Japanese Maple Acer Collection

Japanese Maple Acer Collection

Amazing Autumn foliage
Perfect In Pots
Plant In Shade
Winter Hardy
Easy To Grow
3 x 10.5cm Pots - Item: 510134
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3 varieties in 3L pots - Item: (510285)
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These stunning Acers are guaranteed to make an impact in your garden for years to come! Fully hardy even in the coldest winters they lose their leaves in winter, only to burst with incredible colour in spring. The stunning foliage changes colour throughout the year, producing an amazing array of colours in Autumn.

With this incredible collection you get 3 beautiful and highly desirable Acer plants, carefully selected to give a complimentary colour mix. Acers are slow growing, making them ideal for growing in large pots or smaller gardens, where once planted, they are very easy to maintain, and reward you with gorgeous foliage displays for many years. They do well in light shade, as the brightest Summer hot sun can scorch the paler coloured leaves occasionally.

Being slow growing, and difficult to propagate, they are usually much more expensive, but we have a very special offer available. 

Varieties Included:
Acer palmatum 'Atropurpureum' Deep burgundy-purple leaves that turn an even more brilliant shade of bright red in Autumn, just before they fall. The classic red-leaved maple. 
Acer palmatum 'Butterfly': A fantastic variety with lacy, fine foliage. Its leaves are grey green and beautifully marginned with cream tinged with pink.. It forms a 3m bush in 20 years. A must have for any garden!
Acer 'Orange Dream': Bright orange new growth, which fades to yellow in the autumn. It is a great specimen shrub that grows to 3m over 20 years.

+ + = Excellent + = Good - = Poor - - = Bad
Score Customer Comments
NA Service rating : Good service
Product : Waiting till they flower
++ Service rating : Excellent service
Product : Plants look very healthy and are starting to bud up
+ Service rating : The ordering service and delivery worked very well
Product : Still time to go until the growing season but the plants arrived in good condition
NA Service rating : Arrived, well package and in good condition.
Product : They are in my cold frame at present due to cold and frost. Have high hopes when I plant out in early Spring.
+ Service rating : We used internet, but all very clear
Product : Nicely packaged and look good specimins
++ Service rating : Very satisfied
Product : Very satisfied
++ Service rating : On this occasion very disappointed. My erythronium bulbs were particularly poor (20% useless). 3 e mails (how can they not be received) and 3 phone calls over the next 3 weeks!!!!!! Eventually sorted the matter out to my satisfaction. Thus errors made but sorted out and will use Yougarden again.
Product : Seem to be in good condition. Planted on into bigger pots. Looking forward to next summer.
YouGarden Comments
Good Afternoon,

I am very sorry to see that you are unhappy with the service to which you received.
On looking at the account I can see that it was myself who personally dealt with your issue. I dealt with this matter immediately. We had a telephone conversation and i ensured all errors were resolved.

I replaced your order and ensured you received it as quickly as possible. I am sorry to see that you still felt as though you received poor service.

Again, I apologise for the disappointment caused.
Any further questions or queries please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant

Kind Regards

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
++ Service rating : Very good
Product : All items arrived in a good condition and were well packed
+ Service rating : Excellent telephone ordering service and prompt delivery
Product : Very good value for money
NA Service rating : very quick delivery
Product : the dormant plants look good but next spring will tell !!
+ Service rating : Fast delivery, well wrapped.
Product : Hard to say as its winter and the trees are bare but so far so good
++ I was advised goods were to be sent, they arrived on time and in good condition.
+ Service rating : Quick delivery and always well packed
Product : Good sized small plants, although dormant, sure they will grow away in spring.
++ Service rating : Well packaged and arrived promptly
Product : Seems like a good selection. Plants look healthy and I hope they will develop well in time.
+ Service rating : Very good service
Product : Healthy looking plants thankypou
- Service rating : Satisfactory
Product : Unfortunately the labels had fallen out, so will need to wait until spring before knot which colors they are.
YouGarden Comments
Good Morning,

We are so sorry to hear that your Acer's are missing some of their labels!

I have added a note onto your account so don't worry, if for some reason they turn out to be anything other than what you ordered just let us know and we shall rectify the matter for you!

Kind Regards

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
+ Service rating : The plants were upside down in the cardboard box so at least half of the soil had fallen out of the pots. The Passion flowers were trapped in the plastic tray and hanging out with bits broken off.
Product : As these are just bare roots I have just put all the soil back in the pots and they look alright. Just have to hope they are still alright after winter.
YouGarden Comments
Good Morning,

We are sorry to hear that you received a slightly damaged parcel. This is not what we expect and we ask that you send some pictures in of the damage please if possible?

If for any reason they do unfortunately fail please let us know and we shall action accordingly for you.

