The Ultimate Winter Hardy Shrub Collection

The Ultimate Winter Hardy Shrub Collection

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Winter Hardy
12 Bare Roots - Item: 500001
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You can now enjoy true year-round interest with vibrant flower colour, brightly coloured berries and stems, tactile bark and wonderfully fragrant flowers  - simply brilliant value for money compared to expensive potted garden centres shrubs.

These 12 tried and tested garden winners will fill any gaps you might have in your existing beds and borders or allow you to plant a new one from scratch, with each individual shrub having the potential to fill 1m2 / circa 10ftsq. Once planted they will rapidly grow away and look tremendous from this year onwards, providing a stunning visual display and a degree of privacy and security for you, as well as a natural safe haven for a wide variety of wildlife. The berries will provide much needed winter food for wild birds and the shrubby structure will provide cover and protection for them too.

Varieties Included:
Symphoricarpos albus: Known as the 'Common Snowberry' for obvious reason! The berries provide much needed winter food for wildlife. Height 3-4ft.
Syringa vulgaris: The common Lilac produces fragrant lavender coloured blooms each May. Hardy and deciduous and great for hedging, it grows to 10-15ft tall.
Cornus alba: The 'Red-Barked Dogwood' provides fantastic autumn colour with its bright red vertical branches. In summer it leafs up and even has soft pink flowers in mid-summer. Height 3-4ft.
Potentilla ‘Red Ace’: Beautiful scarlet-red flowers all summer long, contrast wonderfully with rich green foliage! Height 2-3ft.
Hibiscus syriacus Blue: Exotic yet hardy! Torrents of lavender-blue flowers each summer! Height 4-5ft.
Spirea douglasii: Part of the rose family, it is often know as the 'Rose Spirea'. Easy to grow with masses of pretty pink flowers in early summer. Perfect for small spaces - height 3ft
Forsythia intermedia 'Spectabilis': Literally one of the most spectacular early season shrubs because of its bright yellow bloom. Perfect for hedges and really easy to grow. Height 4-5 ft. although can be trimmed in to a tidy hedge.
Hypericum moserianum 'St John's Wort: Lush green foliage and pretty, bright yellow flowers all summer long. Perfect for a sunny or part-shaded position. Height 3-4ft.
Deutzia scabra: Also Known as the Fuzzy Deutzia, this native of Japan & China grows to around 8ft tall and smothers itself in pure white fragrant flowers in June.
Berberis thunbergii 'Atropurpurea': A great hedging plant because of its spiky branches, but also a beautiful garden plant. The yellow flowers appear in late spring and the purple foliage provides lovely autumn colour. Height 3-4ft.
Philadelphus coronarius: Commonly known as the 'Mock Orange' it will be clothed in a profusion of creamy-white flowers throughout June & July. The flowers are fabulously fragrant. Height 5-6ft.
Weigela rosea: A lovely garden shrub, with fabulous pink flower colour in May, June and July. Height 3-4ft.


'We ordered the collection of 12 shrubs back in March/April as we have a large garden which was just lawn. We had previously purchased 2 shrubs from a garden centre that cost more than the 12 we bought from you. We thought if half survived, it would be worth the money but all 12 have thrived and a few have over taken the ones from the garden centre. The Spirea has even flowered, the Ribes has grown about 24 in these few months. What a bargain for these shrubs, yes its worrying when they turn up all bare but if regularly watered, they soon spring to life.'

