Box hedging plant - Buxus sempervirens

Box hedging plant - Buxus sempervirens

Winter Hardy
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Used for centuries as classic garden hedges, often in formal gardens, but equally at home in small gardens. Box hedging is perfect for edges, borders and small boundaries, and makes neat hedges 1m tall over 10 years if required, but can be kept at 30cm if needed. These 15-20cm plants are 3 years old, and trimmed several times to give really bushy plants make growing a box hedge easy. Plant one plant per 25cm (10') for best results.They will grow 10-15cm per year. Do not trim for 2-3 years after planting, then lightly tip in Summer as needed.

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What Is Supplied Supplied in a 9cm pot, with the plant 15-20cm tall, recently trimmed with multiple branches. PP&I fixed at 6.99 for any quantity ordered.
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