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
+ Service rating : Quick response and safe delivery
Product : Appear in good condition and well potted
++ Prompt ,wellpacked
++ Service rating : Order line very good was told goods out of stock for two to three days then by would be sent this is what happened
Product : They arrived as sticks so my husband is looking forward to the summer to see their beauty they are his Christmas present
+ Service rating : No problems encountered. Was kept informed re delivery and so far all good
Product : Well packaged and hope all well be well when I can plant them out
+ Service rating : Very good, no problems up to now.
Product : Came well packed and healthy looking, just a bit smaller than i thought. I bought these for my daughter , but she is not the best gardener, and they do look quite small and fragile , so i will nurture them myself for now, till they get a little bigger and stronger. Good value for money though and they will look stunning ' in time.
+ Service rating : Good
Product : Good
+ Superb service and very quick
+ Service rating : Brilliant, the plants were so unexpectedly delivered early evening
Product : the plants are now potted up and look okay
NA Service rating : the plants arrived in good packaging and in good time. thank you
Product : the three trees look in good condition.... hard to tell at the moment as they are in dormant stage and no leaves, cant wait to see them bud up and grow.
++ Service rating : Excellent transaction thankyou. Delivered very quickly and in perfect condition .
Product : A lovely, healthy set of plants.
- Service rating : I think i should have read the advert more thoroughly, i was not expecting 5"" trees
Product : Tiny
YouGarden Comments
Good Morning,

We are sorry to hear that you are unhappy with the size of your trees.
Please know that if you wish to return them we can provide you with a returns address. Unfortunately we do not offer a free returns service therefore this would be at your own cost. Once we have received the return we would refund you in full.

If you have any more questions please feel free to ask.

Kind Regards

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
++ Service rating : I rated You Garden excellent because of their customer service. The original order arrived damaged and the varieties not labeled. I contacted You Garden and explained my dissapointment, to which they expressed supreme, obviously not a usual occurrence. I was immediately assured that my order would be replaced and delivered in the correct state. It was three days later and in perfect condition.Excellent service. Well done You Garden.
Product : The plants look very good.difficult to judge much more as they are bare root.
++ Service rating : Very speedy service and package very good
Product : The plant are in very good condition , can't wait for the spring , thank you
+ Product arrived quickly
++ Service rating : Very impressed with the service .. from the date order received to the date plants arrived, all handled very efficiently, also liked the option to track en route. High standard of packaging involved with helpful instructions re aftercare enclosed.
Product : Plants look very healthy, looking forward to their progress particularly during their first season.
++ Service rating : The Maples were certainly good value. Coming in small pots with moist compost.
I can't comment on the fish blood & bone as I've not used it yet but it was in a plastic bucket container.
Perhaps some good quality plastic pots and a small bag of suitable compost could have been offered with instructions for potting on.
But then I used to own a small Spar store and we all ways wanted to sell more.
The items were well packed and arrived quickly. Everything was as ordered.
Excellent service.
Mike Leese
Product : See above
++ Service rating : Always good quick service. Replaced a plant that had been damaged on arrival without any questions.
Product : Beautiful plants, in good condition
+ Prompt and efficient service
++ Service rating : Products arrived very promptly and in excellent condition
Product : It's early days but Acers look really good and the leaflet that came with them gave very clear and helpful instructions on how to plant and look after them
+ Service rating : Quick service
Product : As they are dormant as it is winter it is hard to comment.
+ Had to contact customer services because we hadn't received our plants so they promptly sent us a replacement the plants look goid
+ Service rating : Good value and excellent service
Product : Packing could have been better, plant labels fell out of the pot so impossible to relabel until plat has grown
+ Service rating : Arrived when elected.
Product : Looks ok now. Let's hope in 6 months that they survive.
NA Service rating : Came on time
Product : Bare plants at present
+ Service rating : Very clear and helpful advice.
Product : It is really difficult to say as it is the winter - they look dead but are deciduous! I will know more in the spring! They do look beautiful.
++ Very quick
NA Although the service was good, it was unfortunate that because of the way the plants had been packed, the soil had spilt out of 2 of the pots causing the labels to fall out so I can;t tell which is which until they come into leaf.
+ Service rating : Prompt delivery
Product : Have not yet planted them up but they look good
NA Service rating : I ordered online which went ok. Items arrived within a week.
Product : Have put them outside ,so have not seen how well they will survive winter yet. They look ok when they arrived.
+ Service rating : Quick delivery and well packed
Product : Pleased so far, but only a couple of twigs so far. Looking forward to growth next spring.
++ Service rating : Speedy delivery and prompt reply to email question re planting advice
Product : Looking forward to watching them grow!
+ quick service, plants look ok hard to tell this time of year.
- Service rating : Packaging not very good. Potting medium was very dry. Plants all looked a bit battered.
Product : We hope the Acers survive! Soil was dry and had come out of pots and was loose in box. Would have benefitted by some wrapping around individual pots to contain soil, plastic holders too flimsy. Not robust enough for travel!
YouGarden Comments
Good Morning,

I am very sorry to hear that you are disappointed with the condition of your parcel. I shall forward this on to the relevant team.