ZR, Southend, July 2014


+ + = Excellent + = Good - = Poor - - = Bad
Score Customer Comments
++ Service rating : Good
Product : I've no idea how good these shrubs are until they grow.
++ Service rating : Products are excellent
Product : Good size some look like getting leaves on
++ Service rating : Great prompt service
Product : all arrived well packed, protected in good condition. Quality looked good, time will tell!
++ wasn't informed of unavailability of 1 item ordered nor told about refund for item
++ Service rating : very good serfvice and delivery always know where you are up to with You Garden
Product : only just received them so cannot comment
++ Service rating : Very prompt service
Product : Arrived in very good condition
++ Service rating : came well packed and in good condition
Product : Good strong shrubs with strong healthy roots
+ Service rating : delivered on time a good condition
Product : earlier days yet will let you know in months time if or when they flower ok!
++ Service rating : Service was excellent from start to finish very quick.
Product : I haven't dug them in yet as the ground has had a heavy frost for a few weeks, hoping to dig them in tomorrow. The service was excellent from ordering to the arrival on my doorstep.
NA Only complaint is the deliveries were left at my front door and until we went out we were unaware they were there?
+ Service rating : Very good
Product : Service good, cannot comment on plants until grown. Too early for this feedback to be relevant.
++ Service rating : Great company to deal with, very efficient.
Product : A lovely collection of very healthy plants, carefully packed and at a very affordable price. What's not to like?
+ Service rating : My order cost was £14. 99 for plants so imagine my surprise when the total with p&p came to £27. 98! Added cost to my postcode should be upfront. I will never order from this company again.
Product : Plants a bargain but added extra cost prohibitive as it almost doubled the cost making the 'bargain' no bargain!
YouGarden Comments
I am really sorry to hear that you are unhappy with our delivery costs!

At YouGarden we do strive to make our PP&I charges fair. For some outlying parts of the UK there may be surcharges applied, which directly reflect those charged to us by our courier. We merely pass these costs on to you for any items to which they apply. We only ever pass on a surcharge when there is one charged to us by the courier, as we find that this is overall the fairest way to do it, rather than putting up prices across the board. Surcharged postcodes include – but are not limited to – the following:

AB, BT, DD8-11, GY, HS, IM, IV, JE, KA27-28, KW, PA20-80, PH19-50, TR21-25, ZE

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
+ Service rating : All deliveries and the service great.
Product : Still in water as suggested, ground too hard and frozen to plant out, working on it...
NA Service rating : sadfghjk
Product : Goods arrived quickly and apparently in good condition. Some are already showing signs of life but it's too early to rate the collection as a whole.
++ Service rating : Great value
Product : All arrived in great condition
++ Service rating : excellent delivery and the customer service department actually answer your questions which is brilliant
Product : only time will tell but excellent quality collection
++ Service rating : First class prompt service!
Product : Very reasnable priced plants,Thankyou.
+ Service rating : Good service. Good value.
Product : Arrived dormant so let's see how they break.
+ Service rating : Easy ordering and prompt delivery !
Product : Early days but all appears good, though I was missing one shrub but received 2 of another so no great problem.
-- Service rating : Initial part of order delivered promptly in two boxes but these arrived in a damaged condition and split. The boxes were very flimsy and the packing tape used poorly applied and inadequate. One box appeared to have been bent or partly crushed in the middle and had been patched together by the courier who had abandoned it on the doorstep in the dark without ringing the doorbell! The other box contained various items and they were not padded out nor restrained with heavy and light items in the same box. The goods inside this box had been packed upside down even though the box was marked 'This Way Up' (although the label was only on one side). The plants were bent and/or crushed and soil had spilt out and things appeared generally damp. Customer Support were polite but initially gave what appeared to be stock answers to fob off delivery/packing complaints. After correspondence I am still left very concerned and any deficiencies will now be dealt with after Christmas as replacements cannot be despatched in time. Overall the initial impression is very poor with a total lack of care by the packers and couriers. I can only hope that the plants are indeed robust enough to overcome this but compared to the other mail order plant I ordered from elsewhere previously the standard of YouGarden in presentation is so very poor. I am still awaiting the other half of my order.
Product : The bare root shrubs were all taped together in a jumble of short bare stems and the roots were bent over at right angles as they had been put in upside down below a relatively heavy plant container. Muddy liquid had escaped from the plastic bag taped over the roots and the care instructions (such as they are) say they should have been kept moist in the bag. Customer Service say the plants should be okay but they have had a very bad start and I have serious concerns.
YouGarden Comments
Good Afternoon,

Firstly, Thank you for your recent order with us. I am very sorry to hear that you are not happy with the service / products to which you received.

I can see that we did offer to get the replacements sent out to you immediately however you preferred that we sent them out in the new year. Have you changed your mind?

