Hardy Perennial Plant Lucky Dip

Hardy Perennial Plant Lucky Dip

Scented / Fragrant
Plant In Sunshine
Winter Hardy
Easy To Grow
12 x 9cm Pots - Item: 560101
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A special lucky dip perennial collection!

Each collection contains a mix of 12 different named plants specially selected from our nursery to give you a wonderful perennial garden border. Plants featured range from Echinacea, Cornflower, Rudbeckia, Day Lilies, Hardy Geraniums, Primulas, Lavatera,  plus many more.

Typically, premium potted perennials such as these sell at more than £4 per pot so not only will you have enough plants to fill a good sized border but you'll be making massive savings in the process.

+ + = Excellent + = Good - = Poor - - = Bad
Score Customer Comments
++ Service rating : Received order within a couple of days.
Product : Excellent variety of different plants.
+ Service rating : I am still waiting for my bamboo order, that could have been sent even without the other orders.
Product : They were packed in the same box as the Raspberry Long Cane, when they arrived they were in a bit of a mess and I was not a happy bunny. Hopefully they might come out.
++ Service rating : overall a good service
Product : an excellent selection of plants
++ Service rating : Great Value for money
Product : Great value for money
++ Service rating : Quick delivery if good quality plants and good communication of problem with quality and thus non provision with fast refund
Product : Good strong plants well packaged
++ Service rating : Very impressed with the bulbs and the perennially
Product : Nice strong plants
+ Service rating : prompt
Product : Did not expect 12 plants when i only complained about one! Tete a tete was a surprise bonus' Thank you all very much. Will be using your company later when garden ready for more planting.
++ Service rating : Good range, competitive prices and efficient service.
Product : Plants arrived promptly, carefully packaged and in good condition.
- Service rating : slow
Product : Fuchsia arrived out of pot and looking dead, despite TLC plant has not recovered. Please replace
YouGarden Comments
Good Afternoon,

I am really sorry to hear this - I am going to get an e-mail sent over to you immediately. We will get this sorted for you.

Kind Regards

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
+ Very helpful and a pleasure to buy from
+ Service rating : Quick service.
Product : The packing was excellent and the condition of the plants on arrival was very good,
we are hoping that the results will be as good.
+ Service rating : the plants were in good order and I had good service
Product : the plants were in good order and I had good service
++ Service rating : Good offers
Product : These plants all look good
NA I like the General Service but find the postal charges quite high to be honest
+ Service rating : Very good service
Product : Nice plants
+ Service rating : I've not been disappointed so far in my dealings with YouGarden.
Product : All the plants were in reasonable health. Time will tell how they progress - or not.
- Service rating : Prompt delivery, soil was damp.
Product : Bit disappointed.
Two of them were broken at the base, some were not identified and I'm not a garden plant expert, one was a geranium, which I get get locally for 50p if I wanted, but since I dislike the smell of them, I don't have them in my garden. I've planted all but the geranium (gave it away) hope they grow
YouGarden Comments
I am very sorry to hear of your disappointment with some of your order. please know that if you were to contact us before giving the plant away we would have happily actioned the matter for you! If you do come across any other issues or you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us cs@yougarden.com

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
- Service rating : the plants were delivered quickly
Product : some of the plants were broken and I don't think they will survive
YouGarden Comments
Thanks again for your order. Sorry to hear that some of the plants were not in great condition. They are quite tough and should be ok, however if they don't pick up, please get in touch.

Head of Customer Service
- Service rating : All The plands were out of the box and squashed
Product : I would regard some as weeds
YouGarden Comments
I am sorry to hear that you are unhappy with some of the plants you received. Please send us some details via email.

Head of Customer Service
++ Good delivery time and very well packed. All have settled in nicely
++ Received goods very quickly and well packaged
- Service rating : Service was fine.
Product : Some plants had wilted badly and three had died completely.
++ Good supplier
+ Service rating : The delivery is always excellent and the products are n good condition. I have planted them only recently.
Product : I have planted them only a few days back. Generally your products are very good.
++ Service rating : Took a while, but eventually got my order!
Product : Good selection of plants and my garden now looks like a garden!!
++ Service rating : Well pleased with my orders
Product : Great range of plants sent to me would have ordered the same again but I do not have the room
- Service rating : Plants poor quality, transport containers were to small for plants packed, very annoying and makes you think I will not use again.
A lot of hassle, phone call and trying to salvage plants, got a second box but not a pleasant experience.
But I will give you the opportunity to make it up to me by sending me a gift for my wife it's her birthday on 17/09/16 age 55 something called Jane.
Product : Original plants poor quality, broken damaged leaves drooping, and didn't fit the containers.
This may affect future purchases.
+ Service rating : service was good plants arrived on time well packed
Product : plants were in good condition seeing they were and end of season package, still well pleased
+ Service rating : May I have some information on the Lucky Dip plants
Product : 12 plants received but only 10 had names 2 of which are labelled as DIGITALIS CAMELOT,but had totally different leaves, so I do not know if either of them are correctly named.I have already sent an email on 1st August re OR 3275425, with dispatch No SD1719749
copy of email I sent
Your Order number Is: *(Feefo removed personal details)
Your Dispatch Number Is: *(Feefo removed personal details)
Description Quantity Unit Price Saving Line Total
Lucky Dip End Of Season Perennial 12 Plant De 1 19.99 2.00 17.99
YG Discount Club Annual Membership 1 10.00 0.00 10.00
Hardy Geranium Rozanne - 3 garden ready 1 16.99 1.70 15.29