Would you possibly be able to get some images sent over to us? We can then action accordingly for you.

Kind Regards

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
++ Service rating : Very easy and positive transaction. I did have to contact the company as the offer we had seen in a Sunday paper wasn't on their website. The lady I spoke to was very cheerful and confirmed the offer was still acceptable.
Product : Products arrived well packaged. Hopefully will see results next year in growing season.
NA Service rating : Difficult to know what is required here. Service quick.
Product : I won't really know until next year how well the Acers are doing so maybe it would be best to give feedback in about June.
+ Service rating : excellent service when I called and put my order in and then to have them delivered so quickly was super efficient.
Product : They seem good but I have to wait for the growth to start; at the moment they are just bare twigs. One suffered a bit in the delivery but it seems OK now.
++ Service rating : Quick efficient service plants arrived when stated in a good condition
Product : they look lovely can wait to see them once they are established
+ Service rating : Very fast delivery ��
Product : The plants look in good condition, just have to wait until spring to find out if they are!��
++ Service rating : Great sales and service.
Product : Great service and the trees look absolutely fine.Thanks for a easy transaction.
- Service rating : nice price shame about the delivery service
Product : as I have already told you they came loose in the box which was squashed
YouGarden Comments
Please accept our sincerest apologies for any disappointment that has been caused by the plants or the courier.

If you have been in touch via Email, hopefully we can resolve the situation shortly.
+ Service rating : Delivery as expected
Product : Products as expected
+ Service rating : Our garden and patio areas will benefit from the purchase of these three acer shrubs should thy meet the description of their description. we believe they will as we have purchased plants before in the same manned and have experienced excellent results from them.
Product : The shrubs arrived in good time, they were well packed and protected. They were planted into large patio container soon after arrival with appropriate soil/compost and farmyard manure mix, they are awaiting spring time when I expect to see for myself the results of our purchase and we have great hopes for them.
+ Service rating : Pretty good service. Well formed trees and well packed.
Product : Too early to tell how they will perform but they are nicely formed trees and look to be in good condition.
+ Service rating : Delivered as promised within 7 days
Product : Looked ok but will not know until spring when they start to grow.
+ Service rating : as I would expect
Product : seem ok
- Service rating : Some of their advertising is very misleading in that it makes believe the offers are better than they really are.
Product : soil in the pots was more in the packaging than in the pots.
YouGarden Comments
Thank you for your feedback. Could you email us and explain what you mean please - it certainly isn't our intention to mislead!

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : very good
Product : very good
+ Service rating : good fast service
Product : ok
+ Service rating : Delivered safely. Good variety of plants at good prices.
Product : Seems like good value for money. Only time will tell on quality come next summer when leaves are out.
+ Service rating : Always well protected plants.
Product : all arrived in good condition
+ Service rating : ordering was good
Product : well packed arrived in good condition
+ Service rating : Staff. On the fone were very very very good and most helpful. Staff on email gave me all the very necessary info I needed. Thank you.
Product : Arrived very dry but generally in the the condition as advised.
YouGarden Comments
We are glad to hear that you are happy with the plants and that they meet your expectations.

Apologies for he fact the delivery driver left them in the wrong the place. If you are ever in doubt about where the plants are, just get in touch with us via Email and we will be able to tell you where they are.

If you could let us know when you have placed an order with us we will make sure that the delivery instructions are correct for you.

Kind regards
+ Service rating : arrived quickly and with no problems
Product : Plants well packed and look healthy. just have to wait until they grow next year
+ Service rating : Couple of minor annoyances on receipt of my order, a couple of identifying names on labels had come adrift. Also, ordered 2 lots of Japanese maple offer, one lot being much stronger looking than the other in every way. But no doubt they will probably catch up in the growing season. ??
Product : Stilll in pots in Greenhouse, as they were delivered during 2 very severe frosty days. Have yet to plant out into the garden.
+ Service rating : Plants were in good condition on arrival and arrived within 3 days.
Product : very pleased with the Japanese maple (Acer) collection - 3 varieties.
++ Service rating : Always spot on
Product : Fantastic price
++ Service rating : Prompt service good looking plants
Product : Look fine. Time will tell
+ Service rating : The maples arrived very quickly
Product : The maples appear OK and were watered immediately. They are being kept indoors because of frosts. Too early to comment on quality as they are now dormant and losing their leaves.
+ Service rating : great
Product : great
+ Service rating : good
Product : good
++ Service rating : Good service updated on progress regularly.
Product : Good product very reasonably priced packaged well and arrived promptly
- Hi
I was disappointed when I received my order of three maple shrubs as they where shriveled up ready to die not happy
YouGarden Comments
Good Afternoon,

I am very sorry to hear that your Acers have failed. Are you able to get some images over to us please?