On looking at the account I can see that our head of customer services has written out to you regarding the matter.

Therefore please contact us once you are on receipt. We are keen to settle the matter and get things resolved.  Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused.

My kindest regards

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
++ Service rating : Very pleased with your product and at very good prices Thank you for
a very good service.
Product : Brillant and at economical prices
+ Always reliable
NA Service rating : Easy to use website. Delivery as promised.
Product : Planted out and all are healthy after a month, will see in the spring if they were winter hardy with -6 forecast tonight
+ There was one item missing but a 'phone call got order fulfilled a few days later with no problem.
+ service was good though part of order went missing but was soon replaced
+ Service rating : Purchased from this business several times. The website is easy to use, packaging is good and the plants have always been successful, although they are always a little smaller than you might imagine.
Product : Good selection with well established root system. Purchased a similar package last year and all were successful. At the price offered, even with one or two failures, you are streets ahead of buying from a garden centre
NA Service rating : Plants were delivered on time and in good condition.
Product : Too soon to know.
+ Service rating : Speedy delivery and good packaging
Product : Don't yet know whether they will grow satisfactorily - too soon. There were only 11 plants, not 12.
++ Service rating : Helpful and totally reliable
Product : Looks good, still to plant. plants look healthy
+ Service rating : The plants arrived when you said they would and in good condition.
Product : To early to tell whether they will survive the winter but they appear to be healthy.
+ Very helpful and a pleasure to buy from
++ Service rating : no complaints excellent deal and service . when needed will come to you first
Product : very pleased with all the collection
+ Arrived in very battered box but plants appear to be fine. As some bare root won't know until new growth comes through.
+ Service rating : Prompt delivery, easy to order
Product : Plants in good condition and so far so good.time will tell onthe plants.
++ Service rating : Excellent
Product : Great
+ Service rating : Good value for money, and good information re planting.
Product : Only problem was that shrubs itemised in delivery note had latin names and 3 did not match the usual names in the original advert. I shrub supplied was different from original advert. Took some working out which was which.
++ Service rating : Well satisfied
Product : Goods delivered on time they are planted with assistance of a friend and appear to be thriving
++ Service rating : Very pleased
Product : Very pleased
++ Service rating : Very good, sent me an conformation email promptly and email to say when it was despatched.
Product : They haven't grown yet....ask me next spring! I am sure all is going to be fine!!
++ Service rating : Great
Product : Good service shrubs have to grow most look ok 2not sure about only time will tell
++ Service rating : There are lots of choices of plants and shrubs!
Product : There is a good mix and all are good for wildlife!
+ Service rating : Arrived at right time in good condition
Product : It would be helpful for idiots like me to have a brief description of each plant's preferred home!
++ Service rating : Delivery and packaging first rate.
Product : Robustly rooted and healthy, i potted them up and overwintering in a cold greenhouse ready for planting out in the spring.
NA Service rating : Arrived earlier than expected
Product : Planted and all looked ok ( if rather small) but next Spring is when it matters
++ Service rating : My order arrived in good condition when I was expecting it.
Product : All the plants were bare root in a winter state as you would expect in November, but I am hoping that they will burst into life next year.
++ Service rating : Very good company to deal with.
Product : Excellent offer and it arrived promptly and well packaged.
+ Service rating : Ordering was straightforward and the plants arrived in the time promised.
Product : The plants look fine and are all planted - will not know until next year how they perform!
+ Parcel Arrived well packed and was left in a safe place. I was informed beforehand that the shrubs would be coming.
++ Service rating : Never dissatisfied with orders
Product : Excellent condition
++ Service rating : Everything arrived on time and in good condition.
Product : The plants were so good we ordered more.
+ Service rating : It was my first time I have ordered plant online.I did not know I was supplied with bare-root plants, surprised when I received in a small packet. It should be mentioned in your advert.
Product : One of the plant had been exchanged for another one. Not mentioned in the paper attached. Only planted recently, I hope they will all grow well.
YouGarden Comments
Thanks again for your order.

Sorry to hear that you were surprised to receive bare-root plants. This was mentioned in our advert and on the website - and we did confirm by email when your order was received. Sorry if you missed this.

