Magnolia Collection

Magnolia Collection

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Vibrant Early Summer Colours, Sweetly Fragrant And They Last For Decades Too! Grow Anywhere Magnolia Collection.

Create incredible spring displays as early as this April with these stunning Magnolia shrubs. Their heady perfume fills the air and the range of colours and formats makes this a perfect starter collection. And, whilst they love garden soil, they will happily grow almost anywhere - they look stunning in pots on your patio. Despite their connoisseur status, anyone can achieve truly amazing displays with these easy-to-grow Magnolias. Compact and slow-growing, they remain a manageable size for even the smallest garden. Totally winter hardy and perennial, so you can enjoy them year-after-year ... for decades!

Supplied as a collection, one of each of the 3 gorgeous colours below, of 3 year old pot grown plants 40cm tall::

  • Magnolia stellata: Breathe in deeply. The large white flowers that burst out of the silky, silvery buds that cover the bare branches of the aptly named Star Magnolia during March and April are deliciously fragrant. Slow-growing and compact (3m (10ft) in height and 4m (12ft) across) this plant will thrive in most soils.
  • Magnolia x soulangeana: One of the most popular magnolias you can grow thanks to a succession of huge, tulip-shaped pinky white flowers that smother the branches of this shrub in mid to late spring. They are shown off to great perfection on the spreading bush as they appear before its dark green leaves. Eventually reaching 6m (20ft) by 6m (20ft) wide, it can be pruned to keep within an allotted area. It prefers acidic soil or pots filled with ericaceous compost.
  • Magnolia Susan: A perfect specimen for a small garden, this medium-sized magnolia boasts narrow, goblet shaped flowers that appear from near purple buds in April. Measuring almost 15cm (6in) across, each deep pink bloom packs a heady scent. It does best in slightly acidic soil or can be planted in containers of ericaceous compost. This upright shrub will grow to 4m (12ft) high by 3m (10ft) across.
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++ Service rating : The plants came very quick packed really well
Product : The magnolia trees look lovely in the garden
+ Service rating : Friendly and helpful on the phone, prompt service. Would rather deal direct than through group on, go groopie or mighty deals though!
Product : Great! But I didn't actually order these!!??
++ Service rating : Arrived really quickly, in good condition and safely packaged.
Product : Lovely examples - one of them is already flowering!
++ Service rating : Great service as usual and very quick delivery
Product : Very good quality plants as usual
- Service rating : The service is excellent as until now the plants have been also.
Product : The only downside is that I recently received 3 magnolia trees, unfortunately one has a broken branch and another was halfway out of its pot. This is because no care had been taken in packing them into the delivery box. The plants had just been placed in the box with no packing whatsoever, I am not at all surprised that they were not very happy when they reached me. Perhaps more care could be taken by separating individual plants securely before placing them in the delivery box?
++ Order not yet complete
+ Part of order was missing but it was replaced within a few days
++ Service rating : So far delight.ed can't wait forsprring.most plants look really healthy
Product : Look healthy with lots of buds and a good shape delighted super Price
++ Service rating : Good products i have used other shopping channels as i am a wheelchair user and just find it easier being a dedicated gardener .That said i do use the streaming channel mt only problem with that is you do tend to repeat the same a lot just vairy it more with different products otherwise very well put together and very enjoyable the rapore is very good is the prog coming back on the shopping channel soon you seem to enjoy working with the other chap sorry don't know his name lol .
Product : again good quality
What Is Supplied Supplied as 3 year old, pot grown shrubs, 40cm tall, ready to plant straight out in the garden.
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