Complete Hardy Fuchsia Garden Ready Collection

Complete Hardy Fuchsia Garden Ready Collection

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Pack of 6 Garden Ready Plugs - Item: 510095
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Elegant and beautiful, fuchsias are a must-have for any gardener. This wonderful collection of some of the best hardy shrub varieties gives you six of the best from the wide range of colours they produce.

The beautiful foliage ranges from lime to dark green and even cream tipped leaves. Flowering as early as June, they'll come alive with an explosion of pink, purples, reds, whites and even blue spectacular flowers hanging daintily from their stems.

Perfect for borders, pots & containers, they will provide structure and colour all summer long. These very hardy, reliable garden performers will thrive in your garden, coming back with bigger and better displays each year, and in such a range of flower colours, shapes and habits.

You will get our selection of 6 different coloured named varieites, including some from those shown here, as big garden ready, multi-trimmed plants to plant straight out.

+ + = Excellent + = Good - = Poor - - = Bad
Score Customer Comments
- Service rating : Prompt derspatch. Goods well packaged.
Product : Several were very small and dry. I am keeping my eyes on them.
YouGarden Comments
Sorry to hear that you aren't happy with some of the plants. Can you send us some details and we'll replace them for you?

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : I was a little wary about putting excellent because I prefer to buy plants from a garden centre, where I can see the plants and choose which one I want. These plants are smaller than you get in garden centres but very well packed and arrived in very good condition, even though they had been in a box, maybe for up to 3 days.
Product : Smaller than I would get from a garden centre but a lovely selection, in good condition. I potted them up straight away, to grow a bit before I plant them and they are doing well.
+ Service rating : ok
Product : ok
+ Service rating : The service has been very good on delivery and price
Product : Most of the plants were very good on delivery but one was very dry and before planting I watered it. It has just one on stem with green leaves on it so I am hoping it will survive. All the others are doing very well and shows signs of flowering.
++ Service rating : V g service
Product : Good healthy plants
-- Service rating : LIVE plants took 5 days to arrive. Opened box to find rotting specimens.
Furthermore order not fulfilled since all varieties were not included, dispatch note stating otherwise.My e mails of complaint have all been ignored. Customer service 0/10 AVOID THIS SUPPLIER
Product : are they fuchsia or compost?
expensive compost
YouGarden Comments
I'm so sorry to hear of your experience - I cannot find any emails from you, though am keen to resolve matters.

I have now arranged for a replacement Hardy Fuchsia collection to be dispatched ASAP.

Thank you for your patience whilst the nursery prepare the plants.

+ Service rating : Plants arrived safely and apart from a few all are thriving
Product : 1 has died but the others are surviving
+ Service rating : Good range of plants , good service
Product : Lost one but rest look promising .
+ Service was very good, they were only to happy to help.
++ Service rating : arrived well packed and in very good condition
Product : hoping for a very good show in the summer
+ The packaging was terrible,plug plants were loose in the large box and broken,I have complained.Two of the three half standard roses are not good,one is dead
A second looks as if it will die .I am not a happy customer .
YouGarden Comments
Sincere apologies for the damage in transit - we do appreciate you giving the plants a go though to see if they recover.

As discussed on the phone, we would be more than happy to replace any of the plants which do not take. Please get in touch either via phone or email.

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : Good website and attractive offers
Product : Plants arrived quickly and in good condition. Now appear to be thriving
++ Service rating : Plants arrived when expected and in excellent order
Product : Plants were healthy and well formed. Since planting out they appear to thriving
++ good
+ Service rating : Have ordered before and they have always come up trumps especially around birthdays and mothers day, customer service via e-mail fantastic and am always pleased when you get a personal response from one of the team, they go above and beyond when it's something important.
Product : the only query I had was one of the plants was not labled so we won't know what colour, but hey that's half the fun of gardening
++ great plants and great service
What Is Supplied Supplied as a pack of 6 different variety well-branched garden ready plug plants (6cm+ diameter) ready to plant straight into the garden.
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