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : Now that Yodel has finally found where I live (previous order took 5 weeks of chasing) the order arrived promptly. It was well packed & everything was quickly dealt with.
Product : The collection was in good condition. It appears to be very good value.
++ Service rating : Perfect - Just What I wanted
Product : I bought new compost and bark. Exactly right for my garden
- Service rating : Plants arrived fairly quickly.
Product : Plants were not in good condition when they arrived.
YouGarden Comments
Good Morning,
I am very sorry to hear that your plants were not in the best condition. Are you able to send some images over to us please?
We will then action the necessary.

Kind Regards

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
++ All plants arrived in good condition and are now planted.
-- Service rating : have no problems with the service.
Product : left them 2 days before planting them ok for a few days know at least half of them have died complete waste of money.
YouGarden Comments
Good Morning,

I am sorry to hear that you are not happy with your hardy shrubs. Would you please send some images in to us please? We will then action accordingly for you.

Kind Regards

Katy Rogers
Customer Service Assistant
++ Service rating : Plants arrived well packed and when expected. Lots of good offers from You Garden.
Can recommend this company.
Product : Arrived well wrapped and in good order. Very good offer price. All shrubs safely planted in pots, ready to plant out in Spring. Roots were plentiful and healthy looking.
+ Service rating : quick service
Product : looking good. Hope they grow well.
+ Service rating : well packed all labelled. no contact with customer services so can't comment
Product : well packed all labelled as I've said. Hard to say about plants them self as they are all bareroot and dormant at the moment time will tell. All look ok.
++ Service rating : As previously found service very good
Product : Pleased with my purchase
++ Service rating : Great price and service
Product : 12 healthy bare root shrubs for a great price (£14.99) what's not to like?
++ The order, when received, was incomplete. I contacted the company who rectified the situation very quickly. Re-assuring!
+ Service rating : Good offers and excellent website
Product : Value for money. Let's hope that they all blossom next year having followed the instructions.
NA Service rating : Very helpful assistant when I phoned to place my orded
Product : Difficult to assess as the proof will come later ,next year!
++ Service rating : Excellent service items delivered timeously, good quality product and very good prices
Product : Very good value, items delivered quickly and well packaged
+ Service rating : excellent service from a reliable company will but from again
Product : received in good condition apart from minor bits broken off in transit but should be ok
++ Service rating : Great service
Product : Fabulous plants
NA Service rating : Good service. A wide variety to choose from which gives you ideas to use in your own garden.
Product : Won't know what we think until next Spring when, fingers crossed, they start to grow. Being bare rooted, at this time of year, they look like a sad, assortment of twigs but all had a good root system.
++ Service rating : Speedy service thank you
Product : Arrived in great condition. Obviously won't know about growth til next year but feel free to ask me again then!
++ Service rating : Very pleased.
Product : Great!
++ Service rating : First rate service
Product : Extremely pleased with the condition in which the plants arrived.
+ Service rating : good verity and good value for money
Product : all planted in tubs and waiting for spring
++ Service rating : ok
Product : splendid collection - still struggling to plant them all out.
+ Service rating : very good service and packaging
Product : very good value for money
++ Thank you , everything is good .
-- Service rating : We have had problems before with the courier service used - just throwing parcels over the fence. This is now the second time that I have had a problem in that I have received only half my order. There were specific instructions left for the courier to call my mobile if no one was at home. An attempted delivery was made on Sunday 15th May, however no calling card was left and we still do not have the remainder of parcel. I sent You Garden an email over the this weekend (21st / 22nd May) trying to find out where the rest of my products are and am still awaiting a reply. Very poor customer service.
Product : only one of this collection has arrived - all others missing
YouGarden Comments
I'm sorry to hear that you do not yet have your order. We will of course investigate this and replace your order.

As explained in our auto-reply to your email, our office is open Mon-Fri and we answer emails sent over the weekend asap the following week. We appreciate your patience at this busy time.

