French Marigold Durango Mix

French Marigold 'Durango' Mix

A fiery French marigold mix to brighten borders
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*Despatched from 24/03/2017
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The sheer brightness of colours in this French Marigold series opens up a whole range of colour theming opportunities in pots and borders.

Durango is a series of large anemone-flowered Marigolds, each flower to 5cm across, and is renowned for it's easy natural branching habit, filling up space well. Plant about 20cm apart for a carpet of colour.

Hot oranges, reds, and deep golden yellows and many with a mix of several shades in between - you can get hot, hot, hot with your plantings this year. They thrive in full, hot sun, but tolerate our rainy periods too.

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+ Service rating : queries dealt with efficiently
Product : some of the plugs had plants missing.
+ Service rating : Good Service, plants in good condition
Product : Growing well
- Service rating : good service
Product : where they had been put in box they was bent in half and some died
+ Service rating : the service was very good
Product : bit small but well packed
+ Service rating : Good strong plants. Good quick service
Product : Strong plants, service was good
++ Service rating : Very good although it ice of when the orders where due would have been good
Product : Ful
+ I do not agree with the excessive postage charges
+ Service rating : Plants not as good as expected. They seem to have died of. Which I normally have good luck with them
Product : Plants could have been healhier
-- Service rating : I had a problem with the transport of my plants and so one set were very sick looking when they arrived. You Garden immediately sent replacements.
Product : Damaged in transit, immediately replaced.
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Sorry about the damage. I am glad to hear that this was sorted promptly.

Head of Customer Service
++ Service rating : Love buying from you garden I have purchase from them this last 3 years and al plants have been quickly delivered and of the best quality
Product : Some have died out of the 80 purchased I have about 60 left but very happy with my purchase ( The plants that died could have been my care error )
What Is Supplied Supplied as a tray of 40 seedling plugs (1.5 - 2cm diameter). These will need pricking out into 6-10cm tall for 4 weeks or so on receipt, before planting out.
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