Passion Flower Collection

Passion Flower Collection

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3 x 9cm Pots - Item: 550065
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The exotic looking multi-layered flowers of Passion Flowers bely their ease of growing and their toughness and resilience- these are hardy once established, but in colder areas grow against a South facing wall or in large pots.

A fabulous lush evergreen climber and alternative to Clematis, for covering walls, arches and trellises. The flowers are very waxy and long lasting, their amazing detail a joy to behold.

Here you will get one plant each of:
• Passiflora Caerulea - lovely two tone blue and white, with purple detail.
• Passiflora Violacea - deep purple flowers, with contrasting white stamens
• Passiflora Constance Elliott - purest white

Note - they may occasionally produce orange fruits in hot years, but wait until very orange and ripe before eating.

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++ Service rating : I like the way they tell you what will be sent and that is what happens.
Product : A bit early to tell but the plants look to be good
+ Service rating : plants came quickly
Product : too early to say they have only just arrived so haven't grown yet
+ Service rating : good variety of plants
Product : arrived safely
+ Service rating : Excellent service.
Product : Two plants a little on the small size and will need growing on.
++ Service rating : Excellent
Product : Lovely plants very sturdy
++ Quality produce at very reasonable prices
- Service rating : They arrived and due to transporting the pots were virtually empty of compost. Also the plants were very dry
Product : We have put the plants in bigger pots but there seems to be no movement at the moment
YouGarden Comments
Sorry to hear that your order suffered a bit of a rough ride in transit. The plants should pick up, however if not we'll replace.

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : Very good quality plants, but sometimes too many offers - every day is too much.
Product : Very pleased with the packing and the appearance of the plants
++ Service rating : Good delivery and plants well packed.
Product : Excellent condition.
++ Service rating : Have used you before and always had excellent service.
Product : In superb condition when arrived and after 10 days planting are growing very well indeed.
+ Service rating : Responded to query satisfactorily
Product : OK so far but plants not yet in bloom.
++ my garden has started to flourish with all the plants that i have brought from you Garden
++ Service rating : The speed and service is excellent from picking the plants off choice and such a big choice l have brought several banana trees one off which is now three feet tall and has stayed out all winter they look like they die off after the first frost but leave them alone and they are back stronger next season but all in all a brilliant service
Product : Taken well after one week in already seen some new growth
++ Service rating : Great offers and huge choice
Product : Already beginning to bud
++ Service rating : Prompt and efficient.
Product : Healthy plants which are looking good.
++ Service rating : Delivered too soon before the heavy rains came.
Product : No problems
++ The plants are always in great condition and well packed
-- Service rating : Ordering was simple and customer services were good when I had a problem with my order and the subsequent 3 subsequent orders
Product : These had one that were dead on arrival and the other 3 died within 3 days, contacted customer services and they arranged for replacement but they did not arrive so arranged for more to be sent out,,,,,still waiting
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I am sorry to hear that you've had such trouble with your order. I will look into this and get back to you.

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : Good customer service
Product : Good price for 3
+ Service rating : Super customer service, fast delivery, excellent plants. Wish you were round the corner!
Product : Sadly the tips were broken on two of the plants - but it's not a peoblem, there are good strong side shoots coming. It may have been good to nip those leading shoots once planted, anyway
++ Very pleased, can recommend.
++ Service rating : Excellent customer service
Product : One plant was broken in transport but excellent response from you Garden in immediately replacing the plant
+ Service rating : The site was easy to use and the items were as described. They were well packed and arrived in a reasonable time.
Product : The plants arrived looking fresh and healthy and were well packed.
++ Service rating : well run efficient company
Product : excellent
+ Service rating : Very please
Product : Good value
++ Service rating : This service is always good
Product : really strong healthy plants
+ Very please
What Is Supplied Supplied as a collection of 3 plants - 1 each of 3 colours - in 9cm pots 15-20cm tall, to plant straight out.
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