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : Exactly as described ...I would buy again
Product : Arrived all ok and I followed their instruction ...all looking good although I believe I was one shrub short .
++ Service rating : Very good price for 12 bushes
Product : Excellent so far but can't wait until they flower
+ Delivery service was poor didn't describe where they had left the shubs very well
+ Hassle free, efficient
+ Service rating : Delivered quickly
Product : One plant unlabelled but otherwise in good order and were planted within a day.
++ Good communication and plants arrived in great condition
++ Service rating : There was a mix-up over pricing but it was sorted instantly and courteously. Delivery was spot-on.
Product : Fanttastic condition - exceeded all expectations.
+ Service rating : First class service.
Product : A very good and money-saving collection.
+ Service rating : Have always found that they are very good with delivery, packaging and information on the plants.
Product : Looks good- but not planted yet.
+ Service was satissfactory
++ Service rating : Delivery prompt
Product : Good quality
++ Service rating : DELIVERY AS PROMISED
++ Service rating : Prompt, efficient service with well packaged goods.
Product : All arrived with healthy roots and the forsythia is in flower just one week after planting.
++ Service rating : Superb
Product : Will tell you in a couple of years,great so far
++ Service rating : speedy service
Product : very pleased with quality and si
++ Service rating : Very pleased!
Product : Very pleased !
++ The shrubs arrived promptly and in good condition. However, in the advertisement it says they cost £21.99, but I was charged £29.99 - do you owe me £8?
++ Service rating : Very efficient and easy to use when ordering - I forgot to enclose my address and they were so good at contacting my bank etc.
Product : The plants all came well packaged and in a very healthy condition, all with new buds just starting to develop.
+ Service rating : Delivered promptly with good instructions
Product : look to be good quality and good sized plants, yet to plant them.
++ Service rating : Rapid delivery. Very helpful.
Product : Fantastic value. All plants arrived in good condition.
++ Service rating : Quick delivery
Product : Plants look in good condition
NA Service rating : Quick delivery, well packaged.
Product : Haven't yet planted due to weather, all seems OK.
NA Service rating : Delivered quickly and in good order
Product : Planted but the proof will be in a couple of months time
++ Service rating : I'm happy to use the service again thanks
Product : They looked healthy and we'll see how they thrive now that they are planted out.
++ Service rating : Good quality plants prompt delivery.
Product : Good quality plants in excellent condition.
+ Service rating : service was good, courier delivery day could have been more specific, information given reference the plants was most informative.
Product : plants looked healthy, information on immediate care very helpful would recommend the company to friends
+ Service rating : arrived on time in good packaging
Product : advice on the potential height and spread would have been useful
++ Service rating : Prompt delivery
Product : Good condition
+ Service rating : It would have been Excellent but i had not received my delivery in the timescale and not been updated. I will state that when i asked i got a quick reply with the update and then the order was sent out quickly
Product : they all looked OK. I need to see if they survive to be excellent!
+ Service rating : Disappointed at the delay in receiving the plants
Product : All received in good condition and are all growing well
YouGarden Comments
Sincere apologies for the slight delay. Please email me - I am sure we can make up for it in some way next time you order!

Glad to hear that you are happy with the plants.