We will then action accordingly for you.


Kind Regards

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
+ Service rating : Good
Product : Hope they live through winter
++ Always excellent service and products
+ Service rating : prompt delivery.plants were in good condition.
Product : see above.
++ Service rating : Good swift efficient service
got what I ordered
Product : Good condition,arrived good packaging undamaged,
just have to wait & see if they grow.
Thank you
++ Service rating : Service could not be bettered, arrived very quickly.
Product : Excellent items, delighted with them. Thank you. Dan.
++ Service rating : Excellent in all respects
Product : In good condition
++ Service rating : Speedy delivery, well packaged, arrived in good condition.
Product : Planted within 24 hours of recent receipt. Already producing leaves on 2 out of 3 shrubs.
+ Service rating : Received in a short period ready for planting.
Product : Cannot rate any higher until they have been to sleep for the winter.
NA Service rating : speedy delivery
Product : Given as a present so don't know yet
++ Service rating : Very good service quick on delivery
Product : Very good condition
+ Service rating : Plants in good condition, fast efficient service
Product : Good condition
+ Service rating : Having telephoned the company reference my delivery the customer services and subsequent emails were handled very, very WELL. Thank you
Product : looked very 'almost'dead. Many leaves in the box and some sticks in pots. Having discussed via email it appears these plants are 'dormant'. Wish I had known I would not have need to call.
+ Service rating : Arrived well packaged but very dry. Repotted quickly & thank goodness for rain
Product : Smaller than I was expecting
-- Service rating : Goods arrived in good time.
Product : Plants in poor condition, one looks like it may not survive. Advertisement was misleading.
YouGarden Comments
Good Afternoon,

I am very sorry to hear that your Acer has arrived in poor condition. This is not what we would expect. Would you please send some images over to us? We can then take a look and either advise or replace the plant for you.

Kind Regards

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
++ Service rating : Brilliant thank you
Product : Very good value for the money certainly be buying from you in the future
YouGarden Comments
Good Afternoon,

Thank you for taking the time to leave us that great feedback - We really appreciate this!

Kind Regards

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
++ Service rating : Quick and efficient service
Product : good value for moneyñ
++ Service rating : Very good service very helpful
Product : Arrived swiftly and in good condition well packed to protect plants
+ Service rating : good service
Product : will let you know if they shoot out next year
+ Service rating : very quick and well packed
Product : Good healthy plants but I think the advert alittle deceiving.Could have purchased the same size in the supermarket and saved postage, thankou Barbara Luscombe
- Service rating : Quick delivery
Product : Disappointed with the size of the saplings.
YouGarden Comments
Good Afternoon,

We are really sorry to hear that you are disappointed with the size of your Acer's. All measurements of our plants are located in the product description on our website.

If you would like to discuss this please email us as cs@yougarden.com

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
++ Service rating : Easy ordering and prompt delivery.
Product : Arrived in fits the class condition.
NA Service rating : Prompt filling of order
Product : collection came well packed and in good condition. Difficult to rate further until the growing season
++ Service rating : Arrived very quickly
Product : Exactly as the photo, good plants.
++ Service rating : very quick service.
Product : nice plants
NA Service rating : Haven't arrived yet 16 days so far
Product : I, ll let you know if I ever see them
YouGarden Comments
Good Afternoon,

We are really sorry to hear that your Acer's did not get to you. I have looked into this and I can see that my colleague has contacted you and replaced the order.

Please expect the replacement order soon, we usually despatch between 2-3 days.

