Pair Of Pre-Planted Patriotic Mix Hanging Baskets

Pair Of Pre-Planted Patriotic Mix Hanging Baskets

  • Quick and easy - the perfect solution if you’re late getting your baskets ready, or don't know where to start.
  • We’ve done all the work for you – just hang it up, water it and watch it romp away!
  • Guaranteed to give you fabulous colour all summer.
  • The basket can be used year after year.
  • 'Patriotic Mix' plants are supplied ready planted into a 27cm (10.5in)  durable plastic hanging basket.

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Item: 450004
Pair Of Pre-Planted Patriotic Mix Hanging Baskets - Item: 450004
ONLY £19.99
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A pair of Patriotic Hanging Baskets - In stunning red, white and blue. Why not treat yourself to a pair of these gorgeous pre-planted patriotic hanging baskets? They come ready planted including the basket, compost and plants and will arrive in full leaf and with the first flowers already in colour, requiring no additional work by you other than occasional watering and feeding! Each basket will be planted by our expert growers and will contain a terrific hand-picked selection of healthy, top quality plants. They will be delivered in specially developed packaging to ensure they arrive in perfect, nursery-fresh condition when you get them, just hang them up and water them every couple of days to ensure a summer long display of beautiful blooms! The baskets themselves will be re-useable for many seasons.

What Is Supplied

Item 450004 supplied as:
Supplied as a pair of 27cm durable plastic hanging baskets, complete with Premium Professional Compost and pre-planted with top-quality red, white & blue 'Surfinia' Petunia plants, already in bud. Ready to hang. Baskets are reusable.

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