Monkey Puzzle tree

Monkey Puzzle tree

Plant In Sunshine
Winter Hardy
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Monkey Puzzle is one of the most iconic. yet majestic and easily recognised trees in the UK, yet not widely planted nopw. Many of the tallest of specmens are a hundred years or so old, yet without the foresight of previous gardeners, we would have few to wonder at today.

A lovely and intriguing stately evergreen, with whorls of sharp leaves, they are very slow growing in their first few years, and take a while to get going. They are thus a very expensive plant to propagate and sell. Despite this slow speed, they are relatively easy of planted and left alone!

They can reach and elegant 10M in 20-30 years or so, but can also be trimmed to lower than this. Select a spot where it can be seen from, as they are best grown as a lawn or boundary specimen tree, with plenty of space around them.

A garden design classic - try one now, they make a great gift too.

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Score Customer Comments
++ Service rating : Some interesting and different projects.
Product : Lovely shaped plant and excellent condition. Already grown 10 days after planting out.
++ Service rating : Arrived well packed and in good condition
Product : Arrived in good condition and is re-potted
+ Service rating : Fast service and excellent products.
Product : Smaller than expected, but will do the job.
+ Service rating : none
Product : none
+ Service rating : Very good
Product : Not bad
+ Usually good quality goods fast delivery no problems
++ Service rating : Quick delivery
Product : plants arrived in good condition
+ Service rating : More care need to be taking when packing the plants , some arrived damaged.
Product : plant was also damaged on arrival but is recovering slowly
++ Service rating : Fast efficient service
Product : Well presented tree in what appears to be a healthy condition
++ Service rating : Easy to use and quick delivery.
Product : Always wanted one of these - looking forward to it growing up !
++ Good quality plants but delivery and correspondence very vague.
- Service rating : poor communication when emailed i) to ask when order due.
ii) even poorer response when eventually order supposedly dispatched and over a week later contacted as even Yodel had no idea where order was and they told me to contact seller.
Product : Exceptionally small specimen for price.
YouGarden Comments
Clearly there were some issues delivering your order, which are being investigated. I am very sorry for this.

++ Service rating : Large order of plants placed in 1 box, which inevitably caused some damage to the larger plants at bottom. But generally all plants were in tip top condition.
Product : Great condition and lovely looking plant. Wish I had got a slightly larger one though.
-- Service rating : Ridiculous waiting time when promised 7-10 day delivery. Monkey puzzle tree not grown in the correct pot therefore roots were half the depth they should have been.
Product : This sapling was grown in a pot half the size promised then delivered in a bigger pot. I only noticed because the pot was split in half and the plant needed immediate attention when it arrived.
++ Service rating : very god
Product : very god
++ Service rating : Delivered quickly.
Product : Seems fine.
++ Service rating : Delivered promptly although I was annoyed at having to pay double for delivery and did consider cancelling my order. Aberdeen is not in the highlands.
Product : Smaller than I thought it would be
++ Service rating : the service was excellent and was here right on time
Product : it was better than i expected
What Is Supplied Supplied as a seed-raised tree 3 years olf, 15-20cm tall in a 1L pot.
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