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
++ Easy to order from and delivery came when expected, plants were in excellent condition and will use again.
+ Service rating : Plants were well packaged and secure. Arrived quickly after placing the order .
Product : Although smaller than expected , pot size and illustration were slightly misleading, the plants were of good quality . I look forward to them growing next year.
++ Service rating : Arrived earlier than expected in good condition
Product : I will really know how good they are come spring when they should start to grow again after losing their leaves Contact me again in say April May
++ Service rating : Excellent service. Fast delivery
Product : Healthy loooking plants. Will look forward to seeing them when they leaf up in the spring.
++ Service rating : Very good ordering service. The staff were very helpful when I phoned with a query
Product : Lovely fresh plants were delivered
+ Service rating : Prompt delivery
Product : Came in good condition as advertised
+ Service rating : No problems whatsoever.
Very quick delivery.
Product : Look good, would recommend, really pleased.
+ Service rating : Friendly, easy to order at a good price, good quality of items and delivered within time. Let down slightly by Yodel the courier who rang the doorbell, didn't wait for a response and left goods with a kind neighbor. On arrival the plants were in good condition - although some of the soil had dispersed from the pot, no great problem used some general compost to make up the deficiency. Clearly labelled and good aftercare instructions. All round excellent service.
Product : Arrived in good condition - will have to wait until spring 2017 to see how they perform, that I guess will be down to me:-) not the supplier.
++ Service rating : Very quick delivery fab plants. Thanks
Product : Very healthy plants. Alreadt potted up and look good.
++ Service rating : Good quick service. Plants arrived in excellent condition.
Product : All three plants look OK - very pleased with the selection.
+ Service rating : Plants arrive in good condition, with helpful information & advice.
Product : 2 in leaf & 1 no leaves. I guess it's in dormant state.
++ Service rating : Swift delivery. Well packaged plants.
Product : Healthy well grown Acers. Excellent condition. Would highly recommend this company
+ Service rating : Good service
Product : Will see how they grow!
+ Disappointingly high delivery charge though
+ Service rating : Great service and quick.
Product : Arrived on time very well wrapped and look good.I just hope i can keep them as well.
++ Service rating : Order arrived very quickly and plants were well packaged and in good condition.
Product : They were as described and still in leaf so I could see their colour. I am a great lover of Acers and will undoubtedly buy again from You Garden if more attractive offers are made.
+ Service rating : Good service
Product : Thought they would be a little bit bigger but all OK would shop again HAPPY
+ Service rating : Very impressed by speed of delivery
Product : So far very good and plants appear healthy but as they are still quite small I will wait to see how they grow
+ Service rating : Fast efficient
Product : Well packaged sturdy plants
++ Service rating : Very fast delivery items well packed with instructions how to plant them ect
Product : Maples x 3 were of a good size and looked very healthy
++ Service rating : Everything went according to expectations.
Product : Really pleased with them (so far). Sturdy healthy little plants from which I expect great things.
++ Service rating : A wide range of plants available, at very competitive prices
Product : Plants arrived well packaged and in excellent condition.
++ Service rating : The order was processed efficiently and the plants were delivered promptly as stated by them.
Product : The plants were as stated in the advertisement, we're very healthy and have great potential for my garden.
++ Service rating : Plants arrived promptly and well packed
Product : Maples were in good condition and a good size for growing on. Very pleased with the 3 plants and looking forward to seeing them grow.
++ Service rating : Trees arrived on time and as per description
Product : Trees are small (as described) but in good condition, colourful and very good value.
+ Service rating : Good fast delivery,,
Product : Just hope the plants survive the winter,,
++ Service rating : Info very good.
Product : Acers are A1
++ Service rating : Ordering easy from an excellent website. Service expedited and plants delivered in good time. Importantly I was kept well informed as to the progress of my order.
Product : Plants arrived well packaged and in good condition. Now thriving in my garden.
-- The quality of the plants that they send out are very very poor and their customer service worse than poor
YouGarden Comments
Good Morning,

I am very sorry to see that you are unhappy with the service, would you please contact us directly as we would like to rectify the matter.

Please email myself, Katy when it is convenient cs@yougarden.com

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
++ Service rating : easy website
Product : plants in excellent condition
++ Service rating : Very good service, well packed
Product : Very happy
+ Service rating : plants came well packaged.
Product : Will have to wait and see if they survive, and grow next year.
++ Service rating : Attractive price for good quality products, supported by efficient and prompt service.
Product : Excellent plants
++ Service rating : Fast Delivery
Product : Excellent quality for price
+ Service rating : Have received several good items this year.
Product : Acers seem very good and will hopefully grow well here in Devon
+ Service rating : Looks like some good offers but only used once so far
Product : One Acer (the purple ) had dropped all its leaves so looks a sorry state against the other two but I assume it will be fine next Spring.
++ Service rating : Ulike some suppliers plants received were well packed and NOT PARCHED.Plants were watered to my satisfaction
Product : excellent price
++ Service rating : Service good,packaging good, delivery exelent
Product : Quality looks excelent
++ Service rating : Good price fast delivery
Product : Lovely healthy looking trees
+ Service rating : Easy site, very straightforward.
Product : The plants were a little confined, I.e. too tall for packaging, but because delivery was swift, seem to have recovered.
++ Service rating : good fast service
Product : plants in good condition. well pleased. thank you
++ Service rating : You garden good plants and in a good state too
Product : Good plants and well packed got them in good order thanks
++ Service rating : excellent information
Product : the 3 Acer's arrived as advertised....very healthy
++ Service rating : Plants arrived in excellent condition
Product : Planted in pots and all doing very well
+ the service is very good
+ Service rating : Very fast despatch
Product : Good quality plants, packaged well & arrived promptly.
+ Service rating : Good speedy service.
Product : Not too sure. 1 of the Acers is losing all it's leaves.
YouGarden Comments
Don't worry, Acers are deciduous plants so they will lose their leaves, it may be that this one is just a little more sensitive than the others.