Thank you for the above order which I received at the weekend.
I have planted the Geraniums, but on checking the Lucky Dip Plants I find that two of the plants have no identification tags.
The following named are:

1x Coreopsis Early Sunrise
1x Hollyhock Double Mix
2x Digitalis Camelot
1x Achillea Summer Pastels
1x Verbena Bonariensis
1x Kniphofia Flamenco
1x Alchemilla Molls
1x Lupin Gallery Mix
1x Geum Mrs Bradshaw

Should there be a list of the items sent to me in my Lucky Dip( P560101 ), as did not receive individual names of the 12 plants sent ? I would appreciate some information regarding
these plants, namely care instructions, height and spread and planting etc..( Previously I have received a comprehensive printed list of Growing Instructions for individual perennials from
Lead the Good Life.com ( Garden Bargains.com ).)

I have tried to identify the other two using the RHS Gardeners? Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers with no success.

I will try to describe the unidentified plants:
one plant has 7x 7~8 cm long shiny green pointed leaves at top of a long stem with no sign of any flowers: the other has ~ 7 long narrow soft drooping pale green pointed leaves
growing up the stem to the flat button shaped flower head with a large green centre changing to a ring of brown then a ring of yellow to a outer ring of tiny triangular green
Please advise.

I also received by post an envelope only containing 20 of free discount vouchers, but to date have not received my ? YouGarden ' Club Pack, so I do not have my Membership Card for
Membership number to recommend my friends.

Yours faithfully

Mrs Margaret Cowan
__________________ ________________________ ________________________
All plants arrived in reasonably good condition with exception of Kniphofia Flamenco whose long narrow ~30/35 cms leaves had been trapped in the plastic protective container so are quite cracked and bedraggled looking.I did not receive helpful answer from Fiona Girvan on the 4th August. Please advise
YouGarden Comments
Please contact us and we shall be happy to help CS@yougarden.com | 0844 6 569 569

We look forward to hearing from you.

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
++ Service rating : Everything I got from you has been great recommend you to anybody.
Product : Very good pleased with everything I got out of the lucky dip.
+ Service rating : Please see specific comments re the Primula below.
Product : Good selection and maybe not what I would have chosen had I picked myself. All arrived perfectly packaged and safe.
++ Service rating : All beautifully healthy well packed plants
Product : So so happy with the variety and if bought separately would have been extremely expensive
+ Service rating : ok
Product : ok
+ Very impressed with the service from start to finish
+ Service rating : good service very helpful
Product : they look healthy
-- Service rating : Telephone call did not resolve my problem.
Product : The quality and selection of these plants was very poor and did not resemble the plants shown in the catalogue. Considering how many of the plants I was able to use, they worked out to be very expensive.
YouGarden Comments
Sorry to hear that the plants were to your satisfaction. However, these are advertised as a lucky dip. We'd be happy to replace any that are poor in quality, however as discussed you cannot pick the varieties in the collection.

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : Great company and great customer support when I needed an update in my order.
Product : Nice sized plants, remember these a small samples so don't expect huge plants. Well packaged for transportation via courier.
+ Service rating : Helpful staff, when phoning with a problem
Product : Arrived in good condition
++ The Courier lost my original order but You Garden had fantastic customer care and had my order resent as soon as I rang up. Thank you You Garden well done!
- Service rating : Response to issues resolved quickly and professionally & unconditionally
Product : Plants arrived badly packaged and with some slug activity
YouGarden Comments
Glad to hear that we could sort out that problem - we appreciate the positive feedback.

Look forward to hearing from you again soon.

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : Quick efficient service
Product : Good mix of plants for different areas of the garden
+ Service rating : On this occasion disappointing as in the past I've been very impressed. Delivery was the problem!
Product : Difficult to asses until the end result is seen! Two pants were not identified.
YouGarden Comments
Sorry to hear that delivery was an issue on this occasion. Can you give me more detail please, so that I may investigate?

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : order arrived on time packed well but missing one item contacted seller sorted out really quickly no problems. arrived yesterday order packed really well
Product : good selection of mixed plants
++ Really happy with service and price.
+ Service rating : Delivery has always been quick and when I did have a problem with slightly damaged plants (due to the delivery men) they replaced the products immediately and also sent me some free bulbs.
Product : I was slightly dissapointed with the size of these plants and although it was a lucky dip the plants were not any of the ones shown in the pictures
- Service rating : So far orders have arrived in one piece and are fairly well packed only lot had lost soil from the pots.
Product : The little group of 12 hardy perennials looked very sad and modest on arrival, hope they do well. Other orders have been more satisfactory.
YouGarden Comments
Thanks again for your order. Do not be disheartened...

Perennials generally look a bit worse for wear at this time of year, as they die back underground during winter. We leave a lot of the detritus on the plant, rather than removing it, as this nourishes the roots.

They'll soon start growing again later in spring and when you get green shoots, you can get rid of the old, unsightly leaves.

If you need any advice, please get in touch!

++ Service rating : Very efficient I will be using you a lot more
Product : All plants and shrubs arrived in perfect condition and packing, only hope they survive this frost in the greenhouse!
++ Service rating : Excellent and helpful communication from the staff
Product : Can't comment until they start growing but good value if they all survive
++ Very good delivered in good time
What Is Supplied Supplied as 12 x 9cm pots, ready to plant at any time of year
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