Head of Customer Service
NA Very helpful. Good customer service
+ Service rating : everything was fine
Product : everything was fine
++ Service rating : Ordering and delivery completed without problem
Product : Plants have started to sprout new shoots. Look in good condition
++ Service rating : Swift delivery.
Product : Too soon to tell! Good packaging though.
++ Very good and quick service would use agai
++ Service rating : Fast delivery time and product well packaged.
Product : Look to be in good condition and with clear planting instructions.
+ Service rating : GOOD
Product : GOOD
++ Service rating : Very quick delivery. I liked the information sheet.
Product : Can't tell what I think until they start growing!!
+ Service rating : Did exactly what it said on the tin
Product : Too early to judge as yet
NA Service rating : Prompt delivery service
Product : Shrubs are in bloom yet, therefore unable to comment
NA Service rating : Order placed and a reply came soon after .Goods arrived three days later !
Product : Too early to say what the plants ( shrubs) are like but they certainly look healthy on arrival .
++ Service rating : Very good company
Product : The shrubs were very healthy and my husband was very pleased with them.
+ perfect service.
+ Service rating : Prompt delivery well packed
Product : Although they have been planted for just ove a week one had leaves already & some have buds. Very pleased.
+ Service rating : Happy with company's service
Product : Bushes look good some budding, but a bit early to say how they are going to be
+ Service rating : all arrived ok, it arrived early in the week, it may be helpful to have the option of delivery closer to weekends for those in employment, just an idea. Thanks
Product : arrived ok, it arrived early in the week, it may be helpful to have the option of delivery closer to weekends for those in employment, just an idea. Thanks
++ Service rating : Good service
Product : Very healthy plants
++ Service rating : arrived on time and simply packaged with detailed planting instructions
Product : Good variety
++ Service rating : A vey good company with excellent customer services
Product : All arrived safely in gooid condition
++ Service rating : Quick, efficient and good service
Product : well rooted healthy looking shrubs...mostly larger than I expected
++ Service rating : Very pleased with the prompt service.
Product : item was well packed and arrived in very good condition.very pleased with whole package. looking forward to seeing how they grow.
++ Service rating : Have only made one order, but it was dealt with efficiently and promptly.
Product : Received in good condition and appear to all be established.
++ Service rating : Very efficient service. Shrubs arrived in good health with a wealth of extremely useful information. They were very well packaged and will hopefully all take well.
Product : All shrubs well were packaged in a plastic bag around the roots and then into a long cardboard box. All in good health, looked strong (as a stick in winter can) and some had buds already.
YouGarden Comments
Thank you again for your order. I am glad to hear that you're impressed. Hope to hear from you again soon!

Head of Customer Service
+ Service rating : Very quick delivery.
Product : The shrubs seem good so far. I will see how they develop through the year.
++ Service rating : The plants arrived promptly and in good condition.
Product : All the plants appear to be in good health and condition. Of course, I won't know how well they grow until the spring!
++ Service rating : Plants arrived quickly and well packed
Product : Shrubs were in very good condition
NA Service rating : Always good telephone help
Product : Always been pleased with service speed of delivery and quality
++ Service rating : good
Product : great
+ Service rating : Good company with good offers well worth having
Product : Not sure if alive or dead being an inexperienced gardener so will have to wait to spring before I'll know for sure
++ Service rating : Plants arrived in very good condition
Product : They couldn't be planted immediately, but are still in good condition having followed enclosed instructions
-- Service rating : Delivery and packaging good
Product : Shrubs in good condition , 3 agapanthus poor condition
YouGarden Comments
We're sorry to hear that you were unimpressed with your Agapanthus. However, please be aware that these Herbaceous Perennials certainly won’t be looking their best at this time of year. It's normal for their tops to die back to the ground each Autumn, whilst their crowns and root systems remain alive (though dormant). Rest assured that they’ll regrow from those roots and crowns once temperatures begin to warm up.

I hope this puts your concerns at ease, though do let us know if they're still looking unwell in late Spring.

Amelia Elliot
NA Item was delivered within the quoted date with packaging undamaged.
NA Service rating : Have had other products from You Garden, and always fast delivery service.
Product : Perhaps I may be given time for the plants to grow !!
++ Service rating : always a speedy service
Product : All plants look healthy and are in the ground,now waiting for Spring
NA According to my gardener, my shrubs have not yet arrived. I am abroad so cannot check myself.
YouGarden Comments
According to the tracking your order was delivered - left in your front porch on 12th January. Could you ask your gardener to double check please...

