Patio Standard Rose Red
Patio Standard Rose Red

Patio Standard Rose 'Red'

  • A fabulous quality patio standard rose.
  • Velvety red petals from summer and into autumn.
  • Perfect for pots and planters, or planting direct in the soil for summer long colour.
  • Specially chosen small-flowered variety bearing hundreds of small, long lasting flowers.
  • Supplied as 1 x bare root, standard tree with a well-formed head, approx. 60-70cm tall ready to plant out.

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Product Information

Rose 'Red’ is a classic red rose with deeply coloured, velvet-like petals through summer and into autumn, which look picture-perfect when spotted with early morning dew.

This standard rose is superb value for money and will produce displays of beautifully fragrant, elegant blooms to enjoy all summer long.

Also known as Tree Roses, they are the perfect way to add height and elegance to your patio – where a single bush will make a dramatic fragrant feature – or as a pair of potted specimens to dress a door or gateway. By ‘top grafting’ the flowering variety onto the straight stem of the rootstock, thereby giving the height, it takes expert growers a full three years to produce these gems.

Supplied as 1 x bare root, standard tree with a well-formed head, approx. 60-70cm tall ready to plant out.

What Is Supplied

Item 530191 supplied as:

Supplied as 1 x bare root, standard tree with a well-formed head, approx. 60-70cm tall ready to plant out.

Some may have green wax on cut ends, which prevents drying out. It will dissolve naturally when growth starts.

Plant Care Information

Scented / Fragrant
Scented / Fragrant
Perfect In Pots
Perfect In Pots
Plant In Sunshine
Plant In Sunshine
Winter Hardy
Winter Hardy
Easy To Grow
Easy To Grow
Wildlife Friendly
Wildlife Friendly

Top Tips

  • Before planting, plunge bare root plants into a bucket of water for half an hour to rehydrate.
  • When pruning, make sure that your secateurs are clean and sharp to prevent squashing stems and introducing disease.
  • Add mycorrhizal fungi to the roots when planting to help the plant establish quicker.
  • Trim old flower stems to shape early each spring, just before new growth starts.

Care Information

  • Pick the right container for your rose - any large pot with good drainage holes is perfect.
  • Roses love sunshine and should receive sun for at least half the day, so position the pot with this in mind, remembering to position it before filling with compost as it may be too heavy to move once planted up.
  • Use a loam-based John Innes No 3 with 10 – 20% multi-purpose compost added. Make sure that the mix does not include any type of granular or time release fertilizer as this may burn the roots.
  • Feed twice for more blooms. Late-March/April and again Late July.
  • Prune lightly to deadhead, shape, and control disease.
  • Transplant into a larger container if you notice a decrease in blooms, and every 2 – 3 years to refresh the soil.
  • It is important that container-grown plants do not dry out – water regularly.

Planting/Flowering Calendar

Planting Time
Flowering Time

Fully Grown Plant Dimensions (approx)

Plant Dimensions
120 cm
60 cm
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