Viburnum plicatum Kilimanjaro Sunrise

Viburnum plicatum Kilimanjaro 'Sunrise'

  • A previous Plant of the Year at RHS Chelsea Flower Show, 'KIlimanjaro Sunrise' has 4 periods of interest on one tree!
  • In spring, the tree bursts to life with layers of white flowers, aging to blush pink, followed by red summer berries.
  • In late summer, there's a second flush of flowers, followed by a bonfire-coloured autumn foliage display.
  • A small tree or large shrub at 2.5-3m or so, ideal for borders or lawn planting.
  • Supplied as an established plant in a 3L pot.

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3L potted 70cm
Item: 510690
3L potted 70cm - Item: 510690
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Usually despatched within
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We like to bring our customers plants that we call 'good-doers', and this lovely Viburnum certainly is that - combining four distinct periods of garden interest in one easy-to-grow hardy shrub.

Awarded the Best New Plant at RHS Chelsea Flower Show in 2015, 'Kilimanjaro Sunrise' erupts into flower, with tiered layers of white lacecap blooms in April and May - giving rise to its sometimes used common name of the Wedding Cake Tree. These age a lovely blush pink, often with many overlapping tones on the plant at once.

This is followed in summer by bright red berries, which help feed the birds and other wildlife, before it surprises you again with a smaller autumn re-flowering. Then, in a final blaze of glory, it sheds its bright autumn leaves, as it hibernates in preparation for another year of garden thrills.

Supplied as an established plant in a 3L pot., Viburnum Sunrise is a compact growing shrub at just 2.5m (8ft) tall and 1.5m (5ft) wide after 7-10 years, it makes a lovely mixed border specimen.


What Is Supplied

Item 510690 supplied as:
Supplied as a well-branched plant, in a 3L pot, to plant out all year round.

Plant Care Information

Plant In Sunshine
Plant In Sunshine
Winter Hardy
Winter Hardy
Easy To Grow
Easy To Grow

Top Tips

To help your plant establish fasterm add micorrhysal fungi to the soil when planting.

Care Information

Planting Advice for Viburnum plicatum 'Kilimanjaro Sunrise'

  • Grow Viburnum plants in a sunny or semi shaded position, in any moderately fertile, well-drained soil.
  • Prior to planting, incorporate plenty of well-rotted manure or garden compost into the soil.
  • Plant your Viburnum at the same depth as it was planted in its pot.
  • Backfill the planting hole and water well to settle the soil.

Aftercare Advice for your 'Kilimanjaro Sunrise' Viburnum

  • Water regularly throughout the growing season until young plants are fully established.
  • In spring, apply a mulch of well-rotted manure or garden compost to the base of the plant.
  • Keep plants well-watered and apply a mulch to prevent the soil from drying out.

Pruning Advice for Viburnum

  • Viburnum requires little pruning. Any vertical shoots that emerge can be cut back to their point of origin in summer after flowering and any damaged or dead branches can be cut back to a healthy bud after flowering.


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Plant Dimensions
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