Let us know how it gets on!
+ The trees were in an appropriate size plastic container but this had been folded to squeeze it into too small a box. One tree was badly damaged and I trimmed some branches. I could have cried at seeing such poor care of these trees.
YouGarden Comments
Good Afternoon,

I am very sorry to hear this, are you please able to send some images over of the damaged tree? We shall then action accordingly for you.

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
+ Service rating : Good
Product : Good
+ Service rating : Excellent service
Product : Packed very well and so far look healthy
++ Service rating : Excellent service.
Product : These were a present for a friend. She was delighted with them.
++ Service rating : Excellent service, plants arrived promptly, and well packaged. Great price.
Product : Plants arrived well cared-for, carefully packaged, beautiful colours.
++ Service rating : Really hassle free. The young acers were very well packed.
Product : Nicely shaped sturdy young plants. Very pleased.
++ Service rating : prompt delivery
Product : live healthy plants well packed
+ Service rating : Very quick, smaller than I thought but grouped together very pretty.
Product : Hoping all 3 get through the winter. Is one of them going to turn bright red or do I need another!
++ Service rating : No complaints!
Product : The plants seem very good.
+ Service rating : very prompt service
Product : plants in good condition but one has dropped all its leaves
++ Service rating : Efficient ordering.
Product : Very pleased with the acers. But I would be as they are one of my favourite shrubs. Parcel well packed
++ Excellent items delivered on time
++ Service rating : Excellent service. Fast delivery
Product : Lovely healthy plants
++ Service rating : really quick delivery of brilliant well packed plants
Product : Just hope we can grow them as well as the nursery has!
+ Service rating : Very fast service
Product : They seem to be healthy plants
++ Service rating : Very fast delivery
Product : All 3 acers in good condition
+ Service rating : Plants delivered on time and in good condition
Product : Healthy plants
++ Service rating : Plants arrived very soon after ordering in very good condition -well packaged and good damp compost. Also of a good size.
Product : Healthy plants . Good size.
++ Service rating : Fast service arrived next day
Product : All fine so far and looking nice
+ Service rating : Delivered promptly
Product : Good plants
++ Service rating : Good
Product : Really healthy, acres, very good value for money.
++ Excellent service
+ Service rating : fast efficient delivery
Product : Plants arrived healthy. Two planted into ground, one in pot, all ok so far.
+ Service rating : Very quick delivery
Product : Nice plants although one looks a bit stick like. Hope it survives the winter
++ Service rating : Delivery was speedy and the plants were well packed and arrived in good condition.
Product : The Acers were excellent value for money and will definitely brighten our garden!
+ Very prompt delivery and value for money
++ Service rating : The service was efficient and my order came within the week.
Product : All good healthy plants I am very satisfied.
++ Service rating : Great service.
Product : Beautiful plants.
++ Service rating : Excellent service, easy to deal with.
Product : Products just as promised, lasted well till planting. Very robust packaging, protected them well.
++ Service rating : Arrived on time and well packaged. I have been impressed with their excellent after-sales service.
Product : One of the plants was not doing well, and this was replaced immediately by You Garden. I'm impressed!
++ Service rating : Fast efficient service & very good packaging
Product : Plants look healthy & arrived in good condition, ready for planting. Doing well so far
YouGarden Comments
Thanks so much for the great feedback!