+ Service rating : Good service
Product : Very good
+ Service rating : Very Quick and easy service
Product : I don't like the follow up emails with offers every day, once a month would be fine. Plants all seem healthy apart from the Berberis which looks and feels dead.
+ Service rating : Good service, good delivery and excellent plants.
Product : All plants look healthy and if they are like all the other plants I have bought from them they will grow strong and healthy.
+ Service rating : Good service
Product : Cannot really tell until they show some life which I expect to be in the spring .
+ Service rating : Delivery excellent, Prices very reasonable, Hope to continue with You Garden!
Product : Delivery & condition were very good. Hoping everything will take OK?
++ Service and assistance prompt and really helpful
++ Quick service, nicely packaged, plants look healthy.
NA Service rating : ordered on the 21/12/15 at about 1150pm and received by mid day 23/12/15, very good delivery time by all considering time of year
Product : when unpacked the shrubs look,,,,,, well dead, i have only been able to plant a couple so far as weather in my area has been so bad {wet} and the rest are in a bucket of water, on checking them a couple of days ago 2 of them have green shoots on them so i know they are going to come to something even if they dont all take when planted out
++ Service rating : Plants looked a bit tired on arrival, bulbs were fine
Product : Shrubs looked a bit tired on arrival but after a bit of watering they were fine!
++ Service rating : The shrubs arrived as and when expected and have just been planted with soil as a bunch due to the somewhat unusual weather conditions. My only grievance was the cost of postage which was rather excessive, I thought at £13.98 !
Product : Seem fine at present waiting to plant in final position when weather dries up a bit.
++ Service rating : Service is excellent!
Product : Very pleased with my shrub collection.
++ Service rating : My order was dealt with promptly and efficiently. The plants arrived much sooner than I had expected or hoped.
Product : The plants were well packed and arrived in good condition. I put them in pots immediately and, some week later, they are all looking well. The labelling was also efficiently attached to the stems of the plants. Good service!
YouGarden Comments
Thanks again for your order. Glad it was to your satisfaction!

++ Service rating : Great customer relations to hold back an order for return from holiday.
Product : They look good and should be ok in the spring
++ Service rating : Information available by E-Mail
Product : No problem at present , good packing, only slight damage to taller plants

all successfully potted on.
++ Service rating : An excellent service, the goods arrived when stated.
Product : Great plants in good condition.
++ Service rating : excellent service
Product : very good
++ Service rating : Excellent service and plants are very good
Product : Very good, am waiting for a break in the wind and rain to plant. In meantime have potted up
++ Quality service all round , including customer support
++ Service rating : very good delivery service
Product : excellent product all shrubs had a wonderful root ball fantasic condition
++ Very good service
++ Service rating : Arrived swiftly
Product : Well developed bare root plants which will hopefully develop into beautiful shrubs
++ Service rating : The first delivery went missing and You Garden didn't hesitate to send a replacement Shrub Collection. All done by email and they couldn't have been more helpful. I will definitely continue to use them.
Product : Shrubs are dormant on delivery but look strong & healthy.
++ Service rating : a1 dealer
Product : a1 dealer
- Service rating : Packaging could have been stronger to protect plants; customer service good and another package sent free of charge, this time no problems. Therefore, my need to change their courier service.
Product : Several of the shrubs had broken stems and so may not grow next spring.
YouGarden Comments
Thanks again for your order and feedback. I am very sorry that your order arrived damaged first time and glad your replacement was in good condition.

We have sent hundreds of thousands of dispatches this year with Yodel, with very few issues indeed. Unfortunately it is impossible to eradicate every single problem as I'm sure you'll appreciate!

++ Service rating : Excellent service once again - no problems at all - and bushes are brilliant can't wait for spring ... oops sorry wishing everyone's life away again !!!!!!!
Product : Brilliant - these shrubs were a lot bigger than expected and all so healthy - nothing to complain about - only praise - will be back in the spring. Many thanks
++ Service rating : received order when promised
Product : excellent value for money and healthy plants
++ Service rating : Very good selection and in very good condition.
Product : Lovely plants with good roots
+ Service rating : Thanks
Product : All I can say t the moment is that the delivery dates where keept, will not know what the products are like until the summer will let you know thanks.
++ Service rating : Very prompt delivery. Will use this company sgai.
Product : Shrubs were in excellent condition.
++ Prompt service well packaged.
++ Service rating : Have bought several plants from You Garden - all have been very good except 1 standard rose which did not take, otherwise all have been promptly delivered, in good condition and have taken well.
Product : Prompt delivery and good condition.
What Is Supplied Supplied as 12 freshly lifted 2 year old bare-root bushes, 1 each of the varieties listed.
Will produce new leaves next spring as the weather gets warmer.
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