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