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
++ Service rating : I have only used you once but it seems good
Product : They were sent to my son and he said they arrived in good order
+ Service rating : Beautifully packed and sent quickly after order given
Product : Two acers - the butesrfly and orange dream- were leafy and healthy. The purpureum was half the size of the other two and within a few days some of the leaves developed spots and withered at the ends. I have been spraying it which has improved things - but as I said in an earlier email it is disappointing to have a new plant which is not in the same tiptop condition as the other two aces.
++ Service rating : Very quick and easy to use.
Product : Very good condition.
++ Really nice delivery very helpful
++ Service rating : great as always
Product : great as always
++ Service rating : Arrived quickly, I was out when delivered, the box was left in a safe place, the only bad thing was even though the packaging had live plants, this way up on it, the delivery driver left the box upside down.
Product : Exactly what I ordered
+ Service rating : Due to being packed laying down all the soil etc was all over place when we opened them. Not packed the right way UP to your ARROWS on the box. WE HAVE NOT HAD A PROBLEM WITH OTHER ITEMS WE HAVE HAD FROM YOU.
Product : They are good now for having been the right up from when they arrived.
They looked very battered when they arrived.
Sorry for the comments BUT they looked very sorry for there self.
++ Service rating : very good service, always atrractive offers. will use again.
Product : look very nice, time will tell, no reason to doubt they will thrive.
+ Service rating : Plants well packaged and received on time undamaged.
Product : Plants appear to be in good healthy condition, but time will tell whether they flourish.
++ Service rating : ��
Product : Packaged very well��
++ Service rating : Came very well packaged. Good delivery time.
Product : All arrived in good condition. All three are thriving.
++ Service rating : Great service
Product : Really good value
+ Service rating : Easy to order .
Product : Plants good quality .
Though some damage !!!
+ Service rating : Plants arrived in a dryish condition. The packaging was badly damaged so much that the courier insisted that the package was opened to insure the contents were intact.
Product : The package was damaged but the plants survived intact although they were covered in dry compost and very badly potted whether this is usual or due to the shaking received in carriage I don't know
++ Service rating : Always quick & excellent service
Product : Always very happy with the plants I have received. This is my favourite place to buy on line plants, etc.
+ Service rating : Plants arrived safely and in good condition.
Product : Acers look healthy,
++ Service rating : Responce time from ordering to delivery is good
Product : Early days.Delivery was only severall days ago. However,condition looks good and
I am looking forward to their developement next year
+ Service rating : Rapid delivery
Product : One of the three plants had lost its soil in transit but looks as if it will recover. Other two fine.
++ Service rating : Excellent service by telephone staff & very quick delivery.
Product : Very healthy plants.
+ Service rating : Bit more care in transit.
Product : Most of the compost had been lost at some stage and the plants needed re-potting straight away.
Despite that 2 ot of the 3 were very healthy, although the remainder seemed water starved and it's leaves had become brown tipped.
All seem to be doing well now
NA Delivery company failed completely and could not effect delivery for two days straight claiming "could not access property" NO COMMUNICATION during waiting period
YouGarden Comments
I am sorry to hear that. On investigation, it appears that your order wasn't included in the daily report we receive from the courier. I trust you are now in safe receipt?

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : very quick service
Product : lovely healthy plants
+ Service rating : You garden supplied very healthy plants, provided excellent service and the plants were packaged well. I would certainly recommend to everyone as 1st class
Product : These Acers and also the Oleanders I ordered arrived lovely and healthy
YouGarden Comments
Thanks again for your order and the great review!
- Service rating : I have already contacted 'You Garden' with my dissappointment
Product : as above
YouGarden Comments
Good Afternoon Michael, We are dealing with your order and we apologise for the delay.

I promise, we are doing everything in our power to rectify the matter!

Terry Falcone
Customer Service Assistant
++ Service rating : This is my first order from you so I have nothing to compare with.
Product : Plants arrived in good condition.
+ Service rating : Easy to order and quick delivery
Product : Smaller than expected
++ Service rating : This was the second time I have used YouGarden and they continue to impress. My delivery was well packaged with due care and attention to the welfare of the Acers inside. The prices are great. The choice is vast and I have little doubt that this latest purchase will be as successful as my last one.
Product : The plants were all healthy and although the dark one was a bit limp when unpacked, it has since perked up.
NA Service rating : First rate Service.
Product : Original plants did not look very well. replacements look much better. Time will tell!
+ Service rating : Very good efficient service
Product : They are a bit small but are healthy
- Service rating : prompt service
Product : did not realise they would be soo small
YouGarden Comments
Sorry to hear that you are disappointed, however the size was stated in the advert that you responded to. We believe that these Acers are very good value compared to others that are available.

Head of Customer Service
+ I ordered a product, not a service from i do not want
+ Service rating : The person I spoke to on the phone was quite offhand and sounded bored, had little knowledge of the product and likely delivery time. Aside from taking the order she was not of great help. If there had been an 'okay' option I would have opted for that. When I had to call to check the trees had not already been delivered and gone astray, the person I spoke to was okay. I later received an email saying the order was despatched but it would have been useful to have had a definite delivery date as I would have preferred to have been at home to receive them.
Product : Plants were as described and in good condition when arrived.
YouGarden Comments
Sorry to hear that the person you spoke to wasn't as helpful as you'd have liked on this occasion. I will follow this up - although this is most out of the ordinary for her... Was there anything in particular that you wanted to know about the plants?

