Acer palmatum Garnet

Acer palmatum 'Garnet'

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One of the best and easiest compact growing Acers for smaller gardens, pots and patios, this gorgeous red foliaged small tree offers so much interest througout the year.

The 'Dissectum' part of the name refers to the very feathery leaves, which emerge in early spring the most gorgeous burgundy red, and remain in deep colour all summer, turning redder still in autumn.

A slow growing, spreading tree with the perfect balanced habit, it is great as a border specimen, or in a large pot, where it can remain for 10 years quite happily - and you can take it with you if you move house!. A great investment for any garden.

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NA Service rating : Easy to order, plant arrived well packed and on time
Product : Since this plant is deciduous it just looks like a bunch of twigs at the moment - will have to wait until the Spring to comment
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Katy Rogers
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++ Service rating : Perfect however the cost of membership is high and should be lowered to avoid instability to revenue
Product : Perfect
++ Service rating : Delivered on time and the plant was very well packed
Product : I have planted the Acer and so far it seems very happy, thank you!
++ Service rating : The service was very good and I was kept informed of delivery.
Product : The Acer arrived as requested and my friend was very pleased..
+ Service rating : Items ordered arrived within the delivery time window. Excellently packed. Have previously been very pleased with purchases from you garden and sister company blooming direct. These did not disappoint.
Product : Again, well packed. It is difficult to judge when a deciduous tree is dormant, but the size is as expected and the tree seems healthy.If all goes well in the spring I would increase rating to excellent.
++ Fast service.
What Is Supplied Supplied as a 4 year old tree in a 3L pot, 50cm tall, well branched.
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