Climbing Hardy Fuchsia Lady Boothby

Climbing Hardy Fuchsia 'Lady Boothby'

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Fuchsia 'Lady Boothby' is a sensational new kind of Fuchsia, one that is both hardy to frosts, and appears to climb up walls, trellis, and many other support systems.

Reaching up to 1.5M in a season, its vigorous stems are covered in red and blue typical fuchsia flowers, making it ideal to grow up fences, walls and trellises.

They have strong stems and are very upright growers, but may need some support in windy areas.

Flowering from June through till first frosts of late Autumn, in milder winters it will keep its leaves on, and in colder ones lose its leaves and shoot again from the base the next season.

A stunning new type of Fuchsia, and so easy to grow, Lady Boothby lets you grow hardy fuchsias in ways you had never considered. Think of a hedge, or the back of a border, or screening off something.

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Product : shooting up in size, they are very healthy
+ Service rating : The packs containing the plants were jammed into the bottom of the shipping carton and had burst open. I think this was due to the "bubble packing" being rammed in without any care. Fortunately the damage to the plants was not fatal, hence I did not return them. However, better attention in the to the shipping department would be a good idea.
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Sorry to hear about the damage. I have forwarded your comments to our nursery team. If the plants don't thrive, please let us know.

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++ Service rating : Very good
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What Is Supplied Supplied as a set of 6 garden ready plants ready to plant straight out into the garden or into pots and containers.
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