Having a guaranteed delivery date is very expensive for such relatively low value orders - this would add significant costs which would far outweigh the benefits for the vast majority of our customers.

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : The service was excellent.
Product : The plants arrived quickly and in good condition.
++ Service rating : The packaging was excellent. No damage was done to any of the leaves. Well done!!
Product : I am extremely happy with the products. Planted them in bigger pots. They look really healthy ; I am keeping my fingers crossed. I'm
-- Service rating : Had a problem with a delivery of acer trees,which was rectified quickly
Product : Trees were dead on arrival, but after contacting the company and sending some photos, the tress were replaced, free of charge, with very healthy new ones
YouGarden Comments
Great to hear that we sorted this promptly and to your satisfaction.

Head of Customer Service
-- Service rating : The plants were dead on arrival but the service and refund I received as a consequence was very good.
Product : Dead on arrival
++ Service rating : Had a minor mix up with delivery dates - I received an automatic email and forgot to allow for week-end. When I phoned to query a young lady explained what had happened and was very kind and helpful . I get a bit mixed up these days so was very grateful for her straightforward info - and the laugh we shared about it !
Product : Expected three twigs as the price was so low, got three small but perfectly formed trees - expecting great things from them.
++ Service rating : Prompt despatch, friendly helpful staff, good value
Product : Arrived in good condition, unfortunately the rabbits stripped two of them of all foliage on the first night after planting out. Have now put wire round them and keeping my fingers crossed that they come good!
+ Service rating : Items left in agreed area and were well packed with clear instructions as to how to plant.
Product : Seem to be OK at the moment and are getting plenty of rain after I had watered them in.
- Service rating : Not value for money.
Product : Not value for money. The size of the plants was very small.
That size cost £2.50 at my local Homebase.
I paid £21.99 for 3 incl postage.
YouGarden Comments
Not sure what type of Acer you found at your local store, however we think that these plants are excellent value compared with equivalent plants that are available. Sorry to hear that you don't agree.

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : very good service
Product : good quality products.
+ Service rating : Good communication and arrived in good condition and well packed
Product : Smaller than expected, but perfectly healthy. It would have been nice to have some care instructions inside the packaging
++ Service rating : Great pricing and excellent delivery, what's not to like!
Product : Well grown in size, safely packaged, got plants off to a great start
++ Service rating : Excellent quick and efficient service
Product : Plants are of really good quality.
++ Service rating : Arrived in good condition
Product : Lovely variety of colours
++ Service rating : Prompt delivery, well packaged.
Product : Plants arrived healthy and watered. I love Maples and to find 3 in one collection was brilliant!! And at such a great price too! Very happy with them.
+ Service rating : One tree arrived almost bad and You Garden sent another one to replace it, what I consider excellent.
Product : They are fine, but looked like bigger seedlings on the images. Although it was clear in the size description that they were this tall.
-- Service rating : was expecting healthy plants. only one out of the three plants has survived and even then its droopy and withered
Product : All the plants were in a very poor condition. the leaves were withered. the packaging was terrible.
YouGarden Comments
Sorry to hear that your plants arrived in poor condition. Can you send us some photos of them please? It is normal for Acers' leaves to droop a little in transit, however they usually pick up fine within a week or so.

Head of Customer Service
- Service rating : The service was good
Product : 1 maple was dead
+ Service rating : arrived as expected
Product : They arrived in good condition, but smaller than i imagined them to be but perfectly fine.
++ Service rating : No hassles at all, quick delivery and well packed
Product : Exactly what I wanted although they do seem very dormant.
++ Service rating : well done
Product : well done
++ Service rating : Great quality plants, carefully packed. I've had success with all my purchases.
Product : The small size means I can use them in containers to start with, then into larger pots for a different display, finally into the garden. Great gifts for family members.
+ Service rating : I feel a little bombarded with your marketing but the delivery was good and prompt
Product : They were a little smaller than I thought they would be and they are yet to bud so I'm watching and hoping they survive!
+ Service rating : Responded very well to query
Product : Look good - too early to really tell
-- Nothing like the ad in the pps misleading customers. last time to ordwer from you
YouGarden Comments
Sorry to hear that you are disappointed with your Acers. Can you send me some photos, so that we can check what you were sent please? As detailed in the Standard, the main photo is of a mature plant.

Head of Customer Service
++ Delivery on time, well packaged so plants well protected.
NA Service rating : Delivered as I asked
Product : Won't know till the spring/summer
What Is Supplied

Supplied in 10.5cm pot - 1 each of 3 varieties, apporx 20cm tall, and well-branched.

Note, photos show plants as supplied in early autumn. Foliage colour varies throughout the year and branches are bare during winter.

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  • February
  • March
  